Daycare Testimonials

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We LOVE Tucker Pup's. We've been taking our crazy (energetic) dog here for about 2-3 years, and he's just as excited for his visits now as he was for his first. He leaps out of his leash and heads toward the door to go play with his friends every time.

I haven't compared their pricing recently (because we've been so happy there), but I remember when I first started looking at boarding facilities, they were very competitively priced for the all-day play option.

Perhaps most importantly, their employees are wonderful. You can tell they love dogs. Always friendly in-person and over the phone, they always remember our dog and are very kind about his quirks (yes, even when he went through the peeing-on-the-floor phase). Of course I try to avoid changing our reservations or having friends drop off / pick-up our dog, but they are totally understanding and take everything in stride. I couldn't ask for a better "home away from home" for our dog!

- Kate and Jeff Powell

I recently started bringing my dog to Tucker Pup's (he has been to daycare three times). I work from home, so it is purely for his enjoyment and socialization. I had been a long-time customer of another daycare business in Lakeview (even after moving to West Town), but Tucker Pup's is much more convenient for me. So far, I'm very pleased with our experience. Cane is a rescue so I worry a lot about his happiness and safety, but he is always happy to arrive and is pleasantly tired afterward. I'm a big fan of the online booking and the detailed feedback that I get when I pick up Cane. I'm happy that I found a new place that I can trust! I have already recommended Tucker Pup's to friends.

- Dani Muckley

I enjoy the pictures they send me of Chunk when he's playing with other dogs. I also enjoy the review I receive when I pick him up. I look forward to hear how his day went.

- Rose Spinozzi

My dog seemed very happy when I picked him up. You can tell he loved it and had a great time, and that is important to me. He was so happy to be around the staff so you can tell he was treated with love and care.

- Mariah Trujillo

Our puppy enjoys coming to Tucker's Pup. The staff are very caring and friendly. Many of them know her when we walk in. We love that she gets to play and the staff can provide updates on how she is doing if we call. Thanks for taking great care of our Sweet Pea!

- Jennifer Naylor

The staff at Tucker Pup's goes above and beyond. They are pleasant and professional, genuine and caring.

- Abigail Savage

I rescued Tashi a month ago and she was classified by the rescue organization as a "wallflower". She has been coming out of her shell, though, and each visit to Tucker Pup's for day care she seems happier and more confident. From the beginning she was fine with other dogs, it was people she feared. I so appreciate the efforts the staff at Tucker Pup's has made to bring her out of her shell. Her big bushy tail is now up and wagging more often than tucked between her legs.

I occasionally have to travel for work and Tashi will be boarding here when I do. She had her first grooming here and came home smelling sweet and oh, so soft to pet! And we start obedience classes here in April. I feel like Tucker Pup's is a partner in helping Tashi have a beautiful new life.

- Mary Kay Christophersen

I am very happy with the staff and services. It is very nice to know that someone is attentive to your pet and is capable of giving specific info relating to your pet's daily activities.

- Octavio and Hanna Zavala

Tucker Pup's staff always pays attention to the details when it comes to care of your pup! No matter if it's daycare, boarding or grooming. My dog Vincent gets nervous when getting his nails trimmed, so when I made the appointment they set him up with the right groomer for the job and he came home a happy pup as always!

- Anne Srokowski

My puppy's first visit at your daycare was a success! She seems to have had a good time, and was so much more chill for two days following. The process of checking in was quick, and the staff was so friendly. I called a few times to check on her and they were so great in providing me with updates on how she was doing. It was a wonderful experience overall!

- Kathleen Brown

My puppy Gracie attends your daycare two times a week. She absolutely loves it. I always get some sort of feedback from your workers that lets me know that they know who my puppy is.

I also love that you guys are strict about checking for shots and such. It just makes me feel better that my girl is being protected.

Your workers are always professional. I had car trouble right outside your place one early morning and I had forgotten my phone at home. Your worker let me use his phone and sit in the office to make a few calls. He couldn't have been more considerate.

- Susan Knibbs

Lucas loves everyone there and everyone there loves Lucas.
What more is there to say.
Thanks for being great at your job.

- Brandy Corboy

Emily absolutely loves her fun days at Tucker Pup's!! We enjoy the friendly staff, they are always happy to see Emily when she arrives, and then tell us a bit about her day! We rate you the top dawg for Chicago doggie daycare!!!!

- Rebecca Sandstrom

Ollie has only been to daycare a couple of times. I'm always pleased to hear that he seemed to enjoy his stay. Mark was kind enough to come up front to tell me how Ollie interacted with his peers.

Your team consistently delivers on the services time after time.

- William Andrews

We love Tucker Pup's and the best part is our dog loves going there.

- Rose Spinozzi

Anna, Rachel and team always do a great job acknowledging when we arrive as well as when we leave. Team is always professional and helpful!

- Caroline Zurawski

Hunter absolutely loved his day at doggie daycare and he came completely tired and happy. I will definitely be coming back again! Thank you!

- Kimberly Merriman

We absolutely love Tucker Pup's! Emily knows the day, and always gets so excited!!

- Rebecca Sandstrom

My very tired little guy was very happy to see me when I picked him up but he was very tired - a good indication that he had a good day,

Plus, another beautiful groom by Tina!

- Karen Nelson

Our dog Maggie loves coming to Tucker and is very tired when we get her home. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. We won't take our dog anywhere else.

Love you guys.

- Karin Heffron

Scout LOVES Tucker Pup's. She comes home happy and tired, which makes us very happy. The staff is always happy to see her and provides us with information regarding her day and the friends that she makes.

- Denise Bouquet

I've had a wonderful experience with daycare services. The handlers are very sweet to my dog and even put him in one-to-one play one day when he had a bad limp. I was so happy with that and it gave me peace of mind for the day. I wish I could bring him every day!

- Curin Herman

I like getting reports on how Primo did at daycare, whether he socialized with other dogs. I appreciate that.

- Deb Silverman

Starting with the initial screening call all away through today and Kai being groomed I've experienced nothing but happiness from all the staff and Kai!

The end of day reports are great to hear and being a new dog owner with Kai and her being a bully breed we wanted her to "fit in". It's sounds like she is doing just that and us being able to give her the opportunity to interact and play with other dogs then see her happy (tired) little face at the end of the day is what it's all about!

Thanks to Tucker Pup's she's getting to enjoy being a dog and not at home in a crate for 6 to 8 hours a day!

We are very happy with our decision to go to Tucker pup's!

- Don Corbett

Love how everyone that works at Tucker Pup's knows our dog by name!

- Matt Wolk

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