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We strive to be the best dog business in Chicago, and we believe that you get what you pay for. If you come take a tour, we believe you'll immediately see and feel the difference.

If you're trying to compare our prices with another business, you always need to analyze differences on an apples-to-apples basis. For example, one place might seem less expensive at first, but that may be for a smaller suite, then charger higher for a bigger suite. Our price is the same regardless of suite size. In addition, they may charge more to have your dog play outside, whereas our price includes multiple hours of time in our outdoor area each day, when the weather permits. They may only have your dog in play for a short time each day, whereas here they are in play throughout the day for many hours, plus nap time. They may be closed for pickup during certain hours or days, whereas we are open for pickup 365 days per year from early morning to night with no restrictions. There are countless examples.

We advise that you do your research, take a tour of any business you are considering, and ask lots of questions.

The chart below summarizes some of the major differentiators that set us apart and make our pricing worth every penny:

Differentiator Tucker Pup's Others
Outdoor space with pools, playground equipment, sun, shade, and grass ?
Glass boarding suites ?
Highest staff-to-dog ratio in Chicago ?
Professional staff who are honest, responsive, knowledgeable, and truly care ?
Unparalleled air system to minimize odor and airborne illness ?
Open 6:45am - 7pm, 365 days per year ?
Health Warranty Program ?
Separation into playgroups based on size and temperament ?
Seamless flooring throughout to minimize bacteria ?
Photos e-mailed during your stay ?
Sophisticated software for tracking all details of your dog's stay ?
Many hours in group play each day, plus nap time. You can request extra nap time or partial play ?
Simple, straightforward pricing ?
Manager lives on-site, is here every night in case of emergency ?
Vigilantly require ongoing proof of updated vaccinations, including for Canine Influenza ?
Online checkin option to minimize dropoff time and maximize accuracy ?


Nightly Rate

We have two primary options for our nightly rate:

Option 1: Prepaid Boarding Package
With a pre-paid boarding package, the nightly rate is lower, and you can use the nights however you want, in any combination of stays. They do not have to be used during the same stay, and you can mix and match pre-paid nights with individual nights to give you the most flexibility. The nights never expire, and remaining nights are refundable if you desire. We keep track of all of your nights. This option is especially useful for customers who board frequently, or who may be boarding for an extended period of time such as two weeks.

Click here to learn more about our prepaid boarding package option.

Option 2: Pay for Individual Nights at Checkout
With this option, you pay at checkout for the nights you dog has stayed with us during each reservation.

First dog:

Prepaid Package of 20 nights
$50 per night
($200 discount)
Prepaid Package of 10 nights
$55 per night
($50 discount)
Individual Nights (not prepaid)
$60 per night

Additional dog in the same suite at night:

Prepaid package of 20 nights
$40 per night
($200 discount)
Prepaid package of 10 nights
$45 per night
($50 discount)
Individual Nights (not prepaid)
$50 per night

Please note that these are the base rates, and other fees may apply, as described below.

Group Play

Cost: No additional charge

With this option, your dog would be in group play throughout the day, combined with naps. It would then sleep in its individual boarding suite at night. Most dogs who board here use the group play option.

Solo Play

Cost: $15 extra per night, per dog, additional to the rates listed above.

With this option, dogs stay in their suite throughout the day and night, for reasons such as not being social or having recent surgery. The suites are spacious, sanitary, and safe, and you can bring your own bed and chew toys (at your own risk). We take solo play dogs out four times throughout the day for potty breaks and individual play time, including throwing a ball. There is a higher fee because it is very labor-intensive for us to offer this option, due to the amount of time spent with each dog and the number of solo play dogs we are caring for. We are one of the few places in Chicago to offer a solo play option.

Major Holidays

During major holidays, we have two additional requirements:

Holiday Surcharge:

Price: $5 per dog per night, additional to the nightly rates listed above

The holiday surcharge helps cover the additional staff and work that is required to handle the large volume of dogs during this time.

