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Our Staff: Ricky
Dog Handler
I was a dog walker for 3 years and have been working with packs of dogs for 2 yrs.
I was a dog walker / handler in the Chicago area for 3 years. I have also been a dog handler for 2 years
I recently adopted a Fox Hound name Calvin. I love to train him & watch him play with my siblings.
I have 3 fish tanks and one has 20 fish.
I also now have added a new member to the family and his name is Chato A 3 yr old Mexican boxer.
European Doberman and boxers
I am a 3D animator and enjoy playing basketball. I love to draw and talk to people, but mostly I love animation and dogs.
To work for a big animation studio like Pixar, Blue Sky or Dream Works.
I love movies and acting.
I have a degree in media arts and animation.
I am making my own animation short film that will take me two years but the length of the film will only be four minutes.