Overview of Our Training Services

Tucker Pup's uses positive reinforcement methods instead of fear, domination, or intimidation. Our approach is to "train the trainer," meaning we try to train YOU how to handle your dog effectively, instead of simply "training your dog." Some places promise things like "7 days until the perfect dog," and we simply don't believe that is realistic. Having a well-trained dog means you must be very effective in your handling skills, and that is what we focus on.

Our training program includes:
  • Group classes
  • Private lessons
  • Seminars
  • Friendly competitions

Many people take a course and stop there. That is fine if that is all you need, but most dogs benefit greatly if you keep on keeping on. Therefore, our courses build on each other. As an example, once you finish basic obedience, we encourage you to consider an advanced course such as agility or advanced obedience.

Our goal is that your dog become very proficient at:
  • Listening to what you say the first time without repeating yourself
  • Walking politely at your side without pulling
  • Keeping four on the floor and not on your guests, the counter, or your furniture
  • Coming directly to you when called, even when highly distracted
  • Playing fun games and exercises with you
  • Leaving something alone or walk away from something
  • Greeting new people or other dogs nicely
  • Playing nicely at the park
  • Leaving your garbage can and counters alone
  • Peeing outside only, and let you know when it's time to go
  • And learning many more behaviors.

We also offer people-only aggression seminars to help address aggression issues that you may be encountering.

We offer a full training lineup to help, and courses fill up quickly.

Think you don't need training? We've heard it all before. Click here for our answers to the top objections we have heard.