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We are extremely satisfied with the daycare services. My dog Scout always seems to have a great time, and the staff universally seems to love the dogs and treat them well. We also very much enjoy the pictures that are sent occasionally. Overall we are very happy with Tucker Pup's and would recommend you to anyone in the area.

- Brian Beach

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Gail . She enjoys going to daycare and receiving all the attention from her handlers. Thank you again - your staff is great.

- Sandra Flood

We love Tucker Pup's and the best part is our dog loves going there.

- Rose Spinozzi

Sylvia really loves her time at Tucker Pups! She gets excited in the morning when it's time to head to daycare, and is always in a good mood and happy to see us at the end of the day. Sylvia has a ton of energy and loves to play, and I know that she gets plenty of exercise and playtime with the other dogs, because she is ready to drop (in a good way) by the end of the day. When we pick her up and load her in the car, you can hear her start to snore on the way home... she's been "Tuckered out"!

After touring the new/renovated facility, we were very impressed with Tucker Pup's, and we are very satisfied with the care she receives, and the overall experience. It's nice to know that everyone at Tucker Pup's really cares about the dogs and enjoys spending time with them. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the good work!

- Jesse Zahorik and Ruthie Labedz

Everyone at Tucker Pup's has been great, especially Rachel. We are very confident that our Layla is having fun and being treated well when we drop her off for daycare.


- David Moreno

I like getting pictures of my dog throughout the day. Staff really seems to care about the pets and their well-being! I love how staff knows all the dogs names.

- Elisa Brennecke

The team is awesome - always friendly and very affectionate toward my dog. The facilities are great and I find the location very convenient!

- Jesse Zahorik

You guys are fabulous!!! If we even mention Tucker Pup's around Emily, she acts like a complete nut!! She comes home exhausted and is always excited to see everyone that works there!!! Woof, Woof!!!

- Rebecca Sandstrom

My dog Lucy loves going to Tucker Pup's. She easily goes with the staff when I have to leave. I loved getting the pictures today of Lucy. It was a great surprise to receive while I was at work. Thanks again. She always has a good time and comes home exhausted.

- Cristina Flores

Everyone at Tucker Pup's is amazingly patient with Poko, our behaviorally challenged dog. They are also great to our other dog Henry. We couldn't do it without you guys.

- Walter Barr

Tucker Pup's team has been fantastic - very professional and friendly.

- Dave Neiswander

Everyone one is very friendly and Beau loves going to daycare here. Thanks for everything!

- Taylor Storbakkken

It was Bean's last day of daycare/ grooming today before we move to a new city. I just wanted to share how happy I have been with the service the past few years! I really appreciate how much attention and kindness the staff show to Bean. I was really touched by how sweetly they all said goodbye to him today. The grooming he got today looked super great too, so thanks to the awesome grooming staff.

I know he will miss spending time with all his dog and human friends there. I can't thank you guys enough because I could not have had a dog during my time in Chicago without Tucker Pup's!

- Kathryn Ritchie

We are so extremely happy with the amazing customer service, care for our sweet grace, and communication we receive daily from your team. We adopted grace last Saturday and wanted to find a place that would give her lots of attention and play time with other dogs in a very safe and clean environment. I would recommend anyone who needs day care to use your services.

We as well will be starting to use your grooming services for grace and our 6 year old dog that gets to hang out at home during the day while grace gets her puppy energy out at day care!

Thank you for hiring such an amazing and educated staff to love on her while we are working.

- Julia Herro

My dog Enzo absolutely loves his time at Tucker Pups! The staff is amazing and they treat him so well!

- Jennifer Caston

Love, love, love everything you guys do! Kane is always so happy. Thank you so much we appreciate everything you guys do for Kane and every other dog that is brought In.


- Amy Spreng

I've had Jordy for almost a year now. He's a super energetic, super happy dog. However, he is not always a fan favorite with the other dogs in most day care places. Some places won't take him and the one place that will take him, won't put him in play groups.

