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Do you want to walk down the street and have people compliment how fabulous your dog looks? Do you want to keep its hair smelling wonderful, and staying soft to the touch? Do you want to keep your dog from shedding all over your house, your clothes, your car, and your friends?

Tucker Pup's is your go-to grooming solution. Scroll down to learn more.

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Your Dog is Not Here All Day

Dog Grooming Chicago
Drop Off at Your Reservation Time

Many grooming shops require you to drop off your dog in the morning, and stay all day as they work on many dogs at once. This can be very stressful for any dog, as they must stay in a crate for long durations. It can also be loud and hot in the room, and they might even need to eliminate.

We have a higher standard at Tucker Pup's. Here, you can drop off at your reservation time, the groomer will work on your dog straight through to completion, then will contact you when finished. Most dogs are here for no longer than 2-3 hours.

Our model is not common in the industry. It is more labor-intensive, and helps contribute to our pricing structure. However, it creates a better experience for our customers and their dogs, so we believe it is worth it.

Raising The Standard

Chicago Dog Grooming
We Provide Grooming Seven Days per Week

We are raising the standard in dog grooming.

Here are some highlights:

  • We only hire highly experienced, professional groomers
  • The quality of our work is second to none
  • Grooming is available seven days per week, including with late hours
  • We have one of the nicest grooming facilities in Chicago
  • You can arrive at your appointment time, instead of dropping off first thing in the morning
  • Most dogs are finished in less than two hours, and you can pick up your dog when ready

Grooming Photo Gallery

Our customers are always amazed by how nice their dog looks after grooming. Our groomers go to great lengths to pamper your dog and make it look, feel, and smell fabulous.

Golden Doodle Grooming Before

Golden Doodle Grooming After

Tired of Shedding?

Dog Deshedding
No More Dust Bunnies

Do you have dust bunnies in your home? Is your furniture or your clothes covered in hair? Are you embarrassed to have your dog around other people or at a friend's house?

We can help! We offer shed control treatment, which a service that really works wonders. This involves removing dead hair follicles through a detailed process that includes special shampoo, multiple rinse cycles, specialized brushes and combs, and a thorough brushout and blow-dry.

For most dogs, this can help minimize shedding for well over a month. You will regret waiting this long to get it done.

Customer Testimonials

Chicago Dog Grooming
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