Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

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There are many benefits from keeping your dog well-groomed on a regular basis.

Your dog will look great!

Don't you always feel great after getting a haircut? Your dog will, too! Who wants to go through life with hair that is matted or too long? Tucker Pup's will help your dog look his best, and you'll be proud to show him off.

Your dog will feel great!

Grooming can help avoid skin conditions such as dryness, itching, flakiness, and fleas. Your dog will thank you for it.

Keep the nails trimmed

Regular grooming can keep your dog's nails from getting long, noisy, and painful. Long nails can lead to the "quick" becoming too close to the edge of the nail, which can bleed when clipped. They can also distort the bones in your dog's toes, and may even become embedded in his pads. Grooming includes clipping or grinding your dog's nails, and removing excess hair that can trap foreign objects in the fur between his pads. You wouldn't want your feet to be uncomfortable - neither does your dog.

Clean ears

Keeping your dog's ears clean and dry can improve his health, remove discomfort, and make him smell better. All dogs need their ears cleaned periodically to avoid infection, especially those dogs with hair in the ear canal or that have heavy, droopy ears with poor ventilation. We give his ears a good cleaning and remove excess hair that may be causing problems.

Clean coat

Let's face it: dogs can get dirty without much effort, such as by running in the park, digging in the backyard, stepping in a puddle, rolling in the dirt, wrestling with other dogs, and swimming in the lake. Don't stop her from being a dog - just let us help you keep her as clean as a whistle.

Avoid the hassle of baths at home

Washing your dog at home can be a real headache. We've all been there: you get dog hair in your tub drain, watch in horror as wet paw prints go tracking through your clean kitchen floor, and get drenched as your dog shakes water on you and everything else. Let our team of professionals clean up your pup and the mess that follows.

Manage the shedding

You don't need a show dog to enjoy the benefits of grooming. For example, many dogs shed quite a lot, such as labradors and golden retrievers. Our anti-shedding program can help keep the airborne hair out of your living room and out of your life.

Early warning system

Your dog's health and happiness are reflected in his skin and coat. A dull, matted, dirty coat and flaky skin may be a sign of illness, poor diet or other adverse conditions. Keeping your dog's coat shiny and clean enables you and your groomer to notice skin problems, lumps, or other issues before they become serious.
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