I've been at Tucker's for a couple weeks now and it seems like everyone just loves him and "gets" his energy. Its hard for me to train him in playing with other dogs. I can run with him, teach him things individually, etc. but I cannot teach him how to play with other dogs on my own. I believe he is getting an amazing social experience here. I know he can be out of his mind with other dogs but the handlers handle him so well.

I appreciate all the hard work that goes into running Tucker Pup's. This is, by far, the best place I've come across for Jordy. Most places are judgmental and, quite frankly, lazy. Not here. Everyone I've dealt with loves dogs, knows that dogs come in many varieties and many different levels of energy. Hopefully, in time, Jordy will stop trying to wake up all the dogs to play with him but, for now, I absolutely appreciate the patience the staff shows with him. I can only hope he doesn't wear their patience too thin and they all hang in there with us!

- Rebecca Smith

Great place to bring our pup for daycare! He is always excited to go and comes home exhausted from a fun day!

Can't wait to try out some of the other services in the future.

- Montana Manenti

The Tucker Pup's staff is friendly, respectful and great with our dog.

- Megan and Kosta Benetatos

The staff are super friendly and helpful. I really like how they always have feedback on how my dog did for the day. And I like that they're honest even if the dog didn't have a great day; I appreciate that.

I also really like the pictures that get taken, it give me a snapshot of how happy my dog is with all others, and the captions are pretty funny.

- Maria Trujillo

This was Bear's first time in daycare and he loved it. My husband dropped him off in the mornings and said that Bear ran off with the attendant and didn't look back. He was also tired in the evenings and not so excitable. I also loved seeing the pictures of him in action. Thanks for taking care of my little Bear!

- Lisa Bender-Patterson

We have been a big fan of Tucker Pup daycare. Kitty and Bear come home exhausted! We love it!

- Julie Bouchard

Lucas loves everyone there and everyone there loves Lucas.
What more is there to say.
Thanks for being great at your job.

- Brandy Corboy

Riley is always very excited to go to daycare and is treated extremely well.

- Jason Grodsky

Bella looks happy when I drop her off and when I pick her up. she exudes peace. I don't sense any anxiety on her part, which I have experienced at other places in the past with my old dog the recently passed away.

- Jade Maze

The people who work at Tucker Pup's are knowledgeable and caring. So glad I found this place both Beckham and I couldn't be happier. Thank you.

- Sharon Pierce

We are extremely happy with how Orion is treated at Tucker Pup's. Especially after experiencing other daycares, it is clear to us that Tucker Pup's and the staff go out of their way to make sure Orion has a positive experience. We also appreciate that the staff are knowledgeable about Orion's breed and play type, we have found that other places rush to judgement because he is a pitbull.

- Adam Gonzalez

Friendly and helpful staff. New to daycare and everyone has taken the time to answer any questions we have had. Easy to schedule, cancel etc. Overall, very impressed and excited we found Tucker Pup's!

- Kalie Claytor

My dog is always excited to go to daycare and comes home exhausted, all good for me!

- Liela Morad

The people at front desk are fantastic, polite, and professional. They gave detailed reports of our dogs' behavior and activity while at day care.

- Joshua Lee

Our puppy enjoys coming to Tucker's Pup. The staff are very caring and friendly. Many of them know her when we walk in. We love that she gets to play and the staff can provide updates on how she is doing if we call. Thanks for taking great care of our Sweet Pea!

- Jennifer Naylor

Starting with the initial screening call all away through today and Kai being groomed I've experienced nothing but happiness from all the staff and Kai!

The end of day reports are great to hear and being a new dog owner with Kai and her being a bully breed we wanted her to "fit in". It's sounds like she is doing just that and us being able to give her the opportunity to interact and play with other dogs then see her happy (tired) little face at the end of the day is what it's all about!

Thanks to Tucker Pup's she's getting to enjoy being a dog and not at home in a crate for 6 to 8 hours a day!

We are very happy with our decision to go to Tucker pup's!

- Don Corbett

Sue the Frenchie is always so excited to see your staff every time I bring her in for day care. They all know what a little princess alpha dog she is and they love her for it. I couldn't be happier with you guys. She enjoys being outside in the space you have--always attacking the hose and getting wet, all at the same time telling all the dogs what to do!!! We will be long term clients!!

