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It was my puppy's first experience with other dogs. I really appreciated the trainer (Natalie) giving constant feedback about the dogs behavior and communication, with one another. The yelps were scary to me, but she assured me it was normal canine behavior. Will come again.

- Mary Kozlowski
Natalie was great, and Venus made huge improvements because of it. Walking outside with Venus was always a huge pain before Prep School, but now she does really well with it, and was even able to walk beside us off leash in a dog park. Considering that we had prior training with Jess, getting a second perspective on the training was also nice, and will help us make sure Venus is able to listen in all different environments. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how prep school went.

- Andrew Arkhipov
Cailin is a gifted Trainer! Our pup absolutely loved her and her energy. Pure connection- was beautiful to watch Frankie grow through the class. The instruction for me was consistent, prompt and intuitive. So grateful we took the class! Thank you Tucker Pup's.

- Dasha Liubarets
I'm very happy to have taken this leash reactivity course. The group class format/curriculum coupled with Cailin's ability to adjust based on your individual dog was extremely helpful. I also appreciate that Cailin was able to guide the owners on how best to engage their dog and maintain focus. We still have some ways to go with Violet, but I feel much more confident now that I have tools and an understanding of when to deploy them to manage my dog's reactivity. After taking this class, I've already noticed that Violet is more focused on me, with a lower recovery time to certain triggers. Thanks Cailin and Tucker Pup's!

- Brittney Hopgood
I took the Adult Manners training with my dog and Susy Vallejo was our trainer. She did an amazing job and my dog loved her. Always motivating us to do the training exercises and stay positive for the dogs. Also, always looking for ways to bring out the best in the dogs. I would definitely recommend a class with her.

- Naishalee Pineiro
Jessie did an AMAZING job helping me train Walter. She was very patient with me and even gave me some tips to use outside of the classroom with other issues that aren’t taught in the class. Walter is the best trained dog in my family thanks to Tucker Pup's!!!

- Kendall Michaels
Jessie is amazing. She is so warm and caring. I have owned dogs before and my previous golden had trained to be a therapy dog in the suburbs. This dog is great but he’s given us a run for our money in ways neither myself or my fiance, also an experienced dog owner, has faced. She was always willing to talk to us and help everyone. We plan on continuing solidifying the skills learned in class but are seriously considering private lessons with Jesse if needed because we loved her so much. When Bruno masters his skills more and we do the next level class we want Jessie as his teacher. We loved her SO much. She truly cares. I was near tears at the last class because of how tough the last few days were with him and she was just so compassionate not to just Bruno but to us.

- Naina Chandan
Susy was great and worked well with us and everyone in the Puppy Manners class!

- Mike Devine
Jess is a great trainer. She was able to provide individualized attention while teaching a class of 5-6 dogs. Her outgoing personality made the class enjoyable. Overall is was a fun time for dogs and owners!

- Steven Hernandez
We went to the adult manners 6 week training class with Jess for our 8 month old rescue pup. The class was very well priced for everything we got out of it! It was at a very convenient time on Sunday afternoons and there were only 5 dogs in the whole class, making it easy for us to get extra assistance from Jessica when needed. When we first started our dog was pretty crazy considering he’s still a puppy and we had only recently rescued him. By week 6 he could sit, lay down, stay, wait, and leave it. He is now a much more well mannered dog and we are so happy with the progress! Thank you Jess and Tucker’s Pup’s!

- Hannah Dari
Charlie loved the puppy social! The trainer Natalie was so patient and sweet with her. Can’t wait to go back.

- Dayane Estrada
Angela is a truly wonderful dog trainer

- Sue Frankenfield
Our training sessions have been very productive! Cailin has given us good tactics for managing our dog's severe anxiety and she has been very helpful with muzzle training. She also makes us feel more relaxed about it and helps us see the victory in small improvements. We look forward to continuing to make progress with our training!

- Lauren Bridges
Jess was awesome! Clearly very well-versed in training dogs, and there was never a moment of hesitation from her. Glad I got to work with her over the last few weeks in private lessons to get my puppy trained. No complaints at all.

- Andrew Arkhipov
Veronica was our trainer and we absolutely loved her. She always had a positive attitude, had an excited willingness to answer any questions, and would regularly check in with people one on one. Really enjoyed our experience with her.

- Mya Soto
The trainers are so nice and knowledgeable. We have loved all the puppy socials we have attended!

- Mari Connolly
We had the most amazing training experience with Natalie in Prep School . Gus has transformed his behavior and we knew that he was in the best hands throughout the whole process. We have nothing but amazing things to say about Tucker Pup's training experience!

- Alana Harte
Training was incredible! Angela was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this course to all of my friends and family because she was amazing.

- Paulina Lara
Angela was great! She was very knowledgeable and was very helpful in helping us in the Adult Manners class.

- Kristen Mantzoros
We had a great experience in Puppy Manners class! Maple got so much more confident by coming to class and has learned a lot of great skills. I can’t wait to keep practicing with her to keep her skills up!

- Haley Lawson
Angela was fantastic. Couldn't be more pleased.

- Tony Mattar
The Adult Manners class was great! The smaller environment was perfect for collaboration and getting personal attention. I gained a great skillset to apply to additional training beyond what we worked on. The core skills we did work on in class have been very helpful in day to day life. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering!

- Kathryn Santello
Angela was fantastic. I'd recommend the Adult Manners course to any dog owner.

- Jennifer Youngless
Working with Claire has been great! She's patient with Maverick and offers tangible solutions to all of our concerns. I highly recommend her! 10/10

- Brooke Lang
Angela made each private training session a judge free zone and full of patience. Her calm and collective personality allowed my dog to feel comfortable and we looked forward to seeing her. Since day one, she was ready to take on working with Luna, and Luna was mesmerized with her. Luna has achieved so much in a short amount of time. Thank you, Angela!

- Sandra Arguello
Claire was amazing! She was very patient with the pups and owners when teaching them both new training exercises. She stresses the importance of positive reinforcement training and never suggested using the leash or a collar to control our dog. We enjoyed attending Claire's classes and our pup is already showing a lot of progress after this course!

- Nick Norder
Claire Laster was fantastic. She had the right energy and expertise for teaching the Puppy Manners course. We initially met her through a private in-home session, and we were glad to learn she also taught a puppy class in our neighborhood. We are 100% satisfied with Claire as our instructor!

- Kristin McCann
Kathleen was great! She is very knowledgeable on dog behavior and we loved that she had specific experience with Ziggy's breeds. She gave concise, helpful feedback and tips that helped us to see a difference in our pup.

- Nicole Humphrey
Jessie was great and the Adult Manners class was overall a very good experience - we accomplished what we hoped to going into the training program!

- Christine and Eric Yore
Jess did a super job working with and training our 3-month-old Goldendoodle in turnkey training. Noticed improvement after each training session. Jess was always punctual and answered all of our questions and concerns. Looking forward to having Jess further train our pup.

- Steven Gertler
Claire has been amazing with Kopi and I can tell that all her hard work has paid off with Turnkey Training. Kopi is a much more confident puppy than she was when we first started training and her basic obedience has improved by miles. Claire was also very thoughtful and accommodating to our needs and schedule. Would highly recommend her and use her in the future.

- Leslie Faeth
Suzy was amazing! Our puppy Graham loved her. The guidance and positive reinforcement has worked wonders. Thank you!

- Dana Clemmans
My dog took the Adult Manners class, and she learned so much and gained confidence. Jessie is amazing!

- Jill May
We did the puppy social with trainer Natalie Bracht. She was fantastic! Very informative, super friendly, and looks like she's happy to be there. Loved it so much I signed up for another puppy social with her!

- Mya Soto
We had the absolute pleasure of working with Claire Laster on Benji and Leo's loose leash walking, as well as leash reactivity through Turnkey Training.

Simply put, Claire is the best! Benji loves people and he was instantly excited to meet her. Leo, on the other hand, has always been very timid and does not warm up to people easily, but he quickly became Claire's biggest fan. It was really nice to see Claire genuinely care about the boys and give them the help they needed to build confidence and redirect anxious energy on walks.

This experience has also been very therapeutic for my partner and I. Having leash reactive pups can be very stressful and I started to dread every walk. Claire also helped us build confidence and equipped us with tools to help address different situations.

We are so thankful we got to meet and work with Claire. She's truly wonderful and we miss her already!

- Jenny Park
Prompt arrival. Clear instructions and demonstrations of what to do. Responsive to our requests. Sophie now walks well, stays, leaves things alone. She’s working on dropping it, down and coming when called. Sophie LOVES Cailin! So do we. We will miss her.

- Sue Gsell
The puppy social was very helpful and just what we needed for our pup!

- Lauryn Muniz
The training was clear, focused and each week built on the next. Angela was great and the class size was perfect.


- Tinesha Craig
We enjoyed working with Angela. She was patient and full of training ideas.

- Malinda Steele
Natalie was great in the Puppy Social! Very communicative and informational. She made sure all the pups were respected and had a great time. I learned a lot as well.
Thank you!

- Joe Hammond
Veronica did a fantastic job in Prep School. Noche sits with just a verbal command. She is walking with me and I don’t think it’s long before stay and lie down will only require verbal. She is much better at polite greeting.

I couldn’t be happier. It was money well spent.

- Tim Lain
Kathleen gave us specific training activities for ongoing work. She was flexible with her schedule and was very accommodating to our schedules. Our Fletcher also loved being around her!

- Jisu Kim
Excellent program! Jessie did a wonderful job teaching the class!

- Gary Klein
The trainer Natalie was very engaging in explaining how puppies behave during play time.

- Lael Black
Natalie did an excellent job of narrating the behaviors she saw during the puppy social and I learned a lot! It was amazing exposure for Ringo. I cant wait for the next one!

- Chloe Weiss
Jessie was phenomenal! Rosie loved the Puppy Manners courses every week and we can’t wait to sign her up for additional training classes. Thanks Jessie for an excellent class!

- Sophia Vivonetto
Claire was amazing! Our puppy Debbie learned so much from all the helpful types the trainer taught us. I’m so glad we signed up for Puppy Manners!

- Mari Connolly
Natalie is wonderful. Great communication throughout Prep School.

- Barry Butler
Bailey loves puppy socials, and Jess does such a great job moderating - pointing out signs the pups are having fun, when they’re getting overstimulated, etc. She has one more before she’s too big to attend and I know she’ll really miss playing with all the different friends she’s met through these socials.

- Kimberly Karch
Veronica was very patient and helpful during our first puppy social. She really helped Kopi feel relaxed during the session and get comfortable with other dogs which put me at ease. We'll definitely be attending other puppy classes!

- Leslie Faeth
My dogs learned basic obedience skills and I'm very satisfied with our private lessons. Cailin also taught us how to properly train them which was new to us.

- Jaden Tan
Angela was absolutely amazing and helped with my #1 concern which was leash reactivity. I went from walking my dog in alleys and parking lots to taking her to the park. Angela provided me with the tools and knowledge to keep progressing even though the training session ended.

- Tanya Abi-Mansour
Tucker Pup's is absolutely incredible, I cannot recommend it enough.

I started my puppy Olive out with Puppy Manners class (with Jessie) which was not only an incredible training foundation for both of us but a wonderful place to meet other puppies with like minded parents. Olive was a bit shy in class during playtime so we went to a few puppy socials and they were really helpful for us both. By the end of the 6-week puppy manners class Olive was playing with other puppies and not hiding under my chair anymore.

At 1 year old we just wrapped up Prep School working through more intermediate manners and the change is incredible. Susy took us from a frustrated stressed out mess to a calm training team. She set Olive up with the foundation during the week and (gently) corrected me during our weekend sessions so we were on the same page and I knew how to set Olive up for success during training sessions. Olive always came home happy and *tuckered out* from her days at Tucker Pup's with Susy. Not only that but she loved every trainer and staff member we spoke with and was always trying to run into the building! Special shout out to Jess who assisted on some training work with us and who Olive is also obsessed with. Susy also was a fountain of knowledge - anytime I offhandedly mentioned an issue I was having outside of training she gave thoughtful advice. For example, when I mentioned Olive loves to stop and sniff EVERYTHING on walks she suggested getting her involved in nosework classes. When I mentioned Olive was struggling with the puppy to adult food transition she gave me a great meal topper that helped her with her dog. You can tell Susy really enjoys her job and cares about the pups she trains. We can’t wait to come back for another round of Prep School with Susy!

- Katherine Hearne
Kim was amazing in walking us through all of the options for our dog Marvin. Jess was a great trainer and we have seen everything he learned in Prep School translate at home. We will continue to reinforce the behaviors and look forward to working with the Tucker Pup's team in the future!

- Natalie Gabler
Susy was such a great trainer! Very attentive to all dogs and hands on throughout Puppy Manners class. Such a great experience at Tucker Pup's!

- Danielle Lusk
Susy was great and very accommodating in Adult Manners class. Especially, because we have an older dog. we made so much progress with the training and we learned so much as dog owner. We came out in a position to have enough materials to train our dog further for the rest of the year

- Matthew Ardi
For the past few weeks, we had the privilege of working with Claire Laster in providing Koa with some private lessons, and we could not be more pleased with the results. Claire was an absolute joy to work with, and we would recommend her for anyone’s training-related needs. She got along so well with Koa, too, which is always a plus! Truth be told, we were sad when our sessions came to end, as we really appreciated her time and assistance.

- Javier Rodriguez, Jr.
Jessie was very professional and did a great job in private lessons. She laid the foundations for future success. Now it is up to us to continue to work with our pup.

- Samantha Maras
Claire Laster is a wonderful trainer. My dog learned so much in Turnkey Training and enjoyed the process!

- Abigail Hart
Puppy Manners was an amazing course, we learned so much in such a little time. Cailin Patracon was such a great trainer! She was patient, had great tips for us, and was so good to the puppies.

I will be recommending Cailin and Tucker Pup's to all of my friends (I already do it)!

Thanks again and a big thank you to Cailin!

- Blanche, Tasha, & Cooper Khor
I am so fortunate I found Kathleen. She was incredible with my Mini Aussie, Louie, who was very reactive to people/dogs on leash and needed additional help with basic commands. I used to be anxious walking Louie and now we enjoy long walks together! Even after our 1st training session with Kathleen, I noticed a difference in Louie's behavior and I am so thankful for Kathleen's knowledge and passion for training. I've already recommended Kathleen to other dog owners in my building and will continue to do so!

- Mimi Maman
I'm happy to report that Augie has in fact shown that he has learned the skills Jess showed us in Prep School. For example, today at the dog park, about 10 dogs and their people were all engaged and I was sitting about 30' away near the doorway. I called Augie to "come" and as everyone watched, he stopped what he was doing and came to me for his treat. I was so happy and proud.

