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 Agility Overview

In our Intro to Dog Agility training classes, your dog will begin to learn the basics of agility.

Intro to Agility Graduation Class

Agility is a wonderful canine sport, where your dog goes through an obstacle course. It is excellent for teaching your dog to listen and follow your direction. It is also great exercise, mentally stimulating, and is a lot of fun for the humans!

In our Intro to Agility class, your dog will learn to:
  • Go over jumps, which can be set at any height that you want
  • Go through a tunnel, which can be shortened or expanded to any distance that you want
  • Go over the A-frame, which will be at a gentle angle so your dog is successful
  • Jump through a hoop
  • Go through weave poles
  • Sit on the pause table for a brief period of time
  • Go over the teeter-totter, which will be set at a gentle angle so it doesn't slam down when reaching the end

Introducing your dog to the equipment and commands will help prepare him for more advanced agility skills. Who knows - maybe one day your dog will compete and win some trophies!

Is there a behavior you're looking to cover but don't see it listed? Call us at 312-829-8787. It may be covered in this or another course, or in private lessons.

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