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Penny Lane stayed at Tucker Pup'ss over the Thanksgiving holiday and when we picked her up she was so clean and smelled delicious! Thank you so much for taking the time to bathe her and dry her!

- Erin Carroll

Accommodating, quick, excellent service. My dog and I highly recommend!

- Clint Phillips

Hillary did a great job on Cooper's cut, called me with concerns about his skin condition which I appreciated, and was finished so quickly. Thank you!

- Stacy Mikulik

Tina did a great job grooming Cooper. Prompt, professional did exactly what I asked. Called me just before she finished so that I could head over.

The girl at the front desk was very efficient and pleasant as well.

Thank you.

- Melinda Rooney

My pup looked great, smelled great, and was happy. I can tell the cut was given by an expert. I am very happy with our experience!

- Gloria Navarro

I have had Cocker Spaniels my whole life and have high and specific expectations for grooming. Many groomers do not know how to give a proper cocker cut. Even though Cooper is a baby and only needed a sanitary trim, he looks excellent. Julia did a wonderful job and I'm very glad Cooper was scheduled with her because I had seen many great reviews for her services. We will definitely be back to have Cooper groomed with Julia again. Thank you for your great work!

- Annie Hardin

Tina is the best! My Max is not the best client. He is almost 16 and can be a bit grumpy. Tina always is gentle with Max and always takes the time to come greet us and also see me on his way out. Today we even had to touch him up in the waiting area. And to top it off she found a few fleas on him which then became a whole different day for little man Max. Your manager told me to bathe him in Dawn later and we did. Great advice. He got pills from vet, we bathed him again, washed everything, and he is resting. I would never go anywhere else but Tucker Pup's! Tina is a keeper as is the rest of your staff! You should be very proud of the business you have built.

All the best,

- Jennifer Fried & Max.

All personnel are courteous,friendly and love the animals. Groomers are conscientious about what they are doing.

- Paulette Koch

Our groomer was great! She really listened to what we wanted and when we came to pick him up he looked great and was a really happy pup. This was our first visit and it looks like we will be coming back :)

- Nicole Gaunt

Thank you to the groomer who did such a wonderful job!!!! My dog was happy and took to the groomer.

- Cynthia Melguizovski

My boys looked great and they were done very quickly (half the time as my old groomer)

- Laura Dickman

Great timely service, and helpful groomer regarding the best way to address certain concerns I had regarding grooming. My dog looks pretty!!!!

- Laura Mondrowski

Grooming was excellent - she listened exactly to what I wanted and the service was fantastic!

- Kristen Sun

Groomers always do an excellent job of cutting George exactly how we request.

- Brian Masters

Lilly was groomed after her 2 day boarding stay and looks great! It was her first "real" haircut and her hair was very long with many mats deep down. She looks like a new dog after her haircut and can finally breathe! I appreciated that the groomer provided details about how Lilly was during grooming, since this was her first real cut. Thank you!!

- Kati McArdle

It was Bean's last day of daycare/ grooming today before we move to a new city. I just wanted to share how happy I have been with the service the past few years! I really appreciate how much attention and kindness the staff show to Bean. I was really touched by how sweetly they all said goodbye to him today. The grooming he got today looked super great too, so thanks to the awesome grooming staff.

I know he will miss spending time with all his dog and human friends there. I can't thank you guys enough because I could not have had a dog during my time in Chicago without Tucker Pup's!

- Kathryn Ritchie

Tina is absolutely wonderful. It's always a great experience when I take my dog for grooming.

- Aylette Oliva

We have had Fruili groomed 3 times now at Tucker pups based on a recommendation from our friends that use your services. We have always asked previous groomers for feedback on the experience, and have gotten very little feedback. We really appreciate Jomarie's openness on our dogs anxiety and needing to be muzzled when she does her front legs. That is something that has probably always been an issue, but we have never known until now. We truly appreciate the open and honest communication!