- Allison Fore
We have loved working with Jessie! She is a clear communicator and is very positive and supportive. She made the most of every session - teaching new skills and reviewing ones that needed more work. She also was also very receptive to specific requests of things to learn or work on. My dog, Charlie, adores Jessie. Watching her work with him was awesome and honestly, sometimes magical. I learned so much in these private lessons and we look forward to continuing in the Fall. Thanks so much!

- Emily Anderson
Cailin was great to work with. She was clear on both what Lakely and I needed to do. She had great recommendations as well in terms of high value treats, long leashes, harnesses, etc. As a first time puppy mom, Cailin ensured the confidence in me to feel comfortable training my dog and provided long term tips/tricks to aid in Lakely's continuous growth. I would recommend Cailin to any new dog owner.

Thank you, Cailin!

- Kaitlyn Baughman
Angela was a wonderful trainer. Class size not too crowded, just enough to get the pups distracted. The facility we used was downtown at the Anti Cruelty Society, so very convenient.

- Jennifer Becker
We loved our Puppy Manners training class and Claire was a great instructor! Each week checkins felt personalized so that our pup could make the best progress he could and Claire offered custom solutions for any specific issues Franklin was having.

- Kelly Lomas
Our first puppy social was so fun. Our pup was a little nervous as first but then got right into the playing. It helped us to know what is and what isn't normal playing which was really important. We will do another one for sure!


- Alison Riazi
Angela is absolutely awesome. She really understands dog behavior and was able to provide specific recommendations based on each dog in the Adult Manners class regardless of their training level. We will certainly be back!

- Derrick King
Cailin is a great trainer - both for the dog and for me. Bailey's skills and ability to avoid distractions have improved dramatically. I have learned how to better communicate with Bailey and the training necessary to reinforce and build on those skills. I highly recommend Cailin.

- Pat Casey
Angela Love is an excellent trainer & I learned so much from her class. She is very warm and very clearly explains and demonstrates the training techniques. It is obvious she loves what she does and I would highly recommend taking her classes.

- Aimee Gilbert
Our trainer Angela came to our house and was wonderful. I highly recommend her.

- Harlene Matyas
The Confidence Builder puppy social was exactly what I was hoping for. I have a new puppy who barks at all strange dogs and I (obviously) want to train that behavior out of him. I took him to a class somewhere else and that trainer kept him behind a mesh curtain so he could only watch the other dogs and he never stopped barking. Then I took him here to the social, where the trainer Veronica let him have his freedom but also re-directed him real-time to help calm his anxiety while also exploring the new space to gain familiarity and get rewarded for his bravery. By the end of ONE session, his barking was intermittent rather than constant. We will definitely be coming back.

- Brittany De La Parra
I was very hesitant to hire a trainer for my 6 yr old Yorkie, but let me tell you it's the best decision I've made for my dog and my dear neighbors. Kathleen did above and beyond, which she probably didn't even realize. But the tips she taught work wonders. Not the first 30 mins no...realistically because we are talking about taming a 6 yr old Yorkie. But after 14 days, 3 walks a day, and constant repeating of what Kathleen taught me, I have a completely different dog now. To be honest, I thought I'd spend at least $500 on training. No no no... I canceled after 2 classes because I've already seen a big difference. Either Tucker's techniques are amazingly applicable or my dog is actually much more trainable than I assumed...based on his breed and age. Don't hesitate on checking out Tucker Pup's. And make sure if you do, ask for Kathleen.

- Molly Yue
This is for Adult Manners class with Claire that ended 5/4/22.

This course was outstanding! The skills covered were perfect for our dog's needs. Leash walking was the #1 reason why we wanted to take this course, and we have seen a massive improvement already.

We liked that Claire asked everyone for an update on their week to allow us to ask questions and get answers to things we were struggling with. She also really got to know the dogs over our time together and you could tell she tried to work to everyone's needs and allow the dogs to feel most comfortable.

Overall a great experience I would recommend to anyone!

- Ashley Whelan
We loved the Puppy Manners class! We can't believe how far our pup has come in six weeks, and we are so excited to take more classes. Veronica was an amazing and positive instructor and helped us so much!

- Molly Scullion
The trainer Natalie we had during the puppy social was great. Felt safe, everything was clean, and very well run. Will be back again!

- Natalie Gabler
Susy Vallejo is a master class in puppy training. My little Lucy is so much better as a result of working with Susy! And I'm better too as a result of working with Susy! #gratitude

- Dave Hanson
Jessie was a fantastic instructor. Always delivering information that was digestible and actionable and doing so in an unassuming and non-judgemental way.

- Dee Gazlay
Great class! My dog and I learned a lot and the class was able to address some behavioral issues ie. jumping, pulling on the leash. Jessie was great and able to answer any questions I had.

- Alexis Torres
Our Tiny Tots trainer, Natalie, was awesome. As a new puppy mom, I was a little worried my little pup would be scared. He did great and Natalie helped explain how play was going, anything she saw, things of concern. I was very comfortable!

- Natalie Ortego
Jessie (our instructor) was wonderful, and we really enjoyed the course. Our puppy is doing much better with all her manners, and Jessie was sure to check-in on specifics each week.

Would recommend!

- Rick Arko
My pup Sadie just completed 3 weeks of training at Tucker Pup's. Her trainer was Susy Vallejo. I noticed an improvement in Sadie's behavior after the first session! Sadie's leash walking, obey of commands and polite greetings are highly improved. Susy was an excellent trainer, kept me informed at the end of each day of how Sadie did, and was available for questions and rescheduling sessions.

It was obvious by the way Sadie greeted Susy at our private sessions that she just loved Susy which meant to me that not only was Sadie learning she was also enjoying herself! High praises for Susy and Tucker Pup's!

- Geri Nolfi
Veronica Gutierrez was Chiclet's trainer, and she was absolutely fantastic. She was extraordinarily knowledgeable, supremely patient, conscientious, and had a great disposition and winning personality. There is but little question that Chiclet came out of Prep School a much better behaved and obedient dog because of the great work that Veronica did with her. Moreover, Chiclet has an outsized personality that wasn't changed as a result of the training but harnessed in a positive way.

Veronica proved herself to be extremely helpful and attentive, professional, and knowledgeable about dog training in general and how to deal with a lab puppy with an overabundance of energy and, more importantly, impart her wisdom to Chiclet's new parents (us) which is no easy task! At the end of each training day, Veronica would send us a summary of what she and Chiclet worked on, how Chiclet performed and if there were any issues that we should be aware of. This was extremely helpful to us in understanding Chiclet's day which would inform what the evening might be like. Having Veronica train us was also fantastic as she was able to impart what she taught Chiclet to us in a short time and evaluated our performance with Chiclet. We learned the importance of consistency and repetition.

Veronica was customer service focused (on Chiclet and us) and I'm certain that the many that avail themselves of her services will be glad they did. She is deeply committed to the dogs, the training philosophy and providing quality training at a very high level. You can bet that we will be signing up for the intermediate training with Veronica as Chiclet (and us) continue down the road.

- F Bruce Cohen
We attended the Whippersnapper puppy social and it was very fun for all of us, and also very informative. The trainers were great!

- Molly Cadillac
Cailin is a fantastic trainer and we really learned a lot from her. After we've perfected the lessons from this course, we will definitely think about signing up for an Intermediate course with her.

- Emma Bass
Cailin was a great trainer! We hope to sign up with her again for Intermediate Manners class.

- Grace Abbott
Really great training course--much more comprehensive than the Petco training we previously attended! Really appreciated the 'homework' and online training to keep up practicing through the week. Cailin was an excellent and professional trainer and Charlotte and I really appreciated her expertise! :) We'll definitely be signing up for another.

- Samantha Coman
We came for a Whippersnappers puppy social. It was AMAZING. With our puppy, we wanted to make sure she was socialized right away. She loved it and I loved learning about dog interactions. We will definitely be signing up for more of these sessions! The team of trainers was amazing, everything about it was awesome. So happy!

- Tess Syriac
We loved our time with Jessie during Puppy Manners! She was so helpful and patient with our puppy. We made a lot of progress using her advice and techniques.

- Natalie Coan
Great class instruction and online training. Very enthusiastic and positivity from Jessie the trainer.

- Thurston Woo
Jessie was AMAZING in Puppy Manners! Blue is signing up for the next level of training with her and we cannot wait!

- Mary O'Malley
We did a Tiny Tots puppy social and it was such a great experience. The trainer Jess was wonderful, she did a great job moderating the class and helping our puppy feel comfortable around the other dogs. We learned lots of helpful training tips during the class. We will definitely be back for more classes and would recommend it to others.

- Sedona Speedy
Excellent course. Training videos extremely helpful and a great tool and aid to assist in training. Our trainer, Susy Vallejo was super and supportive. Tito made real progress and looking forward to Intermediate Manners.

- Thomas and Joan Broderick
Claire was absolutely amazing to work with. Benito loved every day of prep school and has come a long way in such a short time. It was so worth the investment, and we can’t say enough great things about Claire. She is an amazing trainer and just an amazing human being. She was so patient and helpful with all our questions. Every training session we left feeling empowered and confident on how to continue training at home. Benito is going to have an even more fulfilling life now and it’s all thanks to Claire. We are incredibly grateful.

- Vivian Araiza-Quintanilla
So much progress in Prep School. Jess is great.

- Jonathan Jung
My little Lucy has started Prep School and I've been so impressed with everything about Tucker Pup's Pet Resort. Kim and Susy have been invaluable!! Thanks to Susy for helping Lucy learn new skills! Lucy adores her!!

- Dave Hanson
We have done everything from puppy classes, puppy socials and grooming and we couldn't be happier with all of it! Extremely friendly and professional staff. Happy we found Tucker Pup's!

- Cinthia Arias
Angela was great and very knowledgeable. Our puppy enjoyed making some new friends and really came out of her shell in the Puppy Manners class.

- Dale Arntson
Jess and Natalie were great and helped us feel confident in our first puppy social. Our little guy is spirited and rambunctious and they helped us without judgment. Great experience!

- Alex Bullock
Susy, Kim, and all the staff at Tucker Pups were incredible with our boy Archer. He loved going in for Prep School and enjoyed every part of the day. The training cues we learned, walking on leash, and polite greetings have helped him make new friends on the trail & impress old ones. Thank you!

- Kristie Roerig
Our trainer Jessie was amazing!!!!! So good with the dogs, knew how to teach us so well, and gave us all the fundamentals we will need.

- Kelsey Peters
I loved how patient Susy was. She gave great advice and loved the structure of the Puppy Manners classes. We will be back!

- Julia Lum
Jessie and Veronica were amazingly positive and very patient during Adult Manners training. All-around great experience.

- Jeff Stowe
Puppy Manners is my first experience with training, and I must say it has been a great experience

- Nicole Franco
Jessie is great. She was always willing to help find solutions for each pup and their personalities in the Puppy Manners class. We appreciate her taking the time to send us recommendations for our pup who tends to refuse treats/always seek out a higher value item.

- Katharine Walton
Cailin worked with my 16 month-old French Bulldog. Her training helped the pup manage excitement levels on walks and when new people come over. The puppy is behaving much better behaved, and the humans in the house learned valuable training techniques so we can reinforce what puppy learned working with Cailin.

- Loren Mindell
Susy was such a fantastic trainer. She sent daily updates on Isla, which was wonderful. In addition, Isla learned so much in her three weeks with Susy. Susy also had so much patience with her, regarding her fears of loud noises. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our time with Susy!

- Stacey Meyers
Jessie is a fantastic instructor and the Puppy Manners course was well-structured. We will be enrolling Rebel in 1-on-1 training at the end of the month and possibly intermediate training. We look forward to future enrollment with Tucker Pup's.

- Jacob Tache
Jessie was an amazing trainer. She was so nice and you could tell that she loves her job. She made everyone feel comfortable about training their dog. I hope she teaches some more upper skilled classes so we can attend. 10/10 trainer. Give her a raise. She deserves it.

- Trevor Unger
We were really happy with Cheddar's progress in Prep School and for the tools we can continue to utilize. We really appreciated how easy it was to communicate with Claire and her flexibility with scheduling, especially when we had to push some training back a week due to a paw injury. We really felt like Claire cared for Cheddar and wanted him to be successful.

- Alisha Phillips
First time attending the Tiny Tots puppy social. We had a great time.

- Todd Rumlow
The puppy social was great for Max. He loves to meet new dogs and play! The trainers did well in keeping the dogs safe and having fun.

- April Blair
Lola and I had a great time at the puppy social yesterday! I really enjoyed learning about puppy body language and what types of play are and are not appropriate. The size of the class with the two knowledgeable trainers was perfect. We will be back next week in the Tiny Tots group, looking forward to it!

- Elizabeth Heredia
We loved the Puppy Manners class! Even though most of what we learned were things we were already working on at home, doing it in a distracted environment and learning new ways to teach things really made it worth it. Jessie was wonderful!

- Allison Marren
Your trainers do a good job of conducting the puppy socials and explaining dogs' behavior.

- Malinda Steele
Adult Manners class was great! My dog and I learned a lot and it has set a foundation for continuing our training. The training was as much for me as my dog and I am happy to have done the program.

- Kelly Anderson
Our 5 month old puppy had 'failed' her temperment trial at another business because "she was super fearful and was overprotective of her space due to fear." Our wonderful Tucker Pup's trainer, Angela Love, suggested taking Gracie to your Confidence Builder social, which we did yesterday.

After our experience at the other business, I was anxious would be an understatement. However, the Tucker Pup's trainers were excellent in watching each of the pups and intervening when appropriate. Gracie was cautious and demonstrated some fearfulness but mostly was very eager to engage the other puppies. In fact, I worried that she was too eager!

It made us very hopeful that she can do well in a setting with other pups which has been completely missing for her since we got her.

- Malinda Steele and Jeffrey Gilbert
The puppy social is a great environment for our puppy as she learns to socialize with other dogs - I loved that the class sizes are reasonable and she felt comfortable with the trainers and other dogs!

- May Zhu
We attended the Whippersnappers Social class and it was ran very well. The trainers were great leaders and talking everyone through the play session. We and our puppy Hugo loved it.

- Joseph Rohde
Angela was a great trainer. She is insightful and led the Intermediate Manners class very professionally.

- Bona Ko
Angela was extremely knowledgeable about behavior, temperament, and how to get the behavior wanted from each and every dog. She had examples and tips for nearly every situation we encountered during the Intermediate Manners course. I would absolutely recommend/take another class with this trainer! She was great!

- Samantha DeBerry
Cailin and Angela were great. We have two puppies so we were in two Puppy Manners classes. I would recommend both of them to others. They have a great understanding of dogs and each of their unique personalities.

