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We offer customizable programs to help your dog's behavioral challenges.

  • General Behavioral Modification ChicagoBehavioral Modification ProgramFor behavioral issues such as elevator anxiety, barking, leash reactivity, resource guarding, fears, and more
  • General Behavioral Modification ChicagoSeparation Anxiety ProgramThis program is specifically geared towards helping dogs overcome their separation anxiety

  • Marnie has absolutely changed my relationship with my puppy Scout. Before I started working with Marnie, I had had two other trainers. While Scout learned a lot from the others, her behavior (resource guarding, biting, and separation anxiety) stayed the same. Marnie helped not only Scout, but trained me to be a better dog mom, and taught me to learn to listen to her. In fact, I think Marnie trained me more than she trained Scout! I truly appreciate that Marnie and the Tucker Pup's team were able to help us, and I look forward to continuing with our training.

    - Ciara Swan

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