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Jessie is wonderful not only as a trainer but person in general! She has a great demeanor and our puppy, Otto, loves her! He has learned a lot and so have we as first time puppy parents!

We may be calling Jessie again in the future for additional training! We would absolutely recommend Jessie and Tucker Pup's!!

- Paul Klebon
Allison was fantastic. I got way more out of the puppy social than I expected. Very trusting environment.

- Cory Sejo
I learned a lot about my aggressive Chihuahua working with Marnie and Angela. They helped me to understand his emotions better, as well as to uncover some of the areas where I needed improvement as a dog owner as well. I am now much more mindful of how I interact with my dogs, and I’m so proud of the progress we’ve made as a family!

- Bridget Bodick
Veronica was so helpful in Turnkey Training. After meeting our 6 month old puppy who had done basic puppy training, she took the time to get to know him and how training would work best for him. It seems our puppy has some behavioral/hyper arousal and Veronica was great giving us idea and feedback on how to help him and also how to train him so he can learn how to cope with the hyper arousal. She helped teach Benny the basics along with teaching us so we can continue the training to set us up for success.

- Marisa Varco
Angela was amazing and we learned so much from her in Puppy Manners. She made classes informative and fun. Her training tips have been instrumental to our puppy’s growth and development. So thankful to her and to Tucker Pup’s!

- Kali Newlen-Burden
Angela was an excellent trainer for Adult Manners class. We all learned a lot.

- Chris Latham
The puppy social was a great experience. I was impressed with our trainer, Allison. I was nervous going into the training with my 4 month old dachshund. Allison was reassuring and patient. We learned so much from the social and I look forward to other training opportunities with Tucker Pup's.

- Abigail Schaefer
Claire has been a wonderful trainer. During turnkey training, she progressed Bruno from being fearful to even going near the front door, to a puppy who can’t wait to go on a walk. We are so grateful to Claire and Tucker Pup's!

- Anthony Ivone
Puppy Manners class was well worth our time and money. We learned SO much! Angela was wonderful! We are hoping to take Intermediate Manners class with her next!

- Colleen Deckinga
Cailin was an awesome trainer for the Adult Manners class - our dog Este learned so much in just a short amount of time. Thank you so much, Cailin!

- Emily Greathouse
Veronica was very kind, patient, and knowledgeable!

- Kim Gelbort
Angela's patience and expertise have made a 100% difference in Lola's behavior. I'm so glad we did this Turnkey Training program.

- Kathleen Hughes
The trainers were excellent in helping Cleo become comfortable with her first puppy social! At first, she was hiding behind us. She is highly treated and toy-motivated and with the trainers allowing her to watch and then practice some training exercises, she was chasing the largest/oldest puppy by the end of the session!

- Alyssa Levitt
The puppy social was amazing. Far exceeded expectations. I really appreciated the instructive parts.

- Andrea Apgar
Bruno has been training with Courtney and we are very impressed and happy with everything so far. We know Bruno is in good hands with Courtney and he has been learning a lot.

- Allyson Maturo
The Adult Manners class was great. It really helped my very excitable and distractable dog learn to chill out and engage with me. I think we have more work to do to make this happen out and about, but our instructor Susy did a great job giving extra tips customized to my dog.

- Rebecca Handa
Susy was excellent! Great course -- thank you!

- Grace Quinn
We appreciated Cailin's corrections for our tone of voice or anything to help us execute better. We look forward to taking Intermediate Manners at some point in the future.

- Maddisen Philbrick
We love Cailin. She’s an excellent instructor.

- Sara Popenhagen
Jessie was phenomenal! She brought such an amazing energy to class each week and was so patient with our pups. They all left with clear growth in skills compared to the beginning. Would highly recommend her!

- Katie Williams
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