- Tom Beube
Loved the Intermediate Manners class and saw great progress with my pup! Very helpful trainers.

- Abigail Kirkman
It was our first puppy social and we didn’t know how our pup would behave with other pups. Jess did an incredible job at ensuring all of the puppies were happy and playing appropriately. Will be back for more socials in the coming weeks!

- Audrey Greffin
Angela was an amazing instructor. Doc loved the Puppy Manners classes and really benefited from the socialization.

- Hannah Bliss
Olive had a great time at training with Claire! I can already tell she learned a lot and has improved on the areas we were most looking forward to working on. The entire team at Tucker Pup's was great -- but a special thank you to the training team and Claire!

- Michelle Trimpe
Really loved Prep school. My pup came home super tired every day and was very excited to go back each time. They provided a great foundation for obedience training. I also liked the weekly private training sessions where we learned what they had been working on each week. Claire was awesome!

- Olivia Casciotti
Our golden retriever puppy walked away from Puppy Manners with a lot of great training and we learned a lot as well! Angela was wonderful and she went out of her way to answer some questions via email as well. Highly recommend!

- Kyle Davis
The Puppy Manners class was great for puppies and their owners. All good commands and tools for a young dog and new puppy owner.

- Nina Stillman
We loved the Puppy Manners training class! Angela was fantastic and did a great job teaching and modeling each exercise. We are so thankful these classes are able to be in person still!

- Elaine Tierney
Otto and I worked with Susy Vallejo through Prep School and, overall, both had such a great experience. Otto has gone from an out-of-control puppy to an energetic, happy puppy that understands boundaries. It's been a huge change for our family and we owe it all to Susy, who worked diligently with Otto and us to make sure we brought the best out of each other.

A special note on Susy. She was incredibly easy to work with. She was kind, flexible, and very clearly cared about Otto first and foremost. That meant a lot to our family. It was great to work with someone that cares so much about our pups and clearly loves what she does. Five stars!

Will definitely recommend Tucker Pup's and will be back in touch with Susy later this year about signing up for intermediate training.

- Yolanda Magallanes
We loved Prep School and working with Claire! She was so awesome and Finn learned a ton and she really helped him sharpen his skills. The daycare + training combo is also really great.

- Jordan and Lindsey Platts
We went to the Tiny Tots social with Jess as our trainer. It was terrific. It was the first time our puppy had met other puppies but we thought it was fantastic for her. We will definitely be coming back.

Jess was extremely patient and helpful!

- Chris Green
We had a fun time at whippersnappers puppy social. Archer loved Jess the trainer and we felt like it was a safe environment.

- Kristie Roerig
Jessie was wonderful and really took her time to tailor her approach to each of the dogs in the Adult Manners class who were at different levels of confidence.

- Veronika Lecointe
My wife and I found the Adult Manners training class to be incredibly helpful. Jessie does a phenomenal job giving us the tools to be successful during class and at home, and despite there being many dogs in the class, she made a point to be hands on when she identified a skill that us or the dogs needed additional guidance for learning. We would definitely recommend these classes to others and will be considering enrolling our pups in more advanced classes down the road.

- William Baugh
Our trainer Jessie was the best. She always had the perfect tip to try if we were struggling with Otis. She is so kind and so patient and just an absolute dream to have as our teacher. Thank you!!

- Kate Harrington
We loved our Adult Manners training. I'm very impressed by the curriculum and plan to move forward with the intermediate training next.

- Christina Wood
The puppy social was great! It was a nice balance of play time and instruction.

- Maggie Fairchild
Our dog Maisy has benefited greatly from her short time at puppy socials. Jess Kupsik remembered our dog, her name and how her last visit went. It made us happy to know our dog was carefully observed. She has come out of her shell and has had so much fun with other dogs. Plus the other dog parents in the room are sociable and fun.

- Jessica Sanchez
Cailin was a great trainer for our Puppy Manners class, providing valuable feedback on our pup's progress and always willing to answer questions and additional support as needed.

- Kalina Gurovski
So happy you offer the Confidence Builder puppy social! I've been a little concerned that my pup Shadow has been so shy since she came home last week. All of the pups at the social yesterday were in the same boat, but over the course of the hour they slowly explored their surroundings and became more comfortable, and by the end of the hour they were all playing with each other - I was so relieved! Already signed up for next week's Confidence Builder puppy social!!

- Shivan G.
Tucker Pup's has been our go to since getting our pup! From puppy socials to boarding to training I've been nothing but impressed. I know she's safe and in great hands! The drop off is convenient and not on a busy intersection. Don't plan on trying anywhere else!

- Meshaal Khan
Jessie is spectacular! She is patient, communicative, reliable, effective, and always goes above and beyond.

- Lola Lamme
Jessie was amazing for turnkey training! She was super communicative, impactful, and was able to adjust to our specific needs. We will be continuing to utilize Jessie and Tucker Pup's for our pup's needs.

- Lola Lamme
We have done multiple services with Tucker Pup's, both puppy socials, and Puppy Manners class, and they have been great experiences. The trainers were all very professional and focused giving us an amazing base to start with our new family member! We look forward to many more experiences and services from Tucker Pup's.

- Charles Munden
Angela was a patient and engaging trainer in Puppy Manners class. Leo had fun and the basics were really well paced so he (and we!) felt successful.

Thanks so much Angela!

- Molly Pines
Jessie was a fantastic trainer and so helpful. A wonderful experience!

- Stacey Meyers
Jessie has been a great partner for us! This is our first dog and we feel much more equipped for walks and polite behavior in the future!

- Jennifer Kastenholz
Training staff and facilities are always great - welcoming, willing to answer any questions and be patient with us. We love Tucker Pup's!

- Taylor Burris
I was very impressed with Jessie and the training she gave Max.
She is an excellent and compassionate trainer with incredible skills. Max loved her. I would highly recommend Jessie to those who have new puppies and want to start training them early on. Definitely a five star experience.

Thank you Jessie,

- Gregory Bell
We attended the Whippersnappers puppy social. Our Dizzy had the BEST time. Most of the dogs were around the same size and age which made for a much easier playing experience.

The activities the instructor had us do with our pups were really engaging. We will be back!

- Chanie Howard
I loved Puppy Manners class with Angela! The location at Anti-Cruelty was also perfect - free parking, large room, etc.

The skills taught in class were great but I think the part I liked the most was the socialization at the start and end of each class. Felt like a safe space to let the pups play.

Angela was super knowledgeable and a great instructor - 10/10!

- Katie Scharnagle
Susy was amazing!! Ginsburg loves her and did so well in training. We are sad it was only 3 weeks!

- Catherine Koeder
Claire was fantastic and a great trainer for Prep School! We could tell Milly loved working with her and have seen significant improvement in Milly's responsiveness and behavior. Would highly recommend working with Claire.

- Jeffrey Quinlan
We worked with Angela Love for Turnkey Training and she was wonderful to work with. We sought out her help when it came to walking Jerry. Angela provided us with specific, actionable tips and practice tools that we could easily apply on our own walks with Jerry. She was also able to point out to us that Jerry seemed to have some issues with environmental stimulation, notably when hearing the sound of trains, cars, etc. I wouldn't think this was part of the "standard" curriculum but I appreciated her extra effort so that we can be proactive about desensitizing Jerry to these environmental stimulants. We can't recommend her highly enough.

- Stephanie Liongson
We had a wonderful experience in the Puppy Manners class. We enjoyed the small class size, TrainTrack, and our instructor Jessie!

- Shelby Wirtz
We are very happy with the Puppy Manners class. Jessie was patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging throughout the course while providing personal guidance and assistance to each pup. TrainTrack is an invaluable resource for us as new puppy parents and I hope we can continue to reference it in the future.

- Erez Krengel
Our puppy social trainer, Jess, was awesome! My puppy, Betty, was tired for a whole day after the social and I know she had her best day ever (so far!) in there. I can't wait to take her to another one with larger dogs as was recommended by Jess.

- Emily Coughlin
The Confidence Builder puppy social was great and the trainer Veronica was awesome. Our puppy really enjoyed himself and we’re seeing progress!

- Allison Arbizzani
My dog Maggie had a great time in her Intermediate Manners class - she improved tremendously over the course of 6 weeks and is now much more polite! Angela was a great teacher - she was serious about the training while also making it fun during the whole experience. And she was very supportive and enthusiastic during the last class when the dogs passed the CGC test. We will be coming back for the Advanced Manners class in the coming months!

- Ahmeneh Ghavam
Angela was a great trainer and provided us with a great repertoire that we can use in the future while training our puppy.

- Julia Michalkiewicz
Angela was great - our dog responds so well to her! We had her for Puppy Manners, and Intermediate Manners was the same great experience. She is informative without being condescending and truly wants our dogs to do well. If there was another level of class with her, I'd take that one! It was the caliber of training I expect from Tucker Pup's.

- Erica Denner
Angela was always so encouraging and provided me tips for at-home training if my pup was having trouble mastering the skill in class. I appreciate the special attention she gave each pup.

- Katy Funabashi
We worked with Kathleen, who was incredible. She helped so much with our dogs walking habits, listening ability, and overall well being. Could not recommend her enough for someone looking for help with a new dog.

- Brendan Hackett
Angela has been amazing. Answering all my questions and really helping me with my new puppy.

- Sue Frankenfield
The trainer running the Whippersnappers puppy social was really nice, and all the puppies had a good time. :)

- Lauren Daurizio
I was enormously pleased with Angela. She was amazing to watch with my Swagger during Turnkey Training. My husband and I learned a lot from her. We are still quoting things that she said to us.

Aside from just being a good person-- she was a joy to work with. We plan to attend her intermediate class after the holidays !

- Lorie Brandorff
It was our first time attending a puppy social and it was great! The trainer was great and we will be back.

- Abby Spurlin
I was very pleased with the Puppy Manners class. Our puppy Phoebe loved the classes. She enjoyed playing with the other puppies as well as earning treats for training. She is an eager student!

- Catherine and Mike Sinegal
The Tiny Tots social was very well organized and a safe environment for my little guy.

- Valerie Kelly
Absolutely loved the Tiny Tots puppy social. Felt very safe for our ~4.5 lb pup and could tell he was having an absolute blast. Jess the trainer was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and good at her job. Can’t wait to come back for Olaf’s next social!

- Emmie Schlessinger
Angela is a wonderful trainer of both dogs and their humans. She has a wonderful balance of firmness and levity. It was amazing to watch all the dogs and their owners progress in skill and conference over the last 6 weeks.

- Douglas Nohe
Cailin was an incredible trainer. She was clear with direction and supportive when we needed extra help or clarification on an aspect of training. I thought that the content and pace of the class was exceptional. We learned a lot in this class and it shows! We are excited to build on what we learned in Puppy Manners as we continue with more training classes.

Thank you, Cailin and Tucker Pup’s!

- Emily Anderson
Cailin is a terrific instructor. She was very knowledgeable and patient with both me and my shih tzu puppy. The Puppy Manners class was invaluable to his socialization, development, and discipline. I would highly recommend her/Tucker Pup's for every puppy in Chicago!

- Debra Siena
We went to our first puppy social and it was great! Nice training tips in between play time and the trainers looking over the pups were amazing!

- Michael Lazarczyk
The Whippersnappers puppy social on Sunday 10/3 was run extremely well. Scuppers had a wonderful time playing with the other pups and we felt so reassured by Veronica's instruction and supervision, knowing the pups were socializing in a healthy and safe way. It was great for both the pup and us humans :)

Thank you!

- Lauren Guttormsen
Claire is an excellent trainer and the daily updates she provided during Prep School were very helpful. When I let her know of specific concerns she was very responsive in working on those issues. She also helped manage expectations about the fact that training a young (strong) dog is an ongoing activity.

- Angela FitzSimmons
Fantastic trainer. Angela could not be more well-versed in teaching us how to interact and set ground-rules for our new pup. Dizzy started the Puppy Manners class without knowing how to sit or come to us when we need to him. We use the methods Angela taught us almost daily as well as consistent eye contact while walking. She is a fantastic mentor for new pup parents like ourselves.

- Chanie Howard
Really enjoyed the puppy social! The trainer Veronica did a great job giving everyone equal attention.

- Drew Peer
Good experience. Well controlled and the trainer Veronica was very alert and focused. That I really appreciated.

- Robyn Wall
First my neighbor suggested that I call for Snowball :) Kim in the training department found the most perfect and doable program for Snowball and for me :) Jessie was very positive and upbeat each week if the course...Snowball loved her!!! Hope to take another course...

- Nancy DeSandolo
The Puppy Manners class was perfect to start our new puppy in training. It really helped us set a foundation with her!

- Molly Phelan
We were very happy with the Puppy Manners course having socialization in the beginning and then learning commands! It definitely benefited us and we would highly recommend.

- Akhil Patel
Jessie was amazing and so informative! We really enjoyed this class!

- Lauren Riordan
Yesterday my dog (Story) and I attended a puppy social in the AM and a puppy manners training class in the early evening. Both experiences were great on-site, and I really appreciated the communication in advance via email and text. Trainers and staff were terrific. They gave all of us who are new puppy owners confidence that they knew what they were doing, that they were going to handle our pups with care, and that the experience would be a positive and productive one for pups and owners. Looking forward to more puppy socials and my next training class on Sunday.

- Susan Goodenow
I went to my first puppy social and little Max. Not only was it fun but I believe beneficial in his socialization.

- Shelly Nigel
I really appreciate the Puppy Socials as I was looking all over the internet for this kind of class to help socialize my puppy in a safe environment. Our puppy has already graduated from the Confidence Builder class to Tiny Tots, proving that the socials have helped her be comfortable meeting new dogs.

- Tyler Martinez
Angela was a joy to work with. She was knowledgeable on behaviors and training, and specifically for bulldogs, which was helpful. And on top of that, she was friendly and accommodating to my crazy schedule. 10/10 would recommend.

- Amy Sochacki
Cailin was great! Her instructions were always clear and helpful, and my dog really enjoyed sessions with her. Every time we walk near the building, his tail starts wagging and he get super excited because he knows he’ll get to play and see Cailin.

- Holly Baldacci
Susie was wonderful. Clear instruction. We know what to do. Now it’s up to us to continue Millie’s training.

- Carol Mark
The Prep School training was so much more than I expected. Nova absolutely loved it and responded really well to Jessie. I found the 1 hour weekly meeting with Jessie (and Nova) was so valuable. Jessie was patient and explained everything in details for me. This training has made my relationship with my baby girl Nova much stronger! I can confidently take her for walks and reinforce positive training as we enjoy our walks. This training has helped me to be a better dog owner too!

I highly recommend this training to anyone considering it!!! ❤️

- Irma DeLeon
Angela was wonderful - can’t say enough good things about her training style and tips in the Adult Manners class!

