Dog Training Behaviors We Address

Dog Training Behaviors We Address

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No doubt, dogs are great companions, but they can be challenging. They don't speak English, and are not born knowing the rules and expectations of humans. If you don't teach them in language they can understand, the problems only become worse and worse. Many people suffer through these behaviors for years, which can negatively impact their lives as well as their dogs' lives.

Customized Training Solution

It doesn't have to be that way! Our program is designed to help you resolve these challenges. We can create a fully customized solution for you that can combine group classes and private lessons, and you can pick and choose which you want to work on and how you want to progress.

Please note that our group classes cover some of the topics listed below, but not all - you can see which ones in the course descriptions. Topics not covered in classes can be addressed in private lessons.

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  • Aggression / Dominance
    • Towards dogs, including in play or on a walk
      • Growling
      • Humping
      • Biting
      • Snapping
    • Towards people (e.g, strangers, postal service, children, etc.)
  • Barking
  • Begging
  • Biting
    • Nipping
    • Play biting
  • Coming to you
    • Come immediately when calling your dog's name, including when walking or running away from you
    • Fetch objects such as a frisbee or ball
  • Conditioning
    • Loud noises (e.g., the vacuum, thunder, fireworks)
    • Touching (e.g., feet, ears, teeth)
    • Collar handling
  • Crate training
  • Fears (e.g., cardboard boxes, linoleum floor, children)
  • Get off and stay off your furniture, the counter, the table, etc.
  • Go to a place
    • To your mat
    • Through a door
    • To your crate
    • Into the car
  • Introductions
    • New baby
    • New dog or other pet
    • New house / neighborhood / environment
  • Not jumping on people
  • Objects
    • Leaving objects alone unless given permission
    • Drop an item from your mouth
    • Chewing objects in your house (shoes, furniture, etc.)
  • Peeing in your home / marking
  • Potty training (puppies)
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation anxiety
  • Settle down
  • Stay
    • Stay in a sitting or down position, including when you walk away
  • Tricks
    • Shake hands
    • Roll over
    • Crawl
    • Balance treat on head or nose
    • And more
  • Waiting
    • Wait for permission
      • Before getting out of the car
      • Before going through a door
      • Before eating
    • Wait patiently while I do something (e.g., talk with my friend, eat at a restaurant)
  • Walking
    • Walking at your side, without pulling
    • Walking through a crowd
    • Waiting before crossing the street
    • Accepting a human stranger
    • Accepting a dog stranger
    • Walking past loud noises, such as the "El" tracks
    • Being in a confined space, such as the elevator, including with another dog
  • Whining

Want to address a behavior not mentioned above? Just ask us.

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