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Sample Behaviors Taught in Novice Tricks Class

Want to have a great time with your dog? Learn some tricks, and start earning some certifications?

In this course, you will learn ten tricks that are sure to impress your friends, plus help your dog build training and listening skills.

Tricks we will cover:
  • Shake / high five
  • Spin
  • Crawl
  • Get your item (leash, toy, etc.)
  • Speak
  • Maintain a treat on the nose or head
  • Kiss
  • Fetch
  • Roll over
  • Beg / sit pretty

After you have mastered these tricks, you can take the Novice Tricks certification test at Tucker Pup's. There is a separate fee for this. Click here to learn more about our tricks certification program and upcoming testing dates.

Is there a behavior you're looking to cover but don't see it listed? Call us at 312-829-8787. It may be covered in this or another course, or in private lessons.

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