- Rachel Beltzhoover
We had the best experience with Prep School! Susy was absolutely amazing with Skylar, and Skylar loved coming there! This was the best decision to put her in this and I would highly recommend.

- Lee Williams
Kathleen was wonderful, attentive, and understood my goals with my puppy. She has a wide range of expertise and recommendations about ways to train and approaches and has given me so much comfort with my pup. Would recommend her to anyone.

- Sam Lareau
Veronica was very nice and knowledgeable. Remi had a great experience in the Tiny Tots social.

- Jennifer Nalewski
Angela was a great trainer who gave a lot of helpful advice and structured each class well! Also loved the puppy socialization time.

- Becky Kaplan
Cailin was very helpful in answering questions, giving advice, and breaking down new tricks into simple steps for our puppy to build on.

- Jackie Desmond
Angela was very helpful and the videos that were provided definitely helped.

- Tiffany Tran
Just so pleased with the class and instructor. We felt even in a group setting that training was personalized to help guide our dog to succeed and she did. I would like to highlight that Angela Love was an impressive trainer - claimed she didn’t have magical powers, but we disagree. Grateful to have her get our pup Olive through Intermediate Manners Class. Contemplating additional training as we were so pleased.

Thank you,

- Olive, Matt & Lisa Neenan

We had a great experience in the puppy manner class! It was a fun and educational experience, and our pup learned a lot.

- Jordan Johnson
Great class great experience!!

- Youyang Yu
Excellent Intermediate Manners course! Helpful, informative, and fun. Loved the hands on experience, opportunity for in-person instructions and to observe peers on their journeys, and the virtual courses for in-between practice. Angela was wonderful, guiding and helping each based on our dogs’ specific needs and encouraging us all along the way. Have already recommended to many, thank you so much!

- Lauren Fung
Cailin is an amazing trainer. We loved the Adult Manners class so much. She clearly cares very much about dogs and their humans. She was confident and patient, and that imbues confidence in students. The class was fun for our whole family and we learned a ton! Thanks to Cailin's excellent teaching, we will be back for Intermediate Manners this winter.

- Michele Dekindersmith
Our instructor Angela was amazing!! She knew all of the dogs and made it a great experience for everyone.

- Rachel Spurling
Susy is a fantastic. My dog Roscoe loves her. There has been a dramatic positive change since working with her in Prep School.

- Deena Carr
I received private training sessions for my dog from Angela Love-Bradford. She was fantastic. Angela was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Her methods were immediately effective and was teaching my dog things I didn't know were possible. It's very apparent she truly wants to help both dog and owner.

- Ally Bennett
We took the Puppy Manners class and it helped us greatly with our puppy and apply the right methods of training to make our puppy achieve great things. We will continue to use the methods out trainer Jessie taught us in this course and apply it to all our future pups! We are so happy we took it. A very affordable way to get things started.

- Julian Shin
Jessie Sanfillippo was excellent. She gave very clear instructions, was always positive and was able to give individual advice while keeping the whole room engaged.

- Erika Sellke
Caillin was patient, communicative, caring, kind, and extremely effective in training Wallace!

- Jennifer Kosse
Kathleen was great with Gunnar and Rosie! They responded great with her. She provided me with the tools to continue working with them on my own for their leash reactivity.

- Angelina Keating
Susy did a great job with Bertie and Prep School! He is already improved on some of his problem behaviors. Her training sessions with me were very clear and easy to understand. Bertie responded to my commands and it was clear that he loved working with her.

- Kathy Buck
We attended the Confidence Builder course led by Veronica. Our dog made amazing strides that we were not expecting to happen so quickly, if ever. Veronica is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in this type of training. She led a great class and taught us many useful things we can utilize at home. We will definitely return for more classes.

- Blake Fields
We just finished the 3 week Prep School program for our 8 month old Goldendoodle and loved it so much! Our trainer Cailin was amazing. She was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. Our dog loved her as well! After just one week of the training she was acting like a new dog! Highly recommend the Prep School if you are looking for a structured program during the week that gives your dog good repetition and routine.

- Sydney Fox
Bones has been doing SO WELL on walks since going through Prep School with Jessie. It's made super long walks possible because it's so much more enjoyable thanks to her help. And Bones has been LOVING those. He did discover birds (ha!) but we've been working on that with the techniques Jessie armed us with, and he's making progress.

He is also great with other dogs approaching. Every once in a while, especially when the other dog is excited, we need to take a step back. But he has been so wonderful. He even sits sometimes and just waits for the other dog to pass like the most polite boy there ever was!

We've done some polite greetings with other dogs as well, and he does really well with that, too! We're still working on more consistent polite greetings with other humans, but we're making progress. As long as we are in more familiar areas (our home, elevator, the block around our place) he does really well. Even when humans are using that super high-pitched voice he loves.

We've had a couple of excited approaches from people where we have to walk away, so we're continuing to work on that. BUT, he's mastered polite greetings with our friends and family for sure! They are all blown away at how much he's learned!

Thank you SO MUCH. We really appreciate how you've helped us become better owners for Bones. :)

Thank you!!

- Cassidy and Bill Lacy
We had a fantastic experience at Tucker Pup's! Cailin is OUTSTANDING and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for dog training. She was incredibly effective with our pup and also kind, flexible, and patient. I would give Cailin an 11 out of 10 if I could. We are very grateful for the time she spent with our 1-year-old lab and we saw huge improvements over the course of the 3-week prep school program.

- Jessica Bollow
I enrolled Charlie (our doodle) in the Prep School program and was impressed from my initial conversation with Kim through graduation day. I cannot say enough great things about my experience.

Susy, our trainer, far exceeded our expectations in all regards. Susy seemed to form an instant connection with Charlie and they formed a great rapport that continued to develop each day he worked with her! She was upmost professional and has helped Charlie learn some amazing things and overcome others in a short amount of time (three weeks)! Seeing how excited he was to work with her and how well he responded to her mentorship was phenomenal!

- Chad Parrish
The puppy social sessions are excellent. This is our second one and the instructors do such a good job.

- Sarah Connolly
Kathleen was always on time, attentive to our needs and requests, very good with our golden doodle puppy. We keep doing our homework and already seeing significant improvement in loose leash training, jumping, sit and stay. We definitely recommend her to others!

- Jeff Heinzl
Jessie and her training apprentice were WONDERFUL. They were able to really get to know all the dogs, came to class with such a positive attitude, and provided really tailored and individualized feedback.

- Molly Wilensky
As a first time dog mom, I was really unsure how to properly and effectively train my puppy. This class was great! My pup and I learned so much and feel it set a good foundation for future learning. Jessie, our trainer, was awesome. She was really knowledgeable and worked with the pups and owners individually. What I loved most about the course is what we learned was very useful. It wasn't random tricks like roll or paw or dance, it was actual commands/skills that are needed everyday to be well-mannered. Highly recommend this class!

- Michele Kidd
Prep School with Susy was excellent, and our dog Teagan loved her.

I believe Susy installed a good foundation for all of Teagan's future training. She was also very helpful in scheduling training and our meetings.

- Gabriel Hardy
We loved having Kathleen help us with our dog's fear stage behaviors. She was extremely helpful, and the results were incredible! Our dog is doing so much better now with new people. We will absolutely call Kathleen back when we have future training concerns.

- David Stefl
Kathleen has been wonderful with our dog Harry. They had an instant connection and he was excited every time he saw her. We’ve extended our work with Kathleen another 10 sessions so she can work with our other puppy, Bella. Kathleen is an amazing trainer and we’re grateful to get to work with her!

- Laura Amin
Veronica did a great job leading the Confidence Builder Puppy Social. Our puppy, Luna, made some new friends and we learned a lot too!

- Charlaine Plath
We loved the Adult Manners class and thought the instruction was incredible. Thank you!!! We will be back for the next round at the end of the summer :)

- Gina Slesar
Loved Jessie and Adult Manners class - so patient and gave great tips for Jordy! Would definitely recommend to friends.

- Sydney Winkler
The Confidence Builder social was amazing! The trainer was very positive. I was convinced that my very anxious and shy dog was just going to sit under the chair the whole time, but seeing two pups playing made him curious and started to sniff dogs. When we got home, he started some sniffs with the same dogs he'd run away from! Wow! Already signed up for another round. Thanks for this puppy social.

- Angel Colina
The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and laid out an effective and simple training plan for my young puppy (Sadie). She enjoyed the Puppy Manners class, as did my husband and I. Thank you.

- Ashley Muelhausen
We loved spending one hour every Tuesday watching Archie interact with other puppies his age and learn from Jamie. Both trainers were extremely pleasant and knowledgeable, giving us enough guidance and advice throughout the whole process. Thank you so much!

- Giovanna Oliveira
Kathleen is a great trainer when working with reactivity and leash training. She came to our home, and was so prepared to drive right in and get to work. She went over several things that we could do, and explained why the dog reacts the way she does. Overall, it was a great experience, and within a couple of weeks, our pup was walking like a pro on the leash. I would definitely recommend her for training!

- Roxana Hucko
Veronica was patient with Emi, who is currently shy and scared of other dogs. She talked us through the play behaviors we saw with the other pups and also discussed how to redirect as needed. The exercises we practiced were very helpful and we will definitely be using them at home!

- Nahid Husain-Habib
The Leash Reactivity class was very helpful. We made great strides with our dog and are really happy we did it.

- Michelle Silver
The Whippersnappers puppy social was amazing. The trainer Veronica was super helpful

- Jessica Sharpe
We really got a lot out of the Adult Manners class! It was well-structured and easy to practice everything at home. We have noticed a difference with Luna for sure.

- Jenna Ferrari
Attended our first puppy social and had a great time. The trainers were observing and making sure the puppies were safe the entire time, which made me feel very comfortable. It helped when she was explaining what was going on and giving us info the entire class! 10/10!

- Kyle Misteravich
Angela was great and Bubs learned a lot during turnkey training. I am worried about consistency, because he is SO tenacious, but he sure does listen to her! His attitude has gotten much better and he loves doing his "push ups"...for treats of course! Thank you SO MUCH Angela!~

- Shannon Day
Kathleen is the best at what she does! My puppy loves her! Any dog would be blessed to have her as their dog trainer! If you want your dog to get really good training? You need a trainer that will love your dog so much, bear so much patience, and have yummy dog treats ready to reward your doggie on a job well done! My suggestion is Kathleen's your dog trainer!

- Samantha Verdaguer
Cailin has been wonderful. She’s very patient and cares a lot about our dog, Beau. We are very appreciative of all of her work!

- Derek Sullivan
The puppy social was exactly what we were looking for! Susy was great and I liked that there was a small, controlled group of dogs. I would highly recommend to new puppy owners and I wish I knew about this sooner! It was a great opportunity and we look forward to returning, and starting the Adult Manners class soon. Thanks to Tucker Pup's and Susy for a great first experience!

- Nikki Gaub
I was so impressed with the puppy social! Not only was it a safe and well supervised environment to give my puppy a positive experience with other pups, I loved how training techniques were also practiced! The amount of pups was perfect and the trainer was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining everything throughout the session. I will be back!

- Ariel Breaux
Angela was very informative, positive, and helpful with fun tips and tricks to get our pup well-trained.

- Taylor Mack
Adult Manners class was a great entry program and Lewis has shown great improvement since starting. We look forward to the Intermediate Manners class!

- Joey Lipton
Jessie is wonderful! She is warm, friendly and clearly loves dogs. I trust that she'll be good to our puppy, but not let her get away with shenanigans. :)

Jessie connected via email throughout the 3 week Prep School program to give updates, advice and check-in. We loved that!

Our private training sessions were great. I loved that she was able to give alternative options when our dog, Ripley, didn't seem to respond to the usual commands. That was helpful.

I can't imagine what our pup would be like without going through this training! I'm so happy we did it!

- Julie Richardson
Angela was wonderful, very professional, excellent skills and knowledge about dogs. Paxton has learned so much from her and so did we. Thank you very much.

- Roza Ilieva Kononelos
We absolutely loved training with Angela! Puff learned so much and was able to pass the CGC test thanks to Angela's instruction and support. Puff is a high-energy dog, and it can be tough to get her to focus during training. This could make class frustrating at times, but Angela let us know that Puff's energy is wonderful and showed us additional tricks to get her to focus.

- Jessica Jones
Angela was great! We learned a lot about how to train our new puppy. Really glad we took the Puppy Manners class.

- Susan Lucas
Cailin was amazing for Prep School. She was helpful, clear, and so patient. Ziggy is doing so much better and I feel confident I can continue his training at home. Cailin laid a great foundation. I can't believe what he is now capable of.

- Elie Portnoy
Wonderful puppy social! Very well organized. Hedy had a great time socializing with the other pups. We learned a lot and felt that it was a safe environment for play. Thank you!

- Anna Huber
All my experiences with Tucker Pup's have been incredibly positive. Everyone who works there is kind, genuine, and professional. Most importantly, they have proven to be extremely trustworthy and responsible in their care of my dog.

My dog, Ziggy, has been participating in "Prep School" and he learning a lot and enjoying himself. His trainer, Cailin, is amazing. She is so patient with me and Ziggy and clearly loves dogs and puts her whole heart into her work. I can't recommend Tucker's Pup's enough!

- Elie Portnoy
We loved the Confidence Builder puppy social! Susy was so helpful and talked through everything that was going on with how the pups were playing. We already signed up for a Tiny Tots social with her next week!

- Rachel Mcgovern
So grateful for the Confidence Builder class to allow our pup, who was very nervous about other dogs and hadn’t really socialized much, to socialize in a more 'at her own pace' environment. Susy offered great advice on what good play behavior looks like, tips for home, and what our pup was or wasn't ready for.

- Ashley Olszewski
The puppy social was so great. Good amount of puppies, and a good mix. Susy the trainer was great at being calm and explaining "good play" vs "bad play" for us anxious puppy parents. It helped us a lot going home and gauging how to introduce our new puppy to other family members' dogs.

- Patty Bogyo
Our trainer, Claire, was very positive and helpful in the puppy social. She gave me is lots of tips about reading a dog's body language and what was normal vs not. Our dog was shy but she never tried to force an interaction.

- Emily Owaki
The puppy social was fantastic! Loved the trainers and experience.

- Robert Wott
I thought the puppy social went great! I’ve been to two other places for puppy socialization classes, and Tucker Pup’s was the only one that did actual training during our time there (e.g. name recall, relaxation time, introducing new environment); they don’t just let the puppies roam and play nonstop the entire time. I like that there’s structure and two active trainers there the whole time giving helpful information. The trainers did a wonderful job at making sure every pup was doing well and monitoring any aggressive behavior. I can see why these socials sell out fast.