- Stephani Ramijanc

Everything was great. Pixel loved it! She looked awesome after the grooming also!

- Chad Gough

Excellent job as usual! I love how short the groomer cuts Moxie's hair. She was running around tonight in such a great mood - probably because she loved her haircut and wasn't so hot! :)

- Kelly Steensma

The care is always well done and very prompt, and the photos are adorable. Ease in making the appointments and promptness and efficiency as well as the courteousness of all staff.

- Debbie Williams

We had Mila bathed for the first time at Tucker Pup's a few weeks ago and she has barely shed since then. It makes a world of a difference when cleaning our house. We will be asking to have her bathed many more times in the future! Thank you.

- Greg Timke

My dogs had a wonderful grooming experience. All groomers are fantastic. My absolute favorite groomer is Tina though. My dog Lani is very shy and I always feel very comfortable leaving her with Tina. She does an amazing job and takes pride in what she is doing. Love her.

- Sandra Reinartz

We are so pleasantly surprised that our dog Luna had such a great stay at Tucker Pup's! This was her first time boarding and it was a wonderfully positive experience. It's obvious that the staff made her feel welcome while happily communicating with us on a daily basis (and we called a lot! Sorry!) We loved the daily pictures added to her online gallery. She's currently tired, happy, and really clean! :) We've already requested dates for our next trip! Thank you!

- Allison Everett

You guys did a great job on Reggie - thank you for being careful with his blind eye, he is a fragile little guy and we really appreciate the extra care you put in!

- Kelsey White

I believe Tucker Pup's actually does what other places only promise to do. Great attention to detail and follow through.

- Michael and Irene Falconer

Our pup came home silky smooth and with no shedding! Love the way he smells too :)

- Elizabeth Hackett

The groomer who took care of Turbo was very patient. He is a rescue dog and came to me very matted up and a little skittish when it comes to new people and being touched on certain areas of his body. She did an excellent job of updating me during the grooming process and also seemed to keep him calm. Also- the groom looks great. Thank you!

- Suzanne Emery

My dog Cooper was groomed last week and it was honestly the quickest groom ever had (he's 8). He's usually in grooming for 3-4 hours, and this was under 2. I really appreciated that. My dog is a cockapoo, so he usually comes out looking too much like a poodle which I do not like. He came out looking like himself, which is exactly what I requested. I would use the grooming services again as they were reasonably priced, quick, and the groomer listened to my instructions.

- Stacy Mikulik

I am extremely pleased with today's grooming service and plan to return for grooming services, exclusively. With his coat being so short right now, I didn't anticipate much of a difference, but his coat not only looks much better, it also feels much better. Thank you for making him look so good. Maddie

- Madeline McCarthy

I could immediately tell that Bronco had a wonderful time at TP on Saturday. He smelled amazing, clean ears, his coat beautiful - excited to be a new customer of deshedding process - will make a BIG difference in my home and amount of times I have to vacuum.

- Lily Pike

Duke's groomer did a fantastic job. She called to let us know about some matting he had to make sure we were OK with it being shaved. She did a great job!

- Catherine Keefner

We have had a string of not so great groomers over the last 2 years, so we were very nervous to pick Eloise up. It was such a pleasant surprise! She looked great, and Kelly went out of her way to get out her mats without shaving her. The staff at the front desk were friendly and warm. Best of all, Eloise actually went back to Kelly when we were picking her up. This is the first time she wasn't climbing up our legs and wanting to leave. It is so great to know that she was that happy with Kelly while there. Thank you all for renewing our faith in groomers!

- Amy Jeffers

Oliver looks great and was finished with his grooming in just over 90 minutes. Awesome!

- Cassie Lau

The puppies smell WONDERFUL!! And they look great. Thank you!!!

- Michael Roberts

You guys always do a great job and we are very pleased with Rocky's grooming. Keep up the great work!

