Group Class Requirements

Submit new customer forms if necessary.

All new customers must fill out and submit our New Customer Forms. Click here to access the forms.

Submit payment to hold your reservation.

Your enrollment is not finalized until we receive full payment. We accept credit and debit cards, checks, and cash. You can submit your card number over the phone if necessary.

Bring your own treats.

We use treats extensively, and ask that you supply your own. We strongly recommend soft treats such as "Zuke's Mini Naturals," and sell them here. Keep in mind that the size of the treat does not matter as much as the taste. If your dog is not treat-motivated, you could try upping the ante with a better treat (e.g., hot dogs), or by using a favorite toy. Any treats you bring should not crumble, as pieces could fall on the floor and two dogs could go after it at the same time.

Updated vaccination records.

Upon registering, you must send us proof of vaccinations for bordatella, distemper, rabies (not necessary for puppies under 7 months), parvo, and Canine Influenza (H3N2) if we do not already have them on file. You or your vet can fax these to us at 312-276-8588, or e-mail them to us. We ask that you do this in advance of your first class, so there are no questions about whether you still need a vaccination. For puppies, please keep in mind that they normally get three rounds of vaccinations, and you need two of the three rounds in order to come to class.

Better to be early than late.

In order to minimize disruptions to the class in session, be be sure you are early or on time. Otherwise, you may break the concentration of the dogs in the class.

No pinch or shock collars.

Tucker Pup's uses only positive reinforcement in our classes. Pinch collars and shock collars are not allowed.

Bring the appropriate leash (or leashes) for the class.

We use different leashes depending on the class. For the first class, please bring a six-foot leash, and the instructor will identify any other leashes you need for subsequent classes. Retractable leashes are not allowed in class.

No overly aggressive dogs.

Group classes are impossible to manage if a dog is snarling or attacking other dogs. If your dog exhibits overly aggressive behavior, you may need a set of private lessons in your home. Please call us for information if necessary.

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