Daycare Testimonials

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My kids typically come on Fridays for daycare and then occasionally for a bath and/or full grooming. Last week a groomer was out sick and they had to move or cancel the baths. I was happy that I got a call in advance and that we could work out the best of both worlds in that they got to play for an hour or two before their new bath time. The staff at TP's was wonderful and I'm always happy to bring my kids in.

Great service! Keep it up!

- Alexis Webb

Everyone at TP, including Tucker, of course, is awesome. Thanks for taking such good care of our pups!

- Michael Roberts and Mary Lisa Sullivan

I love Tucker Pup's and I'm pretty sure my dog does, too. We've been regulars for daycare (3x's a week) for a year and a half. Never have I had a concern. I know that Zosia is in great hands. My interactions with the Tucker Pup's Team have always been positive and I think highly of the level of service they provide, both to me and my fur baby.

Thanks for all that you do!

- Angela Shearman

The staff is incredible. So professional and they truly know the dogs. Our Sadie loves spending time at your facility.

- Jay Waldman

We have had a wonderful experience so far, everyone there has been amazing! Thank you for making this transition of adopting a dog with separation anxiety so much easier!!!!

- Hawley Newhouse

This feedback is very past due as we have been going to Tucker Pup's for many years with our three dogs for boarding, day care and grooming. My dogs could not be in better hands. They are always taken care of as if they were your own, always happy when they arrive and happily tired when they come home. The staff is the best, always answer my calls and the groomers always check in to ensure they come home just as we want. Since having a baby we have had to rely on Tucker Pup's even more and the best is that I know they get love and the best care when they are there for boarding, daycare or grooming. When our eldest dog passed I was so taken by the staff's emotions. Thank you all for the many years of care and to more many years. And sorry I did not write this earlier!!!

- Lindsay Walter

Everytime I have picked up my time he has been so happy and he always anxious everytime I drop him off.

- John Healy

I have been so pleased that the whole staff is very knowledgeable, the feedback each day is thorough and the staff really seems to care.

Rachel actually sold me during my first phone call.

Thank you for putting our minds at ease. We found Dillinger months before we were ready to own a dog, have made dramatic life changes and finally feel we've found the two day help we need to support him socially while we are at work.

- Susan Bernstein and Ben Alton

Emily absolutely loves her fun days at Tucker Pup's!! We enjoy the friendly staff, they are always happy to see Emily when she arrives, and then tell us a bit about her day! We rate you the top dawg for Chicago doggie daycare!!!!

- Rebecca Sandstrom

So glad I was recommended to Tucker Pup's for my dogs daycare and boarding. I took my Black Labrador puppy in for his first day of daycare and the staff could not have been more friendly. I felt at ease that he was in good hands and they even encouraged me to call later in the day to check up on him. When I picked him up, my pup was in great spirits! I actually wish he was a little more tired out, but that will come with age! :-)

- Sean Costello and Ioana Popescu

We are very pleased with Tucker Pup's, both from the care you give Buehrle and Dagney to the efficiency of your operation. In addition, the entire staff is fantastic. We are extremely happy with Tucker Pup's.

- Michael Roberts

We appreciate the professionalism of your staff and the cleanliness of your facility.

- Alicia Warner-Blais

My dog Seamus had a wonderful first day at your facility! I felt at ease after speaking with one of the dog handlers who was very helpful and reassuring mid way through the day. The same gentleman even came out at the end of the day to speak with me and tell me how great he did. The customer service from the minute we walked in the door to when I picked him up at the end of the day was so welcoming. I feel very comfortable that Seamus is in good hands and being monitored well to ensure a safe play environment unlike our previous day care experience. So that leaves me feeling better and that my dog is in good hands when I drop him off!

- Katie Rule

Tucker always come home happy and exhausted so I know he is getting our money's worth on play time. Tucker doesn't do so great at the dog park so aside from playing with our neighbor's dog Daisy (who also goes to Tucker Pup's) he doesn't get a lot of interaction with other dogs unless he goes to day care. I trust that he is in good hands, and evidence of that is he has never once had an issue at day care. Your staff is awesome.