- Esmeralda Tenorio
I have been so impressed with the training that we received from Tucker Pup's prep school program and Jessie the trainer! Our puppy, Zeke, has truly transformed after the three weeks. Furthermore, I feel equipped to continue with the exercises with Zeke. The 1:1 training sessions were great and did so much to build our confidence in working with Zeke on our own. All in all, he is so much more balanced, and we're equipped with much better tools to continue to strengthen our bond. Couldn't be happier!

- Virginia Venable
Jaime is outstanding. She demonstrated expertise, patience, flexibility and professionalism throughout our private lessons. We’ve signed on for an additional session with her! Jaime is amazing and we are so grateful for how she’s helped our family adjust to raising and training a puppy. She is so patient with our little kids and really engaged them in our family sessions. We are definitely better off because of her.

- Heather Hoeppner
We attended the puppy social with Susy and had a great experience. Our puppy is very shy so she did a great job of explaining his behaviors and how the puppies interacted with each other. Reassured us that our puppy isn't aggressive and he just takes a little bit more to be warmed up!

- Liana Imbrogno and Matt Albin
The Puppy Manners course was good and covered a lot of helpful skills. I really liked that the puppies had time to socialize too! Thank you for a great experience!

- Jessica Schultz
Susy was very kind and patient. Our puppy was reluctant to come in and go up the stairs, and she took time with us to encourage her to walk up on her own. She had very good control over the social. We appreciated her and look forward to joining next week again!

- Mark Gutzmer
Kathleen Jager-Wilcox is wonderful! She came to our home today to help us learn how to manage Freyja's anxiety around going for walks and being less reactive to loud noises. Freyja loved her immediately and Kathleen gave us a lot of helpful tips moving forward. Kathleen was knowledgeable, personable, patient and kind. I highly recommend Kathleen and look forward to working with her again.

Thank you!

- Michele Bailey, John Wittenborn and Freyja :)

We loved our first puppy social with our trainer, Claire. She was very attentive to the puppies who were playing and offered behavior corrections. We were pleasantly surprised that play time had breaks for some training and desensitization - that was a big plus for us. The Whippersnappers social was a great energy level for our 4 month old corgi, Wally, and we will be back again!

- Stephanie Tena
Puppy Manners class was awesome and Angela was a great teacher! Would definitely recommend to others!

- Katie Centurione
Angela was an amazing instructor!! I thought I knew everything I needed to know to get Lumi started but she exceeded my expectations! Thanks so much for paving an amazing path for Lumi and we can't wait to start Intermediate Manners!!

- Chezka Eusebio
Angela is an excellent teacher. She clearly cares about the success of her student puppies. My little Teddy is shy and can be uncooperative but Angela worked with her, and she learned her manners quickly and well.

I recommend Angela - she gets it and transfers her warmth and intelligence and genuine caring for dogs to us - her students (and I refer to dog owners and dogs alike).

My best to you all.

- Marilyn Rinaldi
Really enjoyed Puppy Manners class. Willow absolutely benefited from all interactions (social and behavioral) with the other dogs and the trainer Jamie. Her suggestions were realistic and practical. Looking forward to intermediate lessons.

- Anna Govert
Angela was great. She was really great at demonstrating, giving tips, and making individual suggestions. Puppy Manners class really helped us a lot. We may do the intermediate class next!

- Bryan Surek
We had a great time. Maximized our time and loved the little training breaks.

- Hilary Kremzir
Intermediate manners was our second training class with Angela. We were once again very pleased with her as an instructor! She challenged us during the class to help us prepare for the CGC test. I would definitely recommend the Intermediate class to anyone who is dedicated to having a well-trained dog.

I was surprised with how quickly the 5 weeks of class went leading up to the test. I would emphasize to anyone who is interested in the CGC test that they be prepared to practice a LOT outside of class. If you are willing to put the work and time in you’ll notice a big improvement!

- Michelle Peniak
The Intermediate Manners class was very helpful and gave us new tools to support Phoebe's growth.

- Emil Bielecki
We loved the Adult Manners course and have already signed up for Intermediate Manners in April. Ivy had a great time and all three (Anthony, Ivy and I) all learned a lot. We are very excited to continue training Ivy and to watch her grow into the best dog she can be.

Thank you!

- Katie Ashbaugh
The puppy play date was wonderful. Great mix of activities. Nice staff that seemed experienced. I would do it again.

- Kate Moon
Angela gave us some really good training tips that we were able to apply with our puppy immediately. We saw the positive effects of the training during walks, at the dog park, and around the house. We have already recommended the course to all our puppy owner friends!

- David Chao
Angela was an excellent instructor for our puppy manners class!

- Meredith Quarello
The class was great and made great adaptions with Covid. I really loved the positive environment and Angela was amazing and helpful and friendly!! Could not recommend more.

- Samantha Cutler
I am so impressed with Angela’s training ability. She taught my dog to sit, stay, go for walks, lay down; all as a puppy.

Thank you for the great experience!

- Naomi Huerta
Angela was great in working with each puppy and took the time to answer questions and give examples. I thought the class was very well-structured and a good learning environment and experience.

- Anuj Gupta
Angela was fantastic. She gave me the tools to take my dog to the level I want him to be at. Angela was available for calls to discuss my concerns, constructive in her feedback, and she is evidently very talented and knowledgeable - she makes it look easy. I would consider further instruction from Angela in the future.

- John Loecher
The trainer, Angela, was very knowledgeable and very helpful during class. She is a pro, and you could tell by the way she conducted class, interacted with the dogs and the humans! We will continue with Tucker Pup's training courses and seek out Angela as the trainer when available!

We also found the TrainTrack online tool to be extremely helpful. This is SO much added value. It definitely makes Tucker Pup's stand out from the other available training options (that are the same price even!)

- Katie Corley
My puppy Westley and I are very happy with our experience in the Puppy Manners class with our trainer, Angela. She did a nice job explaining each command and checked in with each individual regularly. The structure of the course made it easy to track progress and the class was well-adapted to accommodate covid precautions. I'm confident that taking this course was a great first step for my puppy and I'm looking forward to continuing our training journey with Angela and Tucker's Pup's!

- Angela Calabria
Angela was excellent. She is clearly incredibly committed and knowledgeable. We appreciated the time she took to get to know our dog and the full context, and then all of the advice she shared on how to proceed with our pup.

- Monique Wilson
Angela was incredibly helpful, especially as some one who has not owned a dog before. She took the time to get to know each pup respectively and provided incredibly personal advice tailored to each individual. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn some basics.

- Lara Gossman
Puppy Manners training has made such a huge difference for Brodie. We really enjoyed training and learned a lot that we can keep practicing on.

- Judd Gatbonton
Angela was an incredible trainer. She gave us the confidence to handle our giant breed puppy Lomo. She paid for herself when she advised us to get his ears checked after working with him (he had a double ear infection). I cannot say enough good things about her and her methods. It’s obvious that she cares about dogs very deeply. 5 out of 5. We recommend Tucker Pup’s to everyone we meet.

- Ariani Oehrlein
Your trainers are FANTASTIC! I truly felt that they had almost as much affection for Charlie as our family does! They trained her with love, gentleness, and patience. Charlie completed 2 weeks of Prep School and we are thrilled with the results. We have every intention of registering for Intermediate Manners class once we have worked with her for a few weeks on the stuff she learned in Prep School! I am so excited to have found a training program that does not use prong or pinch collars! KUDOS TO TUCKER PUP'S!

- Heidi Berke
Angela was absolutely amazing at Adult Manners. Her experience shows through in everything she teaches. Thanks again.

- Alex Cestero
Angela is so good at what she does. Kevin’s behavior significantly improved. It meant so much to me that I could tell she really loved my fur baby. He could tell too and that trust and adoration really went a long way. He wanted to please her and instantly started responding to her training.

- Abigail Morris
Angela was an excellent trainer! She was always on time and was patient with us and our dog. She offered creative solutions to make the training more effective for our dog, and even brought her dog once to help our dog with its interactions with other dogs. If you have any issues with your dog's anxiety this training is invaluable!

- Timothy and Karly Hackert
We loved the Adult Manners training! Our dog, Pepper, especially enjoyed the play time at the start and end the class. Angela was a wonderful teacher and it is clear she has a LOT of experience. Any question asked she was able to thoughtfully answer and give a recommendation. Also her energetic, and encouraging attitude along with demonstrations helped when a new skill was difficult to grasp.

- Michelle Peniak
Angela was a wonderful instructor. We learned a lot and are very grateful for all her help with our puppy Simba. Thank you!

- Lauren Schiappa
The size of the class was perfect for my puppy just starting out - she was able to socialize but also focus on training. Angela did a fantastic job whenever I came across any road blocks!

- Carly Oberg
We loved our puppy manners class! Angela was so helpful - there were commands we had been trying to train our puppy for months that she was able to help us achieve in 15 minutes with just some slight adjustments. Her experience and knowledge was evident, and every class flew by. We would definitely recommend Tucker Pup's to friends and will be back for Intermediate Manners.

- Lindsay Hamilton
We had a great training experience! Angela did an amazing job on helping us with training basics for our puppy and we saw quickly a difference!

- Kristin Gomez
Training with Angela was such a great experience. I thought it was a wonderful balance of learning and play time. Angela was very knowledgeable and made it fun for everyone!

- Kristi Harshbarger
Angela is an amazing trainer. My baby pup knows several commands thanks to Angela’s expert experience with training dogs.

- Naomi Huerta
Enjoyed the sessions. Appreciated the expertise/knowledge of Angela and her willingness to answer our questions about training our puppy.

This was a great glass for our beagle. The social interaction with people and other puppies, and the training. These past 6 weeks really helped build up my puppy's confidence.

- Wayne and Crystal Phillips
Angela was a fantastic trainer! She did a great job of explaining the why behind everything we did but also being able to interact with each family as well. We learned so much from her and became better dog parents because of this class.

Thank you Angela!

- Kelsey Millin
Where to begin? The dog our trainer Angela met 6 weeks ago was a completely different pup than the one we have now! Angela greatly succeeded my expectations, and I am happy to report our once extremely fearful pup has now properly learned to cope with any uncontrollable stressors in a completely different and healthy way thanks to Angela. Angela was very patient with Mollie from the beginning and greatly helped build up Mollie's confidence. She was always willing to answer any questions I had and brought much positivity and fun to our sessions. We are forever grateful to Angela for her services and look forward to continuing to improve on all we learned together over the course of the last 6 weeks.

- Christina Pickren
Lola and I worked with Angela in the Adults Manners Class. Angela was very responsive and worked to find ways of tailoring the class experience to our individual needs and issues. Angela is very encouraging and clear in her instruction. We really got a lot out of the class and hope to build on the knowledge.

- Tammy Ho
Angela was a fantastic instructor. She was clear, organized and so perceptive. Always positive and open, she was able to identify where and how we needed to be clearer communicators. We thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel that we learned a great deal. It shows with Charlie!

- Tonray Ho and Bob Fisch
We had an excellent experience with Angela in her Saturday morning Puppy Manners course. Angela is patient and attentive to all those she works with. She always checked in with us as the start and end of every class and was sure to address any concerns. I highly recommend Angela and Tucker Pup's for training services. We left class feeling successful and confident in our ability to train and support our puppy.

- Shavon Mathus
Angela Love was assigned as our trainer for our turnkey in home puppy training.

Murphy absolutely loved training with Angela and we saw notable improvements in her basic commands and outdoor attention. She had him mentally exhausted at the end of each session (a good thing)!

So happy we decided to do the three week program. Very happy with the results and trainer.

- Andrew and Erin Nigro
This was a great training, with a great environment to train your dog. Gave me the right tools to go forward.

- Caroline Casper
Excellent class and the trainer was fantastic. I think this was extremely helpful in training my dog.

- Shawn Barnett
Angela was fantastic! She is a top trainer and we will want to work with her in the future for any training needs!

- Andrew Luckman and Samantha Spitz
Angela was amazing! She is very knowledgeable and was able to handle many dogs at once and still give very individualized training and education. I would highly recommend her to anyone as Dart loved her.

- Erik DeLaney
We had a great time at our first puppy social! We'll definitely be back.

- Ashlee O'Neil
I loved the puppy social!! The trainer was so sweet and made it feel so safe! My pup learned how to go up and down stairs in ONE SESSION!! I’m so impressed and have signed up for more sessions.

- Julie Alfaro
Angela has been an amazing resource for us. We always have said the humans need more training the dog, but she has been a blessing in disguise and great teacher for us!

- Jourdan Blackwell
Personal training worked best for my Lola. Angela was great training not only Lola but me as well, and I feel we have a great foundation to continue working to improve. Would highly recommend Angela.

- Donna Iwanski
We felt that the social was professionally run and helpful in exposing our puppy to new experiences, items and play time. She was totally tired out afterwards which is great! We will attend more sessions in the future.

- Kelly Ferneding
Angela was excellent. Murray loved her more than anyone he's met so far, and now knows everything we had Angela teach him. She was fabulous to work with.

Thank you!

- Meredith and Elliott Hyman
The puppy social when great. The trainers did a good job of explaining behavior and ensuring the dogs were able to express themselves, only interjecting with things seemed to cross the line. I'll definitely be attending more.

- Jared Casey and Danielle Markus
Angela is awesome and she has helped us get our rescue pup in good shape in just six sessions/weeks. We signed up for additional sessions with Angela because we wanted to keep our relationship with her and our training on track going forward.

- Hillary Wolff
Angela is amazing and so knowledgeable and kind. I'd love to take more classes with her and we're planning on taking Intermediate Manners.

- Rebeccah Singer
Tucker Pups was great to work with. Angela was an amazing instructor and always willing to chat about our pup and answer any/all questions.

Thank you!

- Michael and Cait DiDonato
Angela was a great instructor and the Anti-Cruelty Society location was very convenient.

- Saleema Syed
The puppy social was great and the trainers were excellent helping us understand our dog's behavior around other dogs.

- Ryan Shannon
The puppy social was awesome and really helped Franklin.

- Madison Meersman
I had a fantastic time working with Angela. We saw immediate improvements with our puppy, Walter. Angela provided great ideas for helping with behavior issues and the chance to practice the training methods and receive feedback with her was invaluable.

The puppy social we attended was very fun. It was great to watch the puppies interact.

- Ellie Cohen
Darla loved her first puppy social! We can’t wait to come back. Thank you!

- Julia Meyer
I went to the Whippersnappers puppy social and was so impressed! I loved the little introductions to training and thought they were so helpful, as well as the trainer explaining certain puppy actions or behaviors during puppy play. I can’t wait to bring my puppy back every week!

- Kacie Diamond
The Confidence Builder puppy social was a great way for our puppy to interact with other puppies! The moderator made sure that everything was fun and not intimidating for any puppies involved.

