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Puppy Socials

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Overview of Puppy Socials

Want to help your puppy become socialized, but are uncomfortable with going to the dog park? This is a common concern because dog parks can have unvaccinated dogs, people may not be paying attention, there are different sizes of dogs and levels of aggression, and the dog park may not be as clean as you would prefer.

Why Tucker Pup's puppy socials are so great:
  • Supervised by one of our trainers, while you watch and participate
  • Off-leash play, plus games and exercises
  • We confirm that all dogs are properly vaccinated
  • The room is kept very clean
  • The weather doesn't matter
  • Your puppy can play with others that are its same size

It's also fun to interact with other dog owners and make some new friends in the neighborhood!

We recommend signing up for 3-4 puppy socials in order to help your puppy become highly socialized and as highly prepared as possible for dog parks, daycare, boarding, the beach, and much more.

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