Boarding Testimonials

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Sadie had a great time at her recent stay. She was just a little tired when she came home, but ready to go the next morning.

Tucker Pup's has the right combination of play-time, sleep-time, and a very trustworthy staff that truly loves dogs, to keep a dog like Sadie happy and wanting to go back!

- Mary Newman

The service was perfect. Lucy came back healthy, happy, and not too tired (just tired enough). I called during her stay and it was easy to get an update on how she was doing.

- Sean and Christina Dougherty

The staff is always amazing to Moe. Thank you for everything you guys do!

- Marie Michele Truchon

Our Vizsla, Bosco, has found a wonderful home at Tucker Pup's when he cannot be with us. He is high energy and needs loving people to care for him. He gets both at Tucker Pup's with the level of activity available and the caring people on staff. Bosco gives Tucker Pup's 100 wags!

- Jennifer Gibson

Thanks to the staff at TP's for taking such great care of Hampton while I was in between homes. His five-week stay was harder on me than him because I know you took such great care of him. The updates when I called to check on Hampton were truly helpful and gave me peace of mind. I never had any doubts that my high-maintenance Berner was in great hands.

Thanks again,

- Nancy Bistany


Thanks for the great experience we all had while boarding Mesa during our recent Holiday party. It was so convenient that we could bring him in on Saturday morning for the all-day-play option. It allowed me to spend the day getting ready for the party. When I picked him up on Sunday morning, he was so "Tucker'ed" out! He slept for nearly 2 days! We brought him back for training the following week and he was clearly happy to be walking back through your doors!

Thanks for the great experience for our dog, Mesa, and for us!


- Teri Krieger

I was very pleased with the experience. My dog came home relaxed and exercised. The price was great and better than any kennel experience I have had so far. Thank you.

- Lindsay Keling

We have always been super happy with every Tucker Pup's experience, but this time you've gone above and beyond! We had to bring Abe in because I went into labor, and it was so easy! We didn't have a reservation but you were happy to take him. And when I had to stay at the hospital longer than expected you were happy to keep him longer. He came home happy (and tired, which is great) and clean after a bath, and we couldn't be happier with how accommodating you all were during this stressful and exciting time for us! Thank you!

- Hillary Rowe

First of all let me say that I am a first time pet parent so I haven't had other experiences with boarding facilities! I came to tucker on a recommendation for the breeder of my dog. I live a very busy life and don't like keeping my Gohan in a crate all day. I first decided to use their boarding facility one weekend. I call ahead and they were more than happy to accommodate my schedule for a tour of the facility. I arrived only to find how spacious the place was. the staff was very helpful and very attentive in answering any questions or concerns of mine. They offered a free day of daycare which they strongly recommended that i take before Gohan was boarded. I asked why. They responded that it would be best to see if Gohan and TP would be a good fit. I thought this was commendable. They gauged his sociability skills and decided which playgroup to place my puppy in. When I picked up Gohan after his first daycare stay I asked how he did, and they gave me a full report. I was more than confident on his boarding stay after that. Their pick up and drop off procedures are fast, which is great since i am always running late. At Pick up they always gave a full report on how Gohan did during the day. I LOVED the fact that s soon as Gohan got home he was out like a light. One of the best parts I think. HEHEHE. Any way the staff is always cheerful and the place is very clean. In the boarding wing the cages are always clean and their blankets are freshly laundered everyday. I couldnt believe it turn down service. HAHAHAHA.

I highly recommend any pet owner especially first-time owners to give tucker pups a try. My Gohan is happy and the staff love him.

Oh yeah one of the most impressive things that i have noticed is that they really pay attention to your pet. My Gohan is on a supermodel diet. he eats very little during meal times. This i did not mention to TP. they noticed this and made the decision to leave the food in the crate so he can graze during the night. they told me that his bowl would be empty in the morning. this simple act told me that they just didnt leave the dogs to their own devices. they truly watched then and made sure that Gohan was safe during his stay there.

Give Tucker Pups a try I doubt you will be disappointed especially if you lead hectic lives was most of us do. Your Dog will be well cared for.

- Gregg De Los Santos

Everything has been great so far. The staff was very welcoming ever since our trial run and for our first boarding experience, I think we had a good one considering Leroy is still less than 5 months old.

We appreciate you guys taking care of Leroy while we were gone and plan to use your services again in the future.

Thanks again and we will let you know if there are any issues.


