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Please note that we are not accepting new daycare customers for weekdays at this time, as we have reached our capacity.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist, click here, choose 'Daycare,' then 'Apply for the Daycare Waitlist.'

We do have availability for boarding with group play, just not standalone daycare. When making your first boarding reservation, you can also bring your dog for a free trial day of daycare to help ensure everything works out.

Do you want to keep your dog well-socialized? Do you wish he were more tired when you get home? Do you think his day should be more exciting than a walk or two?

If so, Tucker Pup's dog daycare is here for you! We have daycare seven days per week, and our staff is dedicated to making sure your friend comes home happy and healthy.

Please note that many people falsely assume that their dog must come five days a week to daycare. This is not true at all here - we have many dogs who come here once a week, and even once a month.

Raising The Standard

We are raising the standard of care in dog boarding, in order to deliver an exceptional experience time after time, for both you and your dog. Here are some of the highlights:

Dog in Daycare With Ears Up
  • Dogs are separated in playgroups based on their size and temperament
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Largest and nicest outdoor area in Chicago, complete with pools, playground equipment, grass made for dog play, sun, shade, and a professional misting system
  • Hours are 6:45am - 7pm on weekdays

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Puppy Socials

Overview of Puppy Socials (1:13)

If you have a puppy, we strongly encourage you to participate in some socials. These help become well-socialized and more acclimated to group play.

Puppy socials are far better than dog parks for introducing your puppy to play. Our socials are run by trainers, all of the puppies must be vaccinated, the room is very clean, the weather doesn't matter, and we infuse fun games and exercises along with the play time.

We offer three types of puppy socials:
  • Confidence Builder: For puppies who are on the shy side, still trying to get comfortable with playing with others. They must be between 10 weeks and 5.5 months old, and 35 pounds or less.
  • Tiny Tots: For puppies who are 15 pounds and under, who are between 10 weeks and 5.5 months old, and whose play style is not overbearing with the other puppies.
  • Whippersnappers: For playful puppies who are between 15 and 35 pounds, and who are between 10 weeks and 5.5 months old. The puppies in this social should be comfortable playing with others, even those who may be larger.

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