- Bobby Winters
The puppy social was great, very helpful getting Bernie socialized with other dogs. We’ve been to similar events but they haven’t taken the time out to do exercises with the dogs. That was great. We’ll be back!

- JT Pastor
Angela was terrific. Her guidance helped me and my entire family understand how to get started with our new puppy. We now have the skills to continue and reinforce basic training. She also helped us with establishing a relationship with our neighbor's dog =) Angela is clearly so knowledgeable and got our whole family involved with supporting our new dog! Our puppy LOVED her and we all will miss her visits.

- Meg Boarini
We learned how to redirect negative behavior at home and on walks. Sometimes our dogs would fight with each other so the phrase, “walk away” was extremely helpful. We use the clicker on walks and make sure each dog is focused on watching each handler instead of the other dog. Angela, our trainer, was very patient and our dogs connected with her right away. They were always so happy to see her! She was always punctual and always made us feel comfortable when correcting/adjusting our behavior.

- Tamara Hirsch
Puppy Manners was a great course. The trainers were excellent and took the time to work with me and my pup if either one of us was not getting the training concept or process right.

- Aretha Hills
Angela was great! Super nice, and had great tips. We will definitely be coming back for more!

- Kyrie Herring
Angela was great! She was very patient with Dash, even when he spent most of the time in class barking at things.

- Kendra Posthauer
I LOVED this class. I had taken another class with a different school and this class blew them away. I really appreciated the rigor of this class. Our instructors kept us moving the entire time. No time was wasted and we were constantly learning new things. I appreciated the one-on-one attention given to my pup and me when we were struggling. Instructors took time to reteach lessons that weren't picked up the first time. I liked the review of previous lessons learned at the start of each class as well as the time for puppy socialization.

I have recommended Tucker Pup's to friends and colleagues and look forward to taking the next class.

Thank you!

- John Finlay
Angela was great! We are so happy!

- Natalie Tomas
My 4 month old Rottweiler, Luna, took the Puppy Manners training class with Angela Love. I thought the class was great and that Angela was terrific, specifically with Luna. She had a lot of great advice on raising a large, working dog and was receptive to questions both in and out of class. 5 out of 5 rating from us!

- Brian Baloun
We really enjoyed and benefited from the class and we hope to continue more advanced training. We are interested in more classes with our trainer if any others are offered.

- Meg Madden
We had a great experience with Angela for our puppy manners class and are excited about continuing our training with her in intermediate class.

- Sarah Karst
Awesome experience for us and most importantly, our puppy Simba. We have a great toolkit moving forward and we can't wait to see how he grows up with everything he's learned.

Thank you!

- Emily Wickham
Angela was wonderful, passionate, and energetic! We have a whole toolbox of commands and training to keep doing with our dog forever so that we can all live happily ever after!

Highly recommend.

- Kristin Osborn
We loved Angela and so did our puppy. We had a really positive experience at group puppy training and at our private sessions with her.

- Cassandra Abboud
Angela was a wonderful trainer.

- Cindy Lu
Angela was great! She not only taught us puppy manner training techniques, but has also become a great resource for other puppy questions we have! Beau has become a much better loose leash walker, and knows his commands very well.

Thank you!

- Ariella Gelb
Angela was a terrific trainer who really cared about the pups and was great to learn from!! Highly recommend her service :)

- Heather Turnbull
Angela was our trainer and she has kept her word. She begins and ends each class on time. Equally important, she is careful to explain and demonstrate how each lesson works. Finally, she was extremely helpful in adjusting our training schedule when we had difficulty attending.

- James Wooten
Angela was fantastic! She is very knowledgeable and our dog improved almost immediately.

- Paige Levitt
Great Training. My puppy Iggy was provided with the building blocks for better behavior.

- Jason Johnson
Love Angela! She made it fun for everyone (dogs and owners) while teaching us and correcting our techniques for better results. We had tried other training classes and this was by far the best. She had answers and corrections for everyone. We are interested about even using her for one-on-one training if possible. She is amazing and really made our training a great experience for Domino as well.

- Lauren Little
The training class we took with Angela was outstanding. Thank you!!

- Rachel Esser
Angela was very nice to our dog and explained everything that we needed to do in order to improve any behavior issues. Additionally, she also brought her own dogs to see how they interact with ours and to provide an assessment on how to proceed with introducing our dog with others in the future.

- Robert North
Angela was very professional and excellent with our dogs. She always demonstrated using one of dogs in class which let you clearly see that the dog could perform the task. She always handed out written homework with clear steps outlined. She was very accommodating when we had scheduling conflicts and simply was a pleasure to deal with.

- James Wooten
The training through Tucker Pup's was very good. I liked how there were different ways of training from working directly with your pup 1:1 to having them do things in groups. I thought it was a great way to prepare them for real life outside the classroom. I've seen a positive change in my pup at home as well and look forward to continuing to work on what we learned in class! I would definitely recommend!

- Jennifer Mathis
Angela was fantastic and I know Oakley will miss the Tuesday night classes now that they are finished! Now we just have to keep up all the training that we learned!

- Haley Haracz
I was enrolled in the Puppy Manners class with Angela, and she was absolutely Awesome... I hope to do follow up classes with her. Amazing personality, extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind.

- Garrick Thurmond
I really enjoyed the way we we're able to get corrective feedback on our training technique. I also liked how we were taught a few minor tricks in puppy class.

- Ryan Sabherwal
Clear directions, Angela was inclusive and encouraging to all members of the class. Upbeat instructor, ready to answer all questions and make you feel so good about your dog’s progress! I will be back when the time is right for more training.

- Audrey Perrott
Lily loved Angela! And she learned lots. We’re looking forward to signing her up for agility.

- Kim Griffin
When I made the decision that I wanted a cane corso I knew I would need excellent training. Late April, Tucker Pup's was referred to me as a possible training source. Angela Love, Tucker Pup's trainer, entered our lives in May. She is professional, knowledgeable, reliable and results-oriented. Our corso, Saber, loves her and it has been a wonderful experience! Prior to the training I was concerned about walking my six (6) month-old corso, his pulling, his jumping, my shoulder, etc. Today, I can confidently walk him just holding the leash as he walks in almost perfect heel position; and immediately sits when I stop. We are excited about our next phase of training.

Thank you Angela!

Thank you Tucker Pup’s!

- Melodie Kern
Angela was awesome. Bentley loved her. She did a great job of training him, and so far we feel very fortunate.

- John McDermott
We really enjoyed training with Angela. Our dog made huge strides during the class in becoming more well mannered. Angela offered great training tips and lots of one on one instruction if needed.

- Anthony Tonelli
Angela was great! She helped us make significant progress on several issues we were facing with our dog, Zeus. She gave us enough context / explanation to understand why the behaviors were happening and how best to address them. We would definitely recommend the training to others. Having the 1:1 attention in our home made a huge difference and was well worth the expense.

- Aris Theologis
Angela was a great personal trainer for myself and Scottie. She had an amazing connection with Scottie from the second they met. She helped me deal with his leash aggression and improve his leash walking. He is not "cured,” but has improved a lot and I feel much better walking him now with the strategies she taught me.

- Elisabeth Beerkens
Angela was great. Very interested in coming back for more training classes with her.

- Nicholas Liacone
Angela is a wonderful trainer. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and she makes class fun. I am so happy I chose Tucker Pup's.

- Dara Richards
Angela was very diligent and nice. The classes helped to reinforce what we were doing right, and what we were doing wrong, and show us additional things to work on. The experience was great.

- Norma Campos and Scott Sundquist
Previously, we had taken a puppy training class through another service and were overall dissatisfied. We decided to take another stab at it through Tucker Pup's and are so glad we did!

The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and the small class size allowed our trainer to both work with the group as a whole and make time to help us individually. The commands we learned are useful in every day situations and the other tips and tricks provided have been helpful as we continue training on our own.

- Courtney Wilson
The outdoor leash class was very productive, and my dog is walking with out pulling, and also listening more.

- Jackie Fegan
I just wanted to thank everyone at Tucker Pup's for doing a phenomenal job in every aspect of your services. We have been taking our dog Joey to daycare for the past 9 months and we have enjoyed the experience through its entirety. Joey loved going to daycare and the staff has been nothing but professional through our experience. We also had to board Joey a few times while we went out of town and they took excellent care of him while we were gone. In addition to this, we also went through puppy training at Tucker Pup's and that was an excellent experience as well.

We unfortunately had to move due to being relocated for work and we will surely miss Tucker Pup's. Thank you for everything and I just wanted to let you know how great of a job you and your staff are doing.

- Eric Recker
We just completed Good Manners One. I could not have been more impressed. Instructor trained us to train the dog. I especially liked that we did not bring our dog to the first class.This method made understanding how a dog learns that much clearer. We adopted an 8 month old Collie that had spent 6 months of his life in a cage. He had absolutely no training. At the end of the program he could sit, down, stay, walk on a leash, wave, leave food on command and was learing to roll over and play dead. Instructor was always on time, actually if we arrived early she was there and would happily answer any questions. We are planning on enrolling for Good Manners Two.

- Joyce Durante
I loved the course and instructor! I\'d recommend it to friends definitely! I learned a lot, and so did my dog. It was a lot of fun.

- Sara Baillie
My little wapoo (chihuahua/poodle mix) , Tank, was only 2 months old when he started going to Tucker Pups and he LOVES it! Everyone there takes such great care of him and he is always so happy to go play when I take him in.

He is now 4 months and still loving it! The grooming services are fantastic and the Polite Puppy training classes are really working!

Thanks to Tucker Pup\'s I have a well socialized happy puppy!
Tucker Pup's Good Manners 1 course is excellent. We brought our two four year old Westies to the class, and we were pleased with the class setting, with Debbie Bickford and with what we have learned. Debbie is very knowledgeable and clearly conveys the principles of training. She also led us to reading that will help reinforce our learning and expand our training skills. Our dogs are better 'leash walkers' now, and are also getting better at coming when called which were two main issues for us. When we have the time, we would definitely consider taking additional classes with Debbie.

- Lisa Curcio
The course met my expectations and I am glad we were able to be a part of it. Debbie was an excellent trainer and very helpful with all of our issues and consistently made sure that she focused and worked with every puppy in the class. Debbie's training has helped us with our puppy and she is behaving much better. We hope to continue training lessons with Kora as we still work to master the basics we have received from Debbie. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone with an unruly puppy!


- Tori New
Debbie is great always insightful and Zoey has definitely grown as a puppy. She gives you the tools to help you understand how to have a nice polite puppy and we are very grateful and proud of our little girl.

She is very knowledgeable. Not only does she give you exercises to do in class and at home she helps you understand why those exercises work and how your puppy learns and processes information, giving you the ability to really connect with your puppy and not get frustrated through the process.

Zoey is more social, since being able to play with the puppies in class, she doesn't bite anymore (which is crucial!) and she is learning tricks and good behavior everyday.

Dog training has come such a long way since we were kids and it's so nice to have a better understanding of how puppies think and learn and know that you can have a well behaved puppy/dog by only using positive training techniques. Getting the right treats helps a lot too!

If we hear of anyone getting a puppy we would definitely recommend Debbie and Tucker Pup's.

- Melanie Ludmann

This course was fabulous, but more importantly Debbie was fabulous! She was the perfect mix of teacher and friend. She was genuinely excited when my dog did as it was told and very fun. She was the bomb....I am very excited because of her. I would love to have her knowledge and her job! She was an excellent communicator as well as a stern teacher. We are taking our pup to Intro to Agility so we will have more time with Debbie, which is great.

I learned a lot....and I thought I knew a little bit about training a dog! Although my dog isn't perfect she definitely minds much better and now we have some serious tools in order to help train her!

If I can afford it, I'll continue taking classes here periodically...obviously to learn but also because it is fun to have some educational, structured activity with your dog.

There are things we still need to work on but Miley Rae is an excellent dog. Mostly we need to work on leash walking, but that is not perfect most likely b/c we have not practiced enough.

- Nicki Deckert
I was really impressed with the class and especially the instructor. Theo is doing great and we've been working on things using the excellent training materials binder. We are happy customers and definitely found value for the price.

- Danah Fisher
I remember talking to you over the phone concerning the advantages of me taking the puppy class even though Aero already knew a lot of the material.

Well, I may not have had a lot of homework, but I did pick up on many new techniques that have made duration exercises like 'stay' and 'leave it' more reliable. For example, I didn't know that your dog would 'stay' more reliably if you treat him while he's actually in the stay versus treating him once you release him from the stay.

I really liked learning the impulse control exercises too. I'll admit, I hadn't known that you could actually get your dog to look to you for permission before heading off to play and such. (I thought that this came natural to some more attached dogs, and owners were lucky to have it!)

On Aero's first day of class, Aero was very...I wouldn't say aggressive per se, but he was quick to show his teeth and let out a growl if he was cornered, or another dog tried to interact with him. I did know that Aero is more of people-oriented dog, but I'd never seen him willing and ready to become aggressive. I was discouraged (esp since I felt he wasn't aggressive and said so when I signed up...).

To my surprise and gratitude, Debbie didn't get angry about it at all. In fact, she told me that he was more defensive aggressive, and gave me some tips to ease his discomfort. I did go home and work on what I felt were some of the reasons behind his response (including the way he plays with my other dogs). And I'm happy to report that for the rest of the class duration, he wasn't so quick to bite.

I would recommend Debbie to a friend, and have already spoken highly of her to anyone who asks.

Aero was valedictorian of his class, and I am very proud.

I guess I'll stop talking now. I have plans to take the next level course, and look forward to it!


- Mykela Harrell

We had a great time with the Intro to Agility course! Our dog Gunther had already been through obedience training, so we were looking for something fun that would provide him with exercise and fun in the winter when our walks are so short. We could tell he loved being at Tucker Pup's and loved the agility course. He picked it up really well and we had so much fun!

Debbie really took the time to focus on each dog and help them with their individual challenges throughout the course. She is a great trainer and we look forward to taking more classes with her in the future!

- Kara Fromme
Poppy started at the bottom of the class, and ended up being the valedictorian! We're so proud of her! Debbie has helped us so much, down to the recommendation on the front facing harness. Our 9 month old maltese improved so much in 6 weeks and the final test last night was a great bonding experience for our family. We were all there, parents and two kids all cheering for her. I can send pictures if you want, as well as a video of the awarding ceremony. It would inspire other students/parents to attend your your future classes.

- Pauline Camacho
I just wanted to send a quick repsonse back over to you about the puppy course.

