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Tucker Pup's dog boarding is the perfect solution for when you travel and want your dog to stay in a home away from home that is safe, reliable and fun. Our staff go the extra mile to provide the best care possible, in a clean and safe environment that your dog will love.

This means you don't need to find a friend to take your dog, and your dog will probably be much happier than if it were sitting around all day. It's like a vacation for your dog when you travel!

Nicest Outdoor Play Area in Chicago (0:58)

Free Trial Daycare Day

Dog Boarding Barcode Scanning
Help Your Dog Get Acclimated Before Your First Boarding Stay

We offer a free trial day of daycare in order to help your dog(s) get used to our environment before your trip, and to make sure he will likely be comfortable in group play. This is a great way to ensure that he is happy when you leave for your trip. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, for the health and well-being of your dog.

Proprietary Barcoding System

Dog Boarding Barcode Scanning
Our Barcoding System Helps Ensure Accuracy

Other facilities use paper, outdated software, marker boards, or rely on employees to follow your instructions and to identify which dog is which. This can easily lead to risks such as your dog getting someone else’s food or medicine, or even the staff bringing you the wrong dog at checkout. The issue is magnified when two dogs look alike, which is a common occurrence at all pet businesses.

In contrast, Tucker Pup’s has built our own proprietary barcoding technology, called PetScanner, to ensure total accuracy when tracking food, medicine, treats, grooming, breaks, laundry, belongings, and special instructions. We even use it when bringing your dog to you.

Frozen Peanut Butter Kongs

Dog Boarding Peanut Butter Kong
Dogs Love Their Bedtime Snack

We offer frozen peanut butter Kongs as a boarding option, that we would give when your dog goes to its suite at the end of the day. The Kongs are virtually non-destructible, and dogs love to try to get out the tasty peanut butter. They are a great way to keep your dog occupied mentally and physically, while reducing any potential stress.

We have Kongs of all sizes, and will make sure your dog gets the appropriate size. We only use dog-safe peanut butter.

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Raising The Standard

Happy in Dog Boarding
Your Dog's Happiness is our Primary Concern

We are raising the standard of care in dog boarding, in order to deliver an exceptional experience time after time, for both you and your dog.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Open 365 days per year, from 6:45am to 7:00pm
  • Dogs are in group play, both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting), throughout each day
  • Nicest outdoor area in Chicago, including grass meant for dogs, pools, playground equipment, sun, and shade
  • At night, the dogs sleep in boarding suites with glass fronts. You can bring your own bedding
  • Unparalleled staff, who truly care about the well-being of each dog boarding with us
  • Proprietary system called PetScanner, enabling total accuracy when identifying pets, taking any actions, tracking results, and knowing where your dog is at all times.

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Puppy Socials

Overview of Puppy Socials (1:13)

If you have a puppy, we strongly encourage you to participate in some socials before you board with us. These help become well-socialized and more acclimated to group play, an integral part of our boarding experience.

Puppy socials are far better than dog parks for introducing your puppy to play. Our socials are run by trainers, all of the puppies must be vaccinated, the room is very clean, the weather doesn't matter, and we infuse fun games and exercises along with the play time.

We offer three types of puppy socials:
  • Confidence Builder: For puppies who are on the shy side, still trying to get comfortable with playing with others. They must be between 10 weeks and 5.5 months old, and 35 pounds or less.
  • Tiny Tots: For puppies who are 15 pounds and under, who are between 10 weeks and 5.5 months old, and whose play style is not overbearing with the other puppies.
  • Whippersnappers: For playful puppies who are between 15 and 35 pounds, and who are between 10 weeks and 5.5 months old. The puppies in this social should be comfortable playing with others, even those who may be larger.

Stay And Train

Sample Stay and Train Exercises (1:01)

With our Stay and Train program, our training staff can work with your dog while here for daycare or boarding. We can supplement work you are doing at home, giving your dog more repetitions to help it master the commands that you specify. After you check out, our staff can meet with you to discuss what we worked on, so you can be consistent and achieve your goals.

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