The staff is very friendly, always provides me with an end of day update when I pick him up, and I get a kick out of the pictures you guys post from time to time.

- Keely Sibbald

Joel and staff-

Again and again we are "wowed" by the Tucker Pup's staff. We are so lucky to have found you!! Our Olivia has been going through a rough time (hopefully has passed) where she has been very out of routine. We have officially moved to our new apartment and we haven't seen her this calm, happy and smiling in a long time. She has had a few incidents during her rough time and I need to call out four people who have made this process so easy, comforting and tranquil. Rachel, Chris, Lily and Alexis have gone out of their way to work with Olivia. Rachel spoke with us many times to keep us completely in the loop about everything, Chris greets us at the door each time with a detailed report and Alexis/Lily would/does call and gives us updates to put us at ease. I know there are many more who have helped in the process I just don't know their names. We could not be happier with Tucker Pups and I rave about you wherever I go. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do. You have no idea how good we feel leaving our two pride and joys with you guys.

Thank you for being the best!

- Kate DeForge

Starting with the initial screening call all away through today and Kai being groomed I've experienced nothing but happiness from all the staff and Kai!

The end of day reports are great to hear and being a new dog owner with Kai and her being a bully breed we wanted her to "fit in". It's sounds like she is doing just that and us being able to give her the opportunity to interact and play with other dogs then see her happy (tired) little face at the end of the day is what it's all about!

Thanks to Tucker Pup's she's getting to enjoy being a dog and not at home in a crate for 6 to 8 hours a day!

We are very happy with our decision to go to Tucker pup's!

- Don Corbett

My dog is always excited to go to daycare and comes home exhausted, all good for me!

- Liela Morad

This was Chip's first time at a daycare - he loved it. The staff at Tucker Pup's were all so pleasant, helpful and friendly. We will definitely be back!

- Cassie Bruggemann

I've had a wonderful experience with daycare services. The handlers are very sweet to my dog and even put him in one-to-one play one day when he had a bad limp. I was so happy with that and it gave me peace of mind for the day. I wish I could bring him every day!

- Curin Herman

Our dog's enthusiasm for going to daycare speaks for itself. She drags me there starting from a block away. The staff is informative, good-humored, attentive and caring. The staff have really impressed me with their unsolicited sharing of the details of our dog's stay. Also, our dog clearly adores every person who works there. I'm so happy to have chosen Tucker Pup's as a boarding/day care facility.

- Rebecca Kressley

We love Tucker Pups!! Sto and Vinnie LOVE coming here. We've been coming here for a long time and our doggies love it! We never have to worry about our dogs getting hurt or not being supervised. They always come home happy and VERY TIRED. We love the staff who remember us and our dogs by our names and are always excited see our pups. Thank you!

- Jin and Tim Mokry

The people who work at Tucker Pup's are knowledgeable and caring. So glad I found this place both Beckham and I couldn't be happier. Thank you.

- Sharon Pierce

My puppy Gracie attends your daycare two times a week. She absolutely loves it. I always get some sort of feedback from your workers that lets me know that they know who my puppy is.

I also love that you guys are strict about checking for shots and such. It just makes me feel better that my girl is being protected.

Your workers are always professional. I had car trouble right outside your place one early morning and I had forgotten my phone at home. Your worker let me use his phone and sit in the office to make a few calls. He couldn't have been more considerate.

- Susan Knibbs

We were visiting Chicago for a few days and urgently needed day care for our boxer pup. Tucker Pup's folks were able to accommodate us with flare! They were super-kind, gave thorough updates about the dog and her activity throughout the day and the dog was happy at the end of the day. Will definitely use them again next time we are in Chicago.

- Demitry Krass

My dog seemed very happy when I picked him up. You can tell he loved it and had a great time, and that is important to me. He was so happy to be around the staff so you can tell he was treated with love and care.

- Mariah Trujillo

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