- Denis Janis

I was impressed pretty much every step of the way. Nice job! This is the first time I have boarded my pup and the trial day made all the difference as did the detailed feedback from your staff. I received a complete tour of the facilities, my pup got a chance to enjoy the group play and we were able to test out my pup's reaction to the kennels. All these steps on the trial day gave me the confidence to leave town knowing he was comfortable and in good hands.

Thanks a bunch!

- Rebecca Herwitt

We had Penny Lane stay at Tucker Pup's over the Thanksgiving holiday, and although we were very hesitant to leave her, while we traveled home to Denver, she was in great hands. I appreciate all of the phone calls I received back when I called to check on Penny - even on Thanksgiving Day! Thank you so much for all of the photos of Penny as well - they made me feel at ease.

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff - they are fantastic!

- Erin Carroll


We were very happy with Tucker Pup's, and Baron will be staying there again for a weekend later this month. He's been very tired since we picked him up, which is a good sign because that means he had a lot of fun! A tired puppy is a happy puppy :)


- Dana and Justin Adams

Dylan has actually never been boarded anywhere before so we were pretty nervous to have him away for four nights. But, we felt very comfortable since he goes to daycare there and we knew he would feel right at home! He was happy, healthy and exhausted from all of the playing when we got him back. Thanks for taking such good care of him while we were gone.

- Clare Retrum

Monty loves coming to Tucker Pup's! Tucker Pup's is very clean and everyone is very nice and friendly. I don't have to worry about him while he is there because he gets enough attention from the other pets and dog watchers all day long. When he does stay over night I know that there is someone there in case he has any problems.

- Noel Rice

Winston's experience was excellent. He was very tired when we got home but they did say that he played extra hard with the puppies there. This was his first experience boarding and we will definitely be back, he seemed to enjoy it very much and your staff was very pleasant to work with.

Thanks again,

Ashley Shirar

Overall, Tucker Pup's was very accommodating, helpful and friendly with our dog who was boarding for the first time. In particular, Rachel, was great in giving us feedback and it was very clear she genuinely cares about our dog.

- Sabrina Lee

Sophie is a shy pup but the staff at Tucker Pup's always takes good care of her. I love that I can always call to check in on her and the person up front always knows exactly what she's been up to. We never worry when she's there!

- Victoria and Patrick Ryan

I recently moved from Chicago. After trying to find a dog daycare and boarding facility "similar" to Tucker Pup's.... I COULD NOT! TP Is one place we (Buster and I ) truly miss about Chicago! Awesome staff! You guys rock!

- Brent Stack

He loves it and the staff is very nice!

- Leaanne Little

I love getting pictures of Lola - especially when she is boarding. The staff posted several pictures of her over her last two boarding stays.

In her last stay, she had some specific dietary requirements and medicines that she needed to take. The staff did a great job on updating me on her food consumption and confirming that she had been given her medications - and they were always super pleasant no matter how many times I called to check on how Lola was doing.

Thank you!!

- Rebeca Topolski

We are boarding them again in Oct! Daisy and Duke both seemed very happy and showed no signs of stress after their stay. Just very tired. They fell asleep during the car ride home which is not even 5 minutes :) The staff gave us a full report on how they played during daycare which tells me that my dogs were closely monitored. Can't thank the staff enough for looking after my babies. My usually super shy Daisy was very friendly with everyone there and even gave kisses to the front desk lady! It takes Daisy a loooong time to warm up to a person but obviously she had such a good time and was treated well, she became comfortable enough to come out of her shell. Thanks again!

- Pearl and Stephan Hundley

Fen absolutely loves Tucker Pups, and so do we! When we arrived this past visit, the staff immediately knew Fen. They knew he is just so excited about Tucker Pup's that he has to immediately get to the other pups! I love that the staff knows Fen and his needs, and is willing to respond. In addition, I really feel like your staff wants Fen to be around and enjoys playing with him! Thanks for taking such good care of our fur baby!

- Krysten Wendell

We are so thankful for Emma's stay at Tucker Pup's. The staff was courteous, kind, and careful with our injured Emma. Sending us a picture of her while we were out of town is beyond the call of duty, and it made us feel that much better about boarding her at Tucker Pup's.

Thank you again for giving us peace of mind,

- Molly Cade & David Rymarz

I worry about my dog when I leave town. He's very old and is not used to strangers. I appreciate the fact that he was able to have partial playtime with the other small dogs. He's not used to a lot of commotion or being in a cage all day so I think it just helped break everything up. The thing that surprised and sent me most at ease, is that he was in a very good mood when I pick him up he wasn't fearful or running for the door.


- Diane Solomon

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