Best Dog Training in Chicago

The Best Dog Training in Chicago

Ready to Create a Great Listener?

When you own a dog, training is the single most important action you can take.

It helps you communicate better with each other, creating the foundation for a happy relationship.

Many people wait too long, or don't train their dog at all. This can lead to behavioral challenges that are much harder to correct later on, and can make your life unnecessarily stressful.

Amazing! Can Your Dog Do That? (2:25)

Why Train Your Dog With Us

Your Dog Will be Happier

Tucker Pup's only uses positive reinforcement, which means that your dog will be very happy during and after training. No need for raised voices, dominance, choke chains, shock collars, fear, or physical correction.
Faster Results

Our training program delivers very fast results. Using our methodology, your dog is highly motivated to perform the commands you are giving. You should start to see immediate improvement.
Longer Lasting

In our program, you will learn how to train your dog under harder and harder conditions, with exercises and commands that build on each other. This creates longer-lasting listening than negative methods that use fear or intimidation.

Our Training Services

Tucker Pup's has the most comprehensive set of training solutions in Chicago.

Whatever your goal or challenge, we've got you covered. You can mix and match our services to help bring out the best in your dog.

  • Online Dog Training ClassesOnline TrainingAccess our training class curriculum on our website so you can train your dog at your own pace.
  • Train My Dog for Me ChicagoPrep SchoolWe train your dog at our facility for a number of days in order to instill basic manners, then teach you what we worked on
  • Dog Training Obedience Classes ChicagoManners ClassesPuppy, Adult, Intermediate, and Advanced Manners
  • Dog Training Leash Reactivity Classes ChicagoSpecialty Classes Classes that focus on specific behaviors, such as leash reactivity
  • Dog Training Private Lessons ChicagoPrivate Lessons We come to your home, on walks, or to the dog park
  • Puppy Socials ChicagoPuppy Socials Introduce playtime in a safer environment than dog parks. We have options for young, playful, and shy puppies
  • Train My Dog for Me ChicagoTurnkey Training We train your dog at your home while you are at work
  • Board and Train ChicagoStay and Train We train your dog while staying with us for boarding or daycare
  • Therapy Dog Preparation ChicagoTherapy Dog Preparation We prepare your dog to be able to visit organizations such as hospitals or veterans groups
  • Dog Seminars ChicagoSeminars We can give a free seminar at your residential building or employer
  • Bring Out The Best In Your Dog

    Don't just accept unwanted behavior! Many people believe that "dogs are dogs and there's nothing I can do." This is not necessarily true - most dogs respond well to our positive training methods. We have helped thousands of dogs overcome their challenges, and we can help yours, too.

    What we can help you resolve?

  • Dog Training Chicago Walking on Leash Without PullingWalking on leash without pulling
  • Dog Training Chicago Leash Reactivity Passing Other DogsPassing other dogs nicely
  • Dog Training Chicago JumpingJumping
  • Dog Training Chicago Passing FoodLeaving items alone (even food on the ground)
  • Dog Training Chicago Riding the ElevatorCalmly riding the elevator
  • Dog Training Chicago Listening Under Heavy DistractionsListening the first time, even under heavy distractions
  • Dog Training Chicago Coming When Called the First TimeComing to you when called
  • Dog Training Chicago Crate TrainingCrate training
  • Dog Training StayStay, even from a long distance
  • Dog Training Chicago Play BitingPlay biting
  • Puppy Potty Training ChicagoPotty training
  • Dog Training Chewing ChicagoResource guarding
  • Dog Training Chewing ChicagoChewing
  • Dog Training Counter Surfing ChicagoCounter surfing
  • Dog Training Furniture ChicagoStaying off furniture
  • Dog Training Handling for EarsEars and feet being handled
  • Dog Training Chicago Self ControlSelf control
  • Dog Training Chicago WaitingWaiting for permission
  • Dog Training Chicago Separation AnxietySeparation anxiety
  • Dog Training Chicago BarkingBarking
  • These are just the tip of the iceberg!
    There are many more behaviors that we can help resolve in your dog, using only positive reinforcement techniques.

    Free Consultation

    Free Dog Training Consultation in Chicago
    We Can Help You Immediately

    Not sure if training will work for your dog? Wondering how you would fit training into your schedule?

    Talk to us! Our trainers are happy to have a free, 20-30 minute telephone consultation with you - no obligations or strings attached. You've got nothing to lose!

    The call is designed to discuss your goals, talk about our program, and help you decide if it is a good fit. Want to have that conversation in person? Not a problem - you are welcome to come to our facility.

