Overview of our Retail Store

Overview of our Retail Store

Tucker Pup's sells many of the same products sold at retail-only stores. Our goal is to help your dog be as happy and healthy as possible, while being a convenient option for you.

Why drive to a different store if you don't have to?

The Standard

Puppy Dog Food
  • Good selection of leading brands of healthy, all-natural dog food (both dry and canned)
  • Prices at or below other retail outlets
  • Retail Reward Program
  • Variety of unique products across a number of categories, including toys, chews, household items, treats, and more
  • We can keep a record of your purchases, which is helpful for future return visits
Benefits Of

All-Natural Food

Keeping your dog as healthy as possible starts with food. All-natural dog food and supplements can help your dog in the following ways

  • Makes your dog's fur more shiny and healthy
  • Lose weight
  • Itchiness, allergies, and skin conditions
  • Improve joints
  • Prolong your dog's life
  • Feed less per meal

Training Consultation

Free Dog Training Consultation

Sure, your dog can sit when there are treats involved, and there are no distractions.

What about more challenging behaviors?

  • Coming directly to you when called, even at the dog park?
  • Doing what you ask the first time, without repeating yourself?
  • Not jumping on your friends?
  • Leaving something alone, such as food on the counter or on the sidewalk?
  • Not pulling or being leash reactive when you go for a walk?

Request your free, no-obligation telephone consultation with our trainer. He will discuss issues you may be experiencing, whether our program can help, and which path he recommends.

Don't just think about it - do it today, and make the first step in improving your relationship with your dog.
What do you have to lose?