Grooming Testimonials

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Again - WONDERFUL grooming from the awesome team at Tucker Pup's! It's soooooo much fun to come home to a clean and wonderful smelling Brinkley! And the bunny ears that Rachel and Chris popped onto Brinkley's head as I came to pick her up were the CUTEST thing I'd ever seen! As always, LOVE the care and service Brinkley receives from the awesome groomers and handlers at Tucker Pup's. Thank you again!

- Roz Nelsen

Marley got an adorable haircut. And your price is almost 1/2 what I've paid elsewhere. Very satisfied.

- Hetty Chang

My dog has had several grooming appointments at Tucker Pup's and they have all been wonderful experiences. She is very comfortable being with Kelly, her groomer, and she comes out looking great every time.

- Michele Wittels

The groomer was attentive to my dog and did a nice job on her. I liked that she took time before and after my dogs grooming to discuss what I wanted and how she behaved.

- Gretchen Goode

Tina, as always, did a fantastic job grooming my three dogs: Melon, Maya, and Robert. They are older dogs and can get a bit traumatized by grooming, but, with Tina, they never, ever are. She's tremendously kind and loving with them, so much so that I wouldn't care if her grooming skills were not excellent. But they most definitely are! She does wonderful deshedding treatments on my Pug, Melon, great and natural-looking trims on my Cavalier, Robert, and the best ever clips and mohawks on my little rescue, Maya (probably a Shih Poo). They've never looked better or been more "chill" with grooming!

- Leslie Sowle

Tina did a great job with Logan as usual. Staff was efficient, and friendly as always.

- Mercedes Alonzo

Love that it just took an hour. My dog had a wonderful experience and looks gorgeous!!


- Sandra Reinartz

The team know Maybry and how I expect to have him groomed. I get consistently good service no matter who is working the counter and I get what I expect when I come to Tucker Pup's. Very happy with the services provided at your establishment. Thank you.

- Kristina Williams

I am VERY pleased with the work JoMarie did on Mulligan. He was pretty much a mess of mats and she got him trimmed down to where we can start fresh. She was super gentle and kind and very informative. Three thumbs up!

So glad I found you guys. Thanks for the help!

- Joan Wellman

Whenever we take our Husky to get groomed at Tucker Pup's, we are very happy with the results :)

- Marissa Parker

My puppy was so soft and smelled great! I was very happy I chose these services! Thank you.

- Tyler Metcalf

Great customer service, fast turnaround and a nice haircut. It's worth the little bit extra drive to Tucker Pup's from Oak Park. Thanks.

- Amy Schoeny

We have always been very pleased with Tina as Wells' groomer. He comes home tired but looking good.

- Keith Flachsbart

I had overall a great experience at Tucker Pup's. My first visit has been the grooming and Kelly was gentle, patient, and took great care of my dog. The staff are friendly and just made the whole experience great. We will be back.

- Rochele Thomas

Very satisfied with the service, the groomer did a wonderful job.

- Chanel Ro

We were really happy with the grooming - he was happy and looked great. I met your new groomer and she was really friendly and professional.

- Jennmifer Bhagwanjee

Tina outdid herself again. She gave Lacie a puppy cut and I was so worried, for she had so many mats and I knew Lacie felt uncomfortable, but I really wanted to keep her hair long. Tina did such a wonderful job that not only does Lacie look gorgeous in her new do, Tina was able to keep her looking like a Havanese dog.

I have seen so many puppy cuts on Havanese dogs and you cannot tell the breed. How lucky we are to have Tina. She always does a perfect job, but with this cut she went beyond perfect to superordinate.

Thank You Ever SO Much Tina.

- Mary Lyn Kurland

I have had Cocker Spaniels my whole life and have high and specific expectations for grooming. Many groomers do not know how to give a proper cocker cut. Even though Cooper is a baby and only needed a sanitary trim, he looks excellent. Julia did a wonderful job and I'm very glad Cooper was scheduled with her because I had seen many great reviews for her services. We will definitely be back to have Cooper groomed with Julia again. Thank you for your great work!

- Annie Hardin

Kelly did a really great job. It was her first time grooming Molly and she really listened to what I wanted and Molly looks great. Will definitely be back and requesting Kelly from now on

- Lori Rinaldi

Joanna did a perfect job on Nala today, we love her haircut! Thanks!

- Debbi Thompson

Awesome service! Bunker looks great!

- Matt Cohen

love you guys. You are organized, thoughtful and caring. Ollie was rejected by another groomer who clearly had no idea what they were doing. Ollie is nervous and I warned you might object to grooming of her head. Your advised that would not be a problem and immediately looked up her records from an unrelated boarding bath experience. Nervous owners love reassurance. You provided. Please continue to run such a quality operation.

Next time I will ask for more hair off. But this time all was perfect!

- Anne Brody

Hampton has been coming to Tucker Pup's for over five years. For the past two years, he gets a "puppy/summer cut." This year, Alex, one of the new groomers, took several hours to groom the big guy, and Hampton could not look cuter! Alex gave Hampton the care and attention a big furry dog needs, and Hampton still likes him :-) Thanks, Alex, for knowing how to keep Hammy calm during a long process. A job well done...

- Nancy Bistany

Did a great job on our pup, she seemed happy and well taken care of.


- Kevin Casey

Kelly did a great job on Spots. She listened to what I wanted done and took very good care of him. I can see his eyes again! He looks perfect. He will be back for his next grooming and he'll see Kelly.

- Carmella Tomaso

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