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Tucker Pup's offers intermediate dog training classes in Chicago. In this class, we strengthen your dog's listening, self-control, and skills in a number of areas such as leash walking, recall, not jumping on dogs or people, and much more.

Sample Excersises Taught in Intermediate Manners

If you have taken our Puppy or Adult Manners course, this is the perfect next step in order to help your dog reach its potential.

Now that your dog knows the basics, it's time to make all of the exercises much more challenging. We add the three D's (distance, duration and distractions) plus introduce some new commands in order help your dog build and keep its focus. The goal continues to be for your dog to do what you say the first time, without repeating yourself.

By the end of the course, your dog should be able to excel at many foundational behaviors, even under highly challenging circumstances.

Examples include:
  • Leave things alone unless given permission (even really tempting things, like a pile of treats)
  • Go to a place, such as a mat or crate
  • Stay for long period of time
  • Automatically go to your side when coming to you
  • Walk next to you politely (even without a leash)
  • Come to you from a highly distracting activity.

Don't just stop at one Manners course and think you're finished - take the next step and enroll in Intermediate Manners so your dog can continue to improve and learn crucial lifelong skills.

Is there a behavior you're looking to cover but don't see it listed? Call us at 312-829-8787. It may be covered in this or another course, or in private lessons.

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