    TrainTrack™ Video Learning

    Online Video Dog Training Chicago
    Watch Training Videos on Your Device

    Tucker Pup's offers a proprietary online system called TrainTrack™ that revolutionizes the way dogs are trained. The trainer will show you the exercises in person, then you can access TrainTrack to see the homework, plus watch videos whenever you need a refresher about what they covered. This is incredibly helpful because there is a lot of information to take in, and it can be hard to remember everything they demonstrated. Need to see the exercise again? Just rewatch each video until you can duplicate the trainer's methods with ease. You will not need to interpret handouts or wonder what you're missing.

    In addition, you can log your progress on TrainTrack as you are working on your home exercises. This can be invaluable for ensuring that you spend enough time, in various settings, for your dog to learn the methods thoroughly.

    TrainTrack works on any Internet-connected device, so you can use it on your mobile phone, even when you're on a walk or working outdoors.

    TrainTrack is available for all Puppy and Adult Manners courses. It will be soon be available for more courses, plus private lessons and Prep School.

    To access TrainTrack, you must log in to our website, and have paid for either a Puppy or Adult Manners class or our Online Dog Training course. On your Customer Center, you will see the link to TrainTrack towards the top of the page.

    Have a Puppy?

    Small Issues Now Become Big Issues Later (1:01)

    If you have a puppy, we can't stress enough the importance of signing up for training, plus puppy socials, right away. It's far better to start your puppy on the right foot, rather than trying to fix problems later on. While puppies are cute and cuddly, these problems can become worse and worse, causing you great frustration. For example, as puppies get older, they can pull on leash, not listen, not come to you, jump on people, and become reactive on leash. Some people become so exasperated that they end up sending their dog to a shelter. All of this is highly avoidable, if you commit to positive training in the beginning.

    We recommend puppy classes and puppy socials as a starting point. If you can't fit these into your schedule, we recommend private lessons.

    We can immediately help you with a number of puppy challenges, including crate training, potty training, play-biting, jumping, and much, much more.

    Our Training Program

    Built to Last

    Our training program takes a comprehensive approach towards improving your dog's skills and behavior. We can help correct and prevent unwanted behaviors, plus instill good habits in both you and your dog that will last a lifetime.

    Train-the-Trainer Approach

    Training a dog is the easy part. Training humans to change their behavior is much harder! If you don't change your ways, your dog's improvement will not last long. That's why we need to train YOU to train your dog. Once you're at home and no trainer is around to help, you must be able to work with your dog effectively.

    Progressive Difficulty

    We don't want to just teach super-easy behaviors such as sitting. We want your dog to master the behavior under any condition, so we make the exercises harder and harder, under a variety of circumstances. For example, he comes to you when you call him, but will he do that while at the dog park, playing with other dogs? When walking or running away from you? Our "progressive difficulty" model is how you build long-term listening and reliability.

    Call Your Trainer

    You can call your trainer if you need some quick advice in between sessions, if you are having difficulty and simply can't progress. We can typically give you a power boost.

    Skills, Listening, and Self-Control

    Many people teach their dog a few commands, which may work well indoors with no distractions. However, everything goes out the window when taking the dog outside, where it's highly distracting, inviting, and sometimes stressful.

    With our program, we show you how to teach your dog a broad set of important skills, not just a few. Our exercises help your dog to learn to listen the first time, every time. Your dog will learn self-control, so it remains cool and calm, no matter the situation. You will notice the difference right away!

    Decide How Far You Want to Go

    Stop after one course or 6-lesson private lesson package? Continue to intermediate and advanced training? Delve into agility or other sports? Gain certifications? Visit hospitals with your therapy dog? We can help you go quite a long way and bring out the best in your dog.

    Free Webinar

    Dog Training leash Walking Chicago
    Watch Our Free Webinar (54:11)

    Frustrated that your dog won't listen? Tired of dealing with leash reactivity or pulling? Want to learn about how you are probably reinforcing unwanted behaviors?

    Watch our free webinar about how the Tucker Pup's training program can transform your dog.

    Success Stories

    Hear directly from a few of our customers whose dogs have shown remarkable improvement after going through our training program.

    Resolving Archer's Leash Reactivity (2:04)

    Helping Dixie with Self-Control and Focus (2:36)

    Raising The Standard

    Positive Reinforcement Dog Training in Chicago

    We are raising the standard of care in dog training.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    • Positive reinforcement methods only - no dominance methods
    • We offer private lessons at your home, group classes, and seminars
    • We address a wide range of challenges, from obedience to behavioral issues such as leash reactivity
    • Pre-paid private lesson packages at a discount
    • Trainers who are professional and highly experienced

    Training Testimonials

    Dog Leash Walking Training in Chicago
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