Everything did meet our expectations and the trainer was wonderful, knowledgeable and patient with is something I get a bit nervous about when Oscar tended to act up in certain situations. I would definitely recommend to a friend based on the success and progress we've seen with Oscar over the past 6 weeks. I felt it was time and money well spent and have noticed a significant increase in obedience and maturity since starting the course. With the methods covered in class I am confident we have a much better understanding of the tools we need to use in the future to continue to move forward in a positive and trusting relationship with Oscar.
My fiancee and I will be discussing the Good Manners 2 course over the next several days and will likely be back in touch.


- Jeff Eisel and Megan Moser
I cannot say enough about the Polite Puppy class. Minnie had a ball and she learned so much! Her behavior has definitely improved from the start of the class, especially her barking and leash manners. Debbie always kept the tone of the class fun and informative and the handouts at the end of each class were super helpful. Sometimes it felt like information overload but then getting home and reading through the homework made everything make sense. I would definitely recommend and have recommended Debbie's classes to friends and peers.

My coworker is starting a Polite Puppy class in a week or so. Looking forward to other classes!


- Gina Montaleone
We had a great experience with our trainer Debbie. We just adopted a rescue and she has been difficult to train, however Debbie taught us many great techniques. She taught us many great ways to train and communicate with our dog. In particular she shows by example and around other dogs way to reward and train various types of dogs. By a few weeks there was noticeable improvement in our dog's behaviors and she is always learning new things. I would definitely be going to more classes and highly recommend the facilities and specifically Debbie as a trainer.

- Tim Floreth
We enrolled our 5 month old puppy in Good Manners 1 in the hopes of accomplishing some basic training skills. Our expectations were far exceeded as our dog is so well behaved now and we know how to communicate effectively with him. Our teacher, Debbie, was so knowledgeable and helpful. She took the time to work one-on-one with each dog during class and explained things in such a way that made you go 'duh'. We would recommend this class to anyone! We are looking forward to Good Manners 2 and hope it falls on a Thursday night soon!?!? (hint, hint). In closing, this class was a wonderful experience for all 3 of us and we sincerely miss it.
Thank you Debbie and Tucker Pups!


- Bobby Lewis, Holly Thomas, and Cooper
The Polite Puppy class exceeded our expectations. We were very impressed with the trainer, Debbie. She provided very helpful insight on how dogs learn and why these methods work the best. She was very clear when communicating assignments to us we liked her so much we'd like to hire her to come to our apartment (but she was a little too expensive for us). I would definitely recommend this class with this trainer to any friend who has a new puppy. The puppy socialization really helped out little dog feel comfortable around other dogs. He was very shy in the beginning and was a completely different dog by the last class. I will miss attending this call Tuesday nights, it was a wonderful way to bond with our puppy while teaching him lifelong behaviors. We had about 8 dogs in our class that was nice for the socialization and to see the different types of puppies. This class has really jump started our puppy's behavior training and we plan to continue the weekly assignments.

- Haley Duncan


Haley Duncan
The Intro to Agility course was super fun and totally met my expectations! I wish it was longer! Debbie is awesome. She relates to the dogs so well and is genuine with them. The course was definitely worth it. I wish it was an entire semester long! LOL, but so worth the money. We will be back.

- Nicki Deckert
The agility training course was excellent. Debbie is an amazing instructor. It was clear that she put 100% into helping all the dogs do their best. I would definitely be interested in an agility 2 or agility 1.5 class!

- Grant Tucker
The Polite Puppy course did meet my expectations. I wanted my puppy to learn the basic sit, stay, down and walking on a lease with slack without tripping me constantly. I would recommend this trainer to friend. Debbie teaches training in way that is easily understood by my puppy and I. My puppy Marley is really understanding what she needs to be doing. The course is worth my time as my puppy can sit, stay, lay down and walk on a lease. I can communicate with my puppy now in a effective way that she understands. I really did enjoy taking Marley to class each Thursday. I was surprised at how well behaved all the puppies were! The off lease socialization really helped my puppy become more social with other dogs. The first class she was not really into playing with the other puppies as much, just sat between my feet. The next class Marley was more comfortable and now she wants to play with all dogs. She isn't fearful to be off lease with other dogs. I also enjoyed the agility course that Debbie set up. Marley had a blast running through all the tunnels. Marley is a very good girl and Debbie has helped us accomplish that. We get compliments all the time how well behaved Marley is. Thank You Tucker Pup's!

- Brett Cohn and Michelle Kucharski
We were happy with the Outdoor Adventure class. We feel more comfortable redirecting Bronson when away from home and he is much better about coming when called. It was fun to meet in various outdoor locations and the skills felt very useful for daily activities. Debbie of course was great, I always learn a lot from her. Next up: agility!

- Laura Adams
The Polite Puppy class entirely met my expectations. Debbie is AWESOME. She has suggestions and tips for every question I had about my very energetic Australian Shepherd pup. The relationship I now have with Piper is much stronger than it was before the course. I am also more confident taking Piper in public, and even letting her off leash to play in parks with other dogs (Debbie taught me how to create a strong recall by yelling 'Come' - Piper immediately turns from what she's doing and runs to me).

I would absolutely recommend Debbie AND Tucker Pup's to anyone who asks. We're continuing on with Good Manners 2 and hope to keep going after that with a few more classes! My relationship with my puppy is noticeably better since the time spent at Tucker Pup's.

- Corinne DiFonso
The course was perfect. Debbie is the best. The location, parking and space for training were very good. We didn't attend all sessions..out of town, family commitments, but what I learned I am practicing and the class was worthwhile.
Glad to know you are there.


- Donna and Mitchell Yates
My puppy, Lily, has become a whole new dog after taking this course. Not only has her behavior improved, but our communication has improved dramatically. She is a good listener now and it gives me a better understanding of how to discipline her as well. This course has gone above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend Debbie to anyone. Her positive reinforcement teaching style works very effectively. Her instruction during class is very clear and concise and the handouts allow me to refresh my memory about techniques once I get home. This course was worth every penny and more!

Thanks a lot!

- Kaori Asano
I can't say enough about this puppy class and Debbie. Having a puppy is overwhelming and all you want to have a good relationship with your dog and communicate with them. Debbie has set up such a positive and basic course with easy to follow steps to getting results. My husband and I (and our dog, Nana) learned some much and have seen the result with a dog that knows what we expect and is excited about doing the right thing. I would recommend this class and Debbie's training to anyone, in fact, I already have told so many people about Tucker Pup's and Debbie.


- Cherilynn and Donald Wood
The Outdoor Adventure class was fantastic. There are not many classes out there that focus on outside work (where, at least in my mind my dog has more issues - behaving indoors without the world going on around her is easy, outside, not so much, she as ADD and has a much harder time focusing on me).

The class met all of my expectations, we learned lots and are having much more relaxed walks thanks to the class (i.e. less pulling on the leash). Debbie did a great job of explaining our dogs' behavior and also why we were practicing the exercises that she showed us. I'm an inquisitive person by nature, so I very much like to understand the hows and whys of things so her explanations were very helpful.

The leashing walking help was more than worth it, plus Rudy can at times, be reactive on the leash so this class was a great challenge to both of us. For me to keep her calm and for her to remain calm and overall she behaved very well.

Our walks are a lot more enjoyable - she is more focused on me and less focused on dragging me down the street.

I've already recommended Debbie to a few people.

- Katie Lehan
We loved our puppy class at Tucker Pup's, and so did Bronson. Although he was only 10 weeks old when he started, he has learned a great deal and we also learned how to communicate with him and teach him. The biggest thing we learned is to be consistent and have patience. Debbie is a wonderful instructor, and made the process fun for us and our puppy. He especially enjoyed the off-leash playtime at the end of class, which was great for his socialization skills. I would definitely recommend Debbie and Tucker Pup's, and we plan to return for additional classes. Please feel free to use this on your website.

- Laura Adams
We had a very positive experience in the Good Manners 1 class. Debbie was a wonderful trainer and gave us a lot of ideas on how to better elicit good behavior from our dog. I would definitely recommend the class. Colby's behavior has gotten significantly better after the class - noticeable both by my husband and I and by others who knew him before the class. Thank you for a great course!

- Tara Gunther
The course did meet expectations and I would recommend the trainer and Tucker Pup's without reservation. The trainer was patient and gave clear instructions with good feedback. Since starting this class, Franny is more controlled and easier to handle. She is more responsive to us now that we know how to better manage her behaviors. She still gets distracted and will run away. That's why I asked about registering her for Manners 2.

- Maggie and Joe Crulcich
I can't speak highly enough of Debbie and the class. Toby is a very shy dog, and he was pretty nervous on his first day. Debbie was great with him, and knew exactly how to make the class fun and low-stress. I felt like he really solidified all of the skills he had some previous experience with, as well as learning lots of new ones. She also did a great job of going over basic psychology and training techniques that will be helpful when learning any new behaviors down the road. I am already looking at what class we want to take next. I think that Toby had a great time, and he came out of the class with a lot more confidence and lots of new tricks to show off!


- Emily Coffey
The leash manners class was excellent! Debbie is a great trainer and I plan to take other classes with her in the future. Her knowledge and demonstrations proved that I was learning from someone with extensive experience. And the handouts/homework helped remind me that practice outside of class was important to the success of the entire program.

You've partnered with a great trainer in Debbie.


- James Scholten
First of all, I want to confess that we are a bit biased. We met Debbie Bickford about 8 years ago when she led a training class at PetSmart, where our first Boxer was enrolled.

The training methods Debbie taught us were so effective that when we got our second Boxer we knew we had to track Debbie down for a refresher.

I am happy to report that she not only provided a refresher but also taught us new techniques as well as provided some new insight into the psyche of dogs.

My wife and I are very pleased with the results of the training techniques we learned at Tucker Pup's. Not only is our dog better behaved, but more importantly has made a connection between learning and fun which will facilitate future training.

Thanks again and God bless,

Manuel and Belinda Parilla
I tell my friends about you all the time, particularly your training, daycare and boarding services.

The Good Manners 1 course was perfectly suited to our 15 month old rescue dog. She needed the exposure to a safe, structured social setting with other people and other dogs. I needed the support and training tips to help her with some of her issues. And we both benefited from working on skills with other dogs around. Debbie is a great instructor because she not only teaches you how to work with your dog, but she encourages you to have fun doing it. Our class also benefited from other wonderful owners and dogs. At last night's 'graduation', all the dogs showed amazing improvement! Our dog started the 6 week program as a jumping, barking, scattered bundle of energy. She is still a bundle of energy, but she finished the program a much more focused, polite little girl. Of course, you have to practice at home - an hour a week in class just scratches the surface. But the support, tips and encouragement you get at class are invaluable.

I will definitely sign up for another class.

- Amy Ripepi and Garry Grasinski

Debbie is very knowledgeable and it shows. You can tell she's very passionate about the dogs and helping everyone be the best owners/trainers they can be. She was really great and I liked her a lot. Nigel was a great pooch for demo.

I have a herding dog/barking puppy and she was very helpful on how to help curb the problem. She even called me and gave me some additional info that would help.


- Dawn Lara
Mac Rosser (our golden-chow) benefited greatly from Debbie's class. As a middle-aged dog (6 years) we recently adopted, he had much to learn about us as we him. More than anything I think the class gave us a chance to bond with Mac and provided us with the tools to continuing working with him outside the classroom. Debbie is very good about explaining the why's and how's of training methods. It reminds me of the saying 'give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach him to fish he eats for a lifetime.' Debbie is obviously very knowledgeable and loves dogs...she is a wonderful trainer!


- Mike and Julie Rosser
My boyfriend and I brought my 4 year old rat terrier Drake to Debbie's Good Manners 1 course. I cannot tell you how impressed with were with Debbie and the changes we saw in Drake week over week. He is a different dog now because of her lessons and positive training.

We have and will continue to recommend Tucker Pup's and Debbie to all of our dog owning friends.

It was a great experience for both Drake and us.

- Angela Gentry and Robert Hepding
We had a very positive experience with Tucker Pup's. We fully intend to use your business in the future for further training, boarding, etc. as necessary. Debbie was wonderful. She was competent, responsive, and positive. She answered all of our questions patiently. Our dog, Indy, has been doing so much better since our class.

Thank you very much,

- Sarah Gangstad and Tim Trostle
We are delighted with the training we received from Debbie Bickford at Tucker Pup's. We took the Agility 2 class with about half a dozen other students and their two-legged companions. The class had a relaxed atmosphere and everybody was comfortable with the pace and content. We've been training in Agility for over two years, with a couple six-month breaks to recover from cruciate injuries - once for Ski and once for his primary trainer in our own neighborhood. We enrolled in Debbie's class because of our extended layoff, having heard from others what a great trainer she is. We were extremely impressed with how much the other students had learned having taken only a single six-week Agility 1 class from Debbie. They were able to run the Agility course along side us, and had great fun doing so. Debbie regularly adjusted the course content based on feedback from the students, focusing on what people enjoyed and had an interest in. Debbie made learning easier by incorporating games and even prizes into a curriculum that can sometimes become challenging. And, of course, Graduation was a great time! I now understand why Debbie is so well thought of in the community of dog trainers, and look forward to future classes with her. And, yes, we also look forward to challenging Nigel on the CPE course some day......


- Rich Tamborski and Noble vom Kolinstrasse (aka: Ski)
Jason, Ripley and I think that Debbie must be a goddess. No, scratch that, we KNOW that she is a goddess!

I am a farm girl. I've spent years with a panoply of species and Jason and I spent a long time preparing for our 'city-puppy'. Seriously, I read no less than a dozen 'training books' and bring my background w/ animals to the table so I thought I knew what I was doing. Within six weeks Debbie made all that history come to life and she added so much more. Her course was common sense, kind, intellectually stimulating and the best thing that we could have ever done for our family. I just wish she trained cats, as we have three that could use it.

Sorry, to be so long-winded, but I am so overwhelmingly impressed with Debbie and Tucker Pup's as a whole. And I am NOT easily impressed. Understand, that Jason and I are singing your praises everywhere we go. And the proof is in the pooch! Daily, people remark on how well behaved Ripley is and we say the same thing: 'Tucker Pup's. Debbie Bickford. Do yourself and you dog a favor and call them A.S.A.P.'

I look forward for a long and loving relationship w/ y'all! Thank you for all the fabulous work that you do.

My sincerest best,

- Amber Almanza-Wade

We loved taking class with Debbie. She is very knowledgeable. It was great how she taught us how to use the commands in everyday life. We feel like we have the tools to train him effectively.

- Molly and Matt Nutting
We really enjoyed training with Debbie and Nigel. Her positive approach is working well with our Dane puppy, Harvey. Her class was a lot of fun while we were learning. We will be signing up soon to continue training with her.

- Maggie Ratza
Ruby and I took Agility 2 Training course with Debbie and we both loved it. I know Ruby had a great time because every Monday as soon as I would get home from work she would run and sit by my car ready to go; she would get all worked up and ready to learn new things. I had a great time spending it with her and watching her have a blast and do things I never thought my dog would do. Debbie, thank you.

