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Tucker Pup's offers dog training classes in Chicago for leash reactivity and confidence building.

Tucker Pup's is considered an "essential business" and we are conducting training classes, puppy socials, and private lessons during the coronavirus outbreak. All events are being held outdoors, at either a park or in the Tucker Pup's fenced-in outdoor area. For classes held at a park, there will be no off-leash socialization component. All participants must stay at least 6-8 feet between each other. Private lessons are being held outdoors.

Nobody may participate who is showing symptoms of the illness or has tested positive.

Dogs need positive-reinforcement training and mental stimulation. Now is a great time to focus on improving your dog's behavior, while you may have downtime. Please keep in mind that they do not contract coronavirus.

All of our other services (daycare, grooming, boarding, and retail) are open as well, with some minor adjustments such as curbside checkin.

Learn more about adjustments we are making during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Leash Reactivity Dog Training Classes ChicagoLeash ReactivityLearn techniques to reduce or eliminate your dog's leash reactivity. Our large barriers give your dog space and comfort, and you can practice with other dogs in the same situation as yours
  • Confidence Builder Dog Training Classes ChicagoConfidence BuilderHelp your dog acclimate to new surroundings, through the use of fun games, exercises, objects, and obstacles
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