- Marcella McGuinn

Everytime I have picked up my time he has been so happy and he always anxious everytime I drop him off.

- John Healy

Duke was so excited to come home (he's just excited to go anywhere and do anything). Once we got home, he passed out for quite a while so he must have played hard and had a great time! Thanks for everything!

- Catherine Keefner

Great work! Chloe was abused by her dog walker a couple of months ago and everyone at Tucker Pup's was really supportive. It made me realize that there are still some really great dog-loving services in my community.

- Amanda Hoffman

Thanks for taking such good care of Fox, our 6 month old Shiba Inu. The entire team and operation is top notch and the experience at Tucker Pup's has helped socialize Fox as well. I highly recommend this group for daycare and boarding.

- Mary Lou Abney

Pippa is never hesitant to enter Tucker Pup's and always has a huge smile upon pick up.

Staff is always so friendly! I would recommend to anyone!

- Tori Hottinger

Enzo always has such a fun time and I know this because he doesn't want to leave when I pick him up. I love how the people there call me and give me updates on him. Also I enjoy getting pictures e-mailed to me of Enzo playing.

- Jennifer Caston

We feel very comfortable leaving our dog, Penny, at Tucker Pups. We feel that she's safe, well cared for and has a fun time.

- Jeff Eckerling

Thanks for taking great care of Duncan. He loves going to daycare and he seems to be happy and tired at the same time when I pick him up.

- Jerry Koutavas

I love Tucker Pup's and I'm pretty sure my dog does, too. We've been regulars for daycare (3x's a week) for a year and a half. Never have I had a concern. I know that Zosia is in great hands. My interactions with the Tucker Pup's Team have always been positive and I think highly of the level of service they provide, both to me and my fur baby.

Thanks for all that you do!

- Angela Shearman

Brady loves your staff. He lets himself into the back room when I drop him off in the AM (he barely ever leaves my side, so this is unusual for him).


- Catie Hungerford

Joel and staff-

Again and again we are "wowed" by the Tucker Pup's staff. We are so lucky to have found you!! Our Olivia has been going through a rough time (hopefully has passed) where she has been very out of routine. We have officially moved to our new apartment and we haven't seen her this calm, happy and smiling in a long time. She has had a few incidents during her rough time and I need to call out four people who have made this process so easy, comforting and tranquil. Rachel, Chris, Lily and Alexis have gone out of their way to work with Olivia. Rachel spoke with us many times to keep us completely in the loop about everything, Chris greets us at the door each time with a detailed report and Alexis/Lily would/does call and gives us updates to put us at ease. I know there are many more who have helped in the process I just don't know their names. We could not be happier with Tucker Pups and I rave about you wherever I go. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do. You have no idea how good we feel leaving our two pride and joys with you guys.

Thank you for being the best!

- Kate DeForge

Great staff - explained all procedures, gave a nice description of our dog's day.

- Pamella Capitanini

Tucker Pup's is Walter's favorite place to go! He loves coming to daycare and gets so excited!! He runs all day long and comes home so exhausted!

- Ray Rodriguez

Dillinger loves his Tucker Pup's family. We feel the warmth and love your staff feels towards him every arrival and departure. We are so fortunate to have found such caring, respectful, attentive, playful, and responsible away-from-home family for our Dillinger!

- Susan Bernstein

So far we have been very happy with Tucker Pup's, it seems like Buster really enjoys going. He's sooo excited when we bring him there. The staff are very, very nice and seem great with dogs, they also making dropping off and picking up very easy. We hope to bring Buster back many times and continue to have a good experience with Tucker Pup's.

- Ellen Iggulden

Emily Bean simply hears Tucker Pup's and goes insane!! She loves coming here more than anything!! The staff is not only friendly, but well informed, gracious, and make you feel 100% comfortable!

Can't say enough! 5 stars for our friends at Tucker Pup's!

- Rebecca Sandstrom

Love how everyone that works at Tucker Pup's knows our dog by name!

- Matt Wolk

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