- Brian Pennington

We are so happy with the care your entire team gives to Zoe while she is at Tucker Pup's, but we wanted to give Hillary who groomed Zoe a special "shout out" for such an excellent grooming of Zoe this Sunday. Zoe looks fantastic and is so soft and clean! We were traveling and Hillary made every attempt to call or email us to discuss the grooming and was very patient with us. Please pass along our thanks to Hillary!!

Best regards,

Dan and Julie Schmittdiel

llie is a special needs dog, he only has 3 legs. He is also not small, so I know he is a challenge to groom. They do a fantastic job, every time. He is a Great Pyrenees, so he has tons of hair. He always comes back to me smelling amazing, deshedded, and mat free. They also take special care as he cannot stand without tiring for long periods. Tucker Pup's does a great job! Make sure your pup is fully vaccinated, (even for the dog flu) as it is a requirement.

- Christina Pfeifer

The staff do an excellent job with Orion and always communicate with us when we pick him up. We appreciate that they take the time to towel dry him since he does not like the dryer.

- Adam Gonzalez

Bunny never seems too excited to see us after a week away and I think it's because she knows all the fun playing with the other dogs is over. She's so tired when we get home and just wants to sleep and snuggle. As usual, she came home safe and exhausted and we're grateful for it. I think she had a great time at camp!

She smelled fantastic and looked pretty and shiny after her bath. The bandana they tied on was too cute.

- Leanna and Benjamin Bultema

Kelly did a wonderful job! Exactly what we wanted! And we love the shamrock bandana.

- Alissa Ruggle

You guys are very quick - I like that I don't have to leave my dog there for 3-4 hours like some other places. You listen to exactly what cut I want for my little guy and each time it has looked perfect. He comes back happy and clean :-) Your prices are reasonable as well.

- Kelsey White

Tina has been grooming Fannie Mae since 2012. She does such a great job and Fannie just loves her!

- Barbara Grodzins

Tina did a great job. Gizmo always looks happy and very handsome once he gets his hair done at Tucker Pup's.



- Nicole Sorell and Victor Jimenez

Whitney did an amazing job cutting Jake's hair and mindful of his arthritic hips and joints to make it a pleasant experience for him. The staff at Tucker Pup's from the moment I enter the door to the time I leave are always friendly, knowledgeable and caring.

- Amanda Bye

Everyone was so friendly and loving towards our dog Stan. They made us feel comfortable and made Stan comfortable. I loved meeting the groomer before Stan was taken back, it was so nice how she asked what I would like done and not done. She even brought him out when he was done and wanted to know if we liked it and told us how he was behaved. I look forward to being a customer!

- Jenna Dehayes

I appreciated the phone call from Max's groomer to make sure she had specific guidelines for his haircut. Speaking with her also made sure I didn't ask for the wrong thing (I was going to ask for an inch off, but his hair was really only an inch long! Instead took a half inch off and he looks so refreshed). She did a wonderful job! I had forgotten how skinny he is!

- Emily Kaminski

Nate had fun and everyone was very kind and excited about him being there. We also loved getting the picture sent to us during his stay.

He is fluffy and felt comfortable with the groomer (he usually is nervous and trying to leave).

- Kristen Webb

As usual, Tina did a great job. Charlie is once again a happy, well coiffed dog! Mom loved the Thanksgiving bows.

- Madeline Mazzone

Tina, as always, did a fantastic job grooming my three dogs: Melon, Maya, and Robert. They are older dogs and can get a bit traumatized by grooming, but, with Tina, they never, ever are. She's tremendously kind and loving with them, so much so that I wouldn't care if her grooming skills were not excellent. But they most definitely are! She does wonderful deshedding treatments on my Pug, Melon, great and natural-looking trims on my Cavalier, Robert, and the best ever clips and mohawks on my little rescue, Maya (probably a Shih Poo). They've never looked better or been more "chill" with grooming!

- Leslie Sowle

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