I would recommend this course to anyone with a dog that has tons of energy and not too many outlets for it.

- Iwona Kozak
We greatly enjoyed the training course and will be enrolling in polite puppy II. The skills that our dog has learned is helping us to manage his lifestyle better.

- Jay and Noelle DiPrizio
Debbie was great with all of the owners and the puppies. Buckley did well with responding to the techniques of teaching her different tricks. I learned a lot from Debbie in all aspects of training a puppy and being a dog owner. Thank you!

- Molly McShane
Ruby and I took Intro to Agility and Rally Obedience with Debbie and I believe that we both had tons of fun. Debbie did a fantastic job explaining everything to us and was very patient with the pups, never pushed them to do anything that might frighten them or turn them away from agility. I am looking forward to Agility 2 with Ruby and sometime in the spring our younger puppy, Cosmopolitan, will be trying her luck at Agility and Rally Obedience. Great class, fun atmosphere and it definitely is a good way to get your dog's energy focused on learning something fun.

Thank you Debbie,

- Iwona Kozak
I've never been through any training previous training classes, but Debbie's class was a tremendous help. Highly recommended! After Basic Obedience, I'm much better equipped with the right techniques to train my 2-year old dog Sally. Sally can now reliably sit, stay, lay down, roll over, and sit up, and I've learned positive techniques to work on her leash skills.

- Jim Kompare
I love Debbie! She is great! I thought the class was really fun and much different then the other classes-which i really enjoyed.

- Katie Reader
The Good Manners I class was a great basic training course for us and Bogie. Debbie was terrific at explaining how to think like a dog and use positive reinforcement to train him. Bogie has most of his basic commands down reliably, and whenever tricky situations come up, we feel a lot more in control of his behavior overall.

- Bert Davenport and Emily DeAngelis
We loved the Good Manners 2 class! We had gone through the puppy class and then proceeded on to this one. It is impossible to say enough good things about this class. Not only does Debbie help you train your dog, she trains you! Our dog loved going to class and not only did our dog learn in class, she worked hard on the homework too. Our 5 month old puppy now will wait for us to walk through doors, walks like a dream next to us and doesn't pull at the leash, sits when meeting new people, doesn't run after dropped food, and loves learning new things! I had a lab when I was younger and he was never this well behaved! The best part about the class is that Debbie teaches you how to work with your dog towards good behavior instead of "at" your dog. "Yes!"
I can't wait for the agility class to begin! I would highly recommend, borderline insist, that anyone who has a new dog enroll in a training class with Debbie. Once you do, you will wonder what took you so long to sign up!

- Kristen Walter
The training program was great. Our pup Moose has learned so much from the training class as have we. Debbie is a great trainer and we are so happy that we decided to go with the positive reinforcement approach. We will be coming back for more training for sure. We have also used Tucker Pup's for grooming and were very happy with that service as well.

Thanks again.

- Tom & Beth Walsh
We just finished Good Manners 1. My husband, Colin, and I thought it was a great help. Our dog is very smart but rather misbehaved, and this really helped to get him paying better attention to us. Plus, this is my first dog (not my husband's) and I learned a LOT about being a good dog owner/trainer. (I still have much to learn).

Possibly the best aspect about the class was Debbie -- she was fantastic. She's effective and intelligent without being patronizing or domineering. When we go back for another class, we want to take a class of Debbie's. She's the kind of trainer who instills trust in her class (dogs and humans, alike).

And, as we found out on the last day, she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie!

Many thanks,

- Beth Bullock
Debbie is great. Charlie learned a lot and we are very happy with his progress. One thing we would like would be able to contact the other people in the class so we could get the puppies together to play.

- Dave Feldstein
I had a great time at the Good Manners 1 class and learned how to work with Seymour on a few things that I felt were really important: come, stay, no pulling on the leash.
Debbie was really helpful and clear. She had great control of the class and all of the dogs.

I really enjoy coming to Tucker Pup's and have nothing but good things to say. Seymour has a great time when he is boarded and we both feel really comfortable with the place and all of the staff.


- Billie Howard
The training was very helpful and fun. The trainer was very good to work with and spent time with each dog in the class to make sure each was benefiting from instruction. The direction of what to work on at home were also beneficial.

We would certainly recommend Tucker Pup's to friends and family.

- Gina Jacobsen
The Good Manners 1 course was very helpful. Debbie made it easy for me to understand what it takes to communicate with my dog. Though I will have to work away at training (myself as well as my dog) every day, I feel confident with the basic tools learned.

- Sara Gerou
We thought that Tucker Pup's did a great job and saw significant improvement with Rocky's training. Debbie was excellent and really did a great job helping us train our dog. Thanks for everything.

The facility was great, we used the day care center once as well and we were very happy with it. As far as pricing, the classes are slightly more expensive than some competitors but we thought that the quality of Tucker Pup's was worth it.

- Jeff Katz
We enjoyed Good Manners 1 and will probably take the 2nd class down the road. Charger did really well, so I think it would be beneficial for him to continue.

- Jennifer Dietz
We enjoyed the class very much and Scooter had so much fun. We will definitely take the next course once he is a bit older. Debbie was great! She really knows what she's doing. Can't wait for the next class. Scooter loved her!

- Sarah Yang
Debbie and Nigel are excellent instructors! While Debbie explains to us humans the hows and whys of dog behavior and how dogs learn best, Nigel shows us just how a proper 'heel' should look or that 'wait means wait 'til Mom says OK!'. We've already had several classes with Debbie and the education we've received so far has been invaluable. We have strengthened the bond between us and our dogs by learning how to communicate with them effectively. As a result our dogs have nice manners and are well-behaved most of the time. When they forget their manners or get up to some mischief, we now know how to correct the behavior quickly using positive methods. The very best thing about classes with Debbie and Nigel? They are FUN!

- Stephanie Hebelka
We enjoyed the class and found it very helpful. Debbie did a great job with Gus!! Thanks again.

- Ryan Henke
The class went well! Quinnie definitely learned some new obedience prompts and we use them in our day-to-day life.

- Sara Clary
My pup learned a lot and Debbie is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable and helpful. We're looking forward to future training classes!

- Michelle Booth
I can't speak for the grooming or the daycare here but I can certainly speak on the training class that our lil' Ruby just finished taking. We enrolled our lil' pup for the Polite puppy course and I must say it was great. Debbie is such an amazing trainer and her dog Nigel is such an awesome dog! She has such a great way with all types of pup's. The class was just the right size and I learned A LOT!

Although our lil' Ruby is a daddy's girl I was able to take in everything Debbie taught us and take it home and practice with Ruby. We have a rottweiler and I don't want her to be an unsocialized insane dog, so I'm glad that we enrolled her in this class. We learned from your basic "sit" to our hard to resist "leave it" move. Also the socialization between the other dogs was great also. Don't expect for your dog to sit through this class and miraculously be trained in every way. To me this class is mostly for the owners to take in all the training tips and do's and dont's in order for you to have a well trained dog.

We will definitely sign-up Ruby for the next class!

- Diana Rincon
Peanut and I really enjoyed Debbie's polite puppy class. We learned a lot and Peanut always looked forward to her weekly socialization and training. Debbie is an absolutely terrific instructor--we can't wait for Good Manners 2 in July!

- Loraine Woodhead
Debbie was great! We enjoyed the training so much, and now Webster is a little gentleman out and about...most of the time. We will definitely continue to take obedience classes with Tucker Pup's and maybe delve into agility...Webster certainly has enough energy!

Thanks again Debbie and Tucker Pup's!

- Gina and Sean Boyland, and Webster :)
We were very pleased with the Good Manners 1 course. Debbie Bickford was great -- she made the course fun, interesting, and engaging. We learned so much about how to use positive reinforcement to motivate our pup. The techniques were excellent and very effective, and we are still using them over six months after the course. How true it is that training courses are so much more for the human owners than for the dogs. I am so happy that because I have tools such as reward/withdrawal of reward I have never had to use any sort of punishment with our pup. I've been telling other dog owners about your programs/facility not only because we thought the training was great, but also because I hope positive reinforcement training techniques become even more widespread among dog owners.

Thanks for the great program. We look forward to taking another course again in the future.

-Ann-Marie Vigano
I have tried other beginning obedience classes and individual training. By far, Debbie's class exceeds her competitors and she surpassed my expectations. She is very articulate, knowledgeable, and an excellent instructor. In general, many people who try to be instructors know their material yet do not know how to "teach" it to others effectively. I was so happy to be a part of her class and to see she is an expert at what she does. Such a professional touch is her documenting material and homework assignments, provided in take-home material. She goes above and beyond others with "special touches". Without a doubt, Paris will be enrolled in Good Manners 2, in addition to other training classes at Tucker Pup's. THANKS Debbie and thanks Joel!!

- Pamela Ethridge & Paris

Since moving to the West Loop and using Tucker Pup's services, I have been very pleased. My dog, Scout, has been groomed at Tucker Pup's, and we recently finished the "Good Manners 1" course. Scout tied in first place as class valedictorian (or valiDOGtorian, as I call her). Whenever I take Scout in to Tucker Pup's, the staff are very friendly and kind to me and my dog. After grooming, Scout is clean as a whistle, and always in high spirits.

I chose Tucker Pup's because I had heard many good things about the organization, and because the website was so friendly and easy to navigate.

I have a dog walker from another local business, but would have hired Tucker Pup's as walkers if they offered that service.

I plan on taking more discipline classes when my schedule allows.

-Rebecca Fons
Debbie is an excellent instructor! She is extremely knowledgeable and had very helpful and effective techniques and suggestions. My dog loved her immediately!

- Lesley Ahlberg
Thank you for offering the great adult dog training classes with Debbie. Her techniques are practical and easily applicable to Jack's every day doggie life. She is a great human trainer who is also excellent with dogs! In addition, because Jack already loves going to Tucker Pup's for daycare, he is right at home and comfortable during our training sessions.

- Morgan Russell
I think the class is great. Debbie allows you to realize that your dog's behavior is a reflection of the owner's behavior. It was also refreshing to see there is hope for your little one. She also makes it look so easy. I learned the timeout technique and it really works.

- Ceta Walters
Miss Piggy took puppy and intermediate classes with Debbie at her previous training location. When I was looking into the Canine Good Citizen testing, Debbie's name was on the AKC's list for Chicago contacts. We just had to follow her to Tucker Pup's, which has a great open space for us to practice in. Piggy is so well-behaved, even my vet commented how unusual it is to see such a well-behaved pug. We are looking forward to the Fun with Fido class!

- Natalie Crespo
My husband and I wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the obedience class we took with Debbie. She was extremely knowledgeable with the training techniques and very helpful in answering our many new puppy questions. We saw immediate results with Drake and continue to work with him on what we learned in class. We look forward to our next class with Debbie!

- Lynn and Matt Beck
We absolutely love your trainer, Debbie! She was so great with Abby and all the other dogs in our class - even the most difficult pups! The Good Manners I course was exactly what we needed to help Abby overcome some of her behavioral issues and just learn to be an obedient pet and family member. We've seen such a great improvement in her manners and plan to keep working on all the great techniques that Debbie introduced to us. She graduated at the top of her Good Manners I class (Co-Valedictorian), and I'm sure she's been bragging about it to all the other dogs in her daycare group at Tucker Pup's!

- Jennifer Karter
Good Manners training with Debbie was just what the doctor ordered for my 8 month old Puggle named Bailey. I rescued him from a puppy farm when he was no longer a puppy, so he had some bad habits. Debbie showed me how to correct his bad habits using positive reinforcement, which made me and my dog both happy in the process. I recommend Debbie and any of her training classes very highly.

- Marnie Ratner
After enrolling in the Good Manners I dog training class and Good Manners II class offered at Tucker Pup's Dog Activity Center with our new puppy Zoe, Julie and I wanted to let you know what a great experience both classes have been and what an amazing progress we have made with understanding and guiding the behavior of our very active puppy.

We have to recognize Debbie Bickford and her special skills and obvious talent in training dogs and working with dog owners on training strategies. Debbie made the classes fun to attend and something to look forward to. We appreciated her style of training and being new dog owners ourselves, found she had to train us first prior to addressing Zoe. While the classes were run in small groups, she was able to provide individual attention to us and Zoe.

Results have been phenomenal in terms of general good behavior of Zoë meeting new people, greeting other dogs, heeling while approaching street corners and coming when called; all in a very short time. Most importantly, we are confident in the skills Debbie taught us and in our ability to continue to train Zoe with good behavior and skills in the future.

We give Debbie and Tucker Pups two thumbs (and one paw) way up!!
Best regards,

- Julie and Dan Schmittdiel
We were incredibly excited to have our dog, Tyson, attend the Manners I course with Debbie. It was a very convenient location given that Tyson spends his days at Tucker Pup's - and he was comfortable enough in the surroundings to actually listen and learn! Debbie was patient and gave us great insight as to how our dog perceives us humans. He has been much better at his stays, sits, and comes since the class, among many other commands.

- J.P. Machuta
Prior to taking Good Manners 1 at Tucker Pup's, Cinnamon (and mom) had gone through a crash course training at a local pet store chain, resulting in little success. During the training with Debbie, Cinnamon not only learned good manners (stay, leave it, heel) but she had a fun time doing it and she continues her good behavior at home now. Debbie is the McGyver of puppy training - she has tips and ideas about how to handle most any situation and she is extremely patient. I recommend the training courses and Tucker Pup's to all my friends!

- Marisa Meadows
Debbie was really excellent! My dog got a lot more out of the group class than he did when we were working with a private trainer. Jake's attitude about working on training shifted from dread and fear to enthusiasm--the use of positive training techniques in the class environment felt like play to him. Because the class was small, Debbie provided all of us one-on-one instruction during and after class to make sure all of the puppies were mastering the commands. Also, the group context helped Jake learn to focus on me when he would otherwise be very distracted. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend this class!

- Mimi Landau
I am very very pleased with Nico's improvement. Everyone around us has noticed great changes in her behavior. I feel that Debbie fully understands how to communicate with dogs and her knowledge is really helping us. Nico and I are really understanding each other. Debbie has great ideas and helpful homework handouts. She also makes training do-able for any dog, no matter what their level is. Also, Debbie gives us as owners great tools to work with. I feel equipped to carry on with our training after our classes are over. I am excited every week to come to class, and Nico is too!

I really mean it, I couldn't imagine a better more knowledgeable and effective teacher. Thanks so much!

- Desiree Madah-Amiri
I took the 'Puppy Polite' class at Tucker Pup's and could not be happier with the results. Debbie explained each lesson clearly and worked with each owner/pet to insure that behavior was being executed properly. All of the commands we were taught are