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Our Staff: Asia
I have been around dogs my whole life. My family is a big pet family and have always had at least two dogs at a time, so I've had over eight dogs in my life. Our record was 4 at once!
Pit bulls, Labradors, boxers, pugs ... Honestly any dog you put in front of me.
I try to keep active with running, swimming, and rock climbing but most of my time is spent shopping or visiting museums.
Ideally my future career goals would include being a textile scientist or analyzer with a focus in sustainability. This would allow me to mix my two concentrations while also helping eliminate one of the planet's biggest pollution-dense industries.
I love fashion and science but in my spare time you can likely find me working on some kind of arts and crafts project with a video essay playing in the background.
Columbia College Chicago, with a major in fashion design and product development, and a minor in biology
Learning and taking in new information has never ceased to interest me, so I am very well-versed in a lot of random facts. For example, figs have a mutual symbiotic relationship with fig wasps.