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Tucker Pup's does not provide dog-walking ourselves, but we partner with companies who:
  • Ensure that all of their dog walkers are certified in our training program
  • Are committed to our standards of excellence and customer service
  • Only use positive reinforcement techniques
  • Maintain a strong reputation, including with our customers, on review sites, and with industry professionals

Our Training Certification Program

Our training certification program helps ensure that the dog walkers:
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques in order to be consistent with training your dog may have gone through:
    • Training commands
    • Training aids
    • Rewards
    • The reward process
    • Tone of voice
    • Hand gestures
    • Posture
    • Corrective techniques
    • Body language

    Please note that the dog walkers are intended to supplement your training - they are not expected to change your dog's behavior if you have not taken it through training, and if you are not using similar techniques yourself. Sign up for classes or private lessons, and we can help you train your dog to achieve self-control, listening, and a comprehensive set of skills. This will make life much easier for you, your dog, and your walker.

    Please also note that our trainer can attend a meet-and-greet, including with the dog walker, in order to understand challenges you may be experiencing, and to help create a plan for your dog.

  • Understand how to handle dogs who may exhibit behaviors such as:
    • Pulling
    • Leash reactivity
    • Jumping on people
    • Not focusing on you
    • Fears, such as of the elevator, loud noises, skateboards, bikes, or other dogs
    • Loss of self-control when passing others
    • Eating foreign objects
    • Trying to chase squirrels

  • Understand safety protocols, including:
    • Entering your home if your dog is fearful
    • Exiting your home safely
    • Ensuring that collars and harnesses are not too loose
    • Bringing a water bottle, which is especially important on hot days
    • Carrying citronella spray, which can be helpful in case of any kind of altercation

  • Avoid potential dangers, such as other dogs or people who try to approach your dog
  • Notice behavioral issues with your dog, and stay in communication with you and our trainers to help resolve them

In order to receive certification, each dog walker must attend our comprehensive training workshops and pass our test. This includes an oral component, plus real-world scenarios, conducted by our training staff. The dog walking company is then responsible for oversight, accountability, and further training as necessary.

Dog Walking Services Available

Our goal is to simplify your life. To that end, we work with partners who can offer the following services:
  • Daily walks at your home
  • Bring your dog to Tucker Pup's, then back home after the service is provided (assuming you live relatively close to our facility):
    • Grooming. This can be especially helpful during the week while you are at work, so you don't have to wait for the weekend, which can oftentimes be booked solid. We maintain detailed records here of previous notes, photos, and preferences, so we can deliver consistent grooming from one visit to the next. We can also call you for further instructions and payment, and can keep your credit card on file for total convenience. When you come home from work, you'll be delighted to find your dog looking, smelling, and feeling its best.
    • Boarding. If you have an early morning flight, the walker could pick up your dog at your home, and bring it here to check in. At the end of your stay, the walker could pick up your dog from Tucker Pup's and have it waiting for you when you arrive home. If you have any belongings such as a bed, you could drop them off before your checkin date, and pick them up after your checkout date.
  • Walking your dog during the day at Tucker Pup's, if it is here for boarding. This can help break up its day, add some one-on-one attention, and add to its overall experience. Please note that we will add a GPS device to your dog's collar during these walks, as a safety precaution.
  • Pet sitting at your home. This can be helpful if your dog cannot be in group play, which is our primary format for boarding.

Please note that you must contact and pay our partners directly for dog-walking services, and we have no liability for any issues that may arise. In addition, the dog walking company would keep keys as necessary - we do not store keys at Tucker Pup's.

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