The holiday surcharge is applied for the following holidays in 2017:
  • Memorial Day Weekend: Any nights from Wednesday, May 24 to Tuesday, May 30
  • Fourth of July Weekend: Any nights from Wednesday, June 28 to Tuesday, July 4
  • Labor Day Weekend: Any nights from Wednesday, August 30 to Tuesday, September 5
  • Thanksgiving Week: Any nights from Wednesday, November 22 to Tuesday, November 28
  • Christmas through New Year's: Any nights from Thursday, December 21 to Wednesday, January 3

Deposit (Major Holidays Only):

Deposit amount: $100 total, regardless of the number of dogs

We have a deposit requirement in order to help ensure that people don't hold a reservation then cancel at the last second, which would take a spot away from someone else who needs it.

Applies to the Following Dates:

Thanksgiving 2017:
  • The deposit is required if your stay includes any nights from Wednesday, November 22 to Tuesday, November 28
  • The deposit is non-refundable after Wednesday, November 1

Christmas 2017
  • The deposit is required if your stay includes any nights from Wednesday, December 20 to Tuesday, December 26
  • The deposit is non-refundable after Wednesday, November 29

  • You pay for the deposit when making your reservation. We cannot complete a reservation without receiving the deposit.
  • The deposit can be paid over the phone using a credit or debit card, or with any payment method in person
  • When you check out from your boarding reservation, the deposit amount will be deducted from your invoice.
  • If you cancel your reservation by the deadline, we will refund your deposit. After the deadline, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • You can still make a holiday reservation after the cancellation deadline, but the deposit would still be required and is non-refundable.
  • If you have a prepaid boarding package, you would still pay for the deposit. At checkout, we could refund the deposit or apply it to your account as a credit.

Post-Noon Checkout

Cost: $25 per dog if checking out after noon

The post-noon checkout fee applies because on the check-out day, picking up after noon means your dog would have received a half-day of care that wasn't included in the boarding price. This fee applies regardless of what time your dog arrives on his first day.

Health Warranty Program

Cost: $5 per boarding stay, regardless of number of dogs or nights. The maximum you would pay for this program is $50 in a 12-month period. Once you have hit the maximum, the fee is not charged until the amount paid in over the past 12 months drops below $50.

The Health Warranty Program reimburses you for up to $250 in veterinary bills after a boarding stay with us. Please note that the $5 fee covers the entire boarding stay - it is not charged per night. Therefore, even if your stay is for 2 weeks and you are boarding two dogs, the warranty fee would only be $5 total.

Click here to learn more about our Health Warranty Program.


Cost: No charge for feeding.

We feed dogs at pre-determined meal times throughout each day, based on the schedule you give us (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner, overnight). Any leftover meals go into your dog's suite at night, unless you request otherwise. Please provide your own food, measured out to cover your dog's entire stay plus a few nights, just in case. Please do not bring a huge bag of dog food, but instead put the full amount in a smaller bag or container, ideally with your dog's name on it. Dogs who switch to a different food during boarding have a higher propensity to get diarrhea and won't have as pleasant a time in play. Thus, it's best if you stick to your own food - trust us on this one.


Cost: We do not charge for administering medicine.

Taking your dog to the vet for vaccinations or pre-existing conditions

Cost: $50 plus cost of the veterinary visit.

This applies if we need to take your dog to the veterinarian for a pre-existing condition or vaccination updates. If your dog needs to go to the vet for a situation such as this, we strongly encourage you to have an emergency contact that you could call in this instance. If your dog needs to go to the veterinarian for vaccinations, we would likely go to one in our neighborhood where we have a strong relationship and would not need to wait in line. Please note that these policies exist because we do not have adequate staffing levels to be able to send someone away like this, which can be very time-consuming.

Going to the store to buy extra food

Cost: $25 plus the cost of the food

This applies if we must go to a store to buy extra food for your dog because you didn't pack enough. We charge this amount because we do not have extra staff members who can leave the premises to do this. In order to avoid this scenario, we strongly encourage you to portion out all of the food for your dog's stay, and to pack extra meals just in case you need to extend your stay. If you run out of food that we sell here, we would be happy to sell you a bag and there would be no additional fee besides the cost of the food itself. You could also have a friend bring over more food.

Exit Bath or Other Grooming

Cost: Depends on the size and breed of the dog, as well as which services you are requesting (e.g., bath, haircut, deshedding, nail clipping or grinding, teeth brushing, etc.). Please ask us for details.

This applies if you request an exit bath or other grooming for your dog to have her looking and smelling great when you pick her up. We have multiple outstanding groomers, and provide professional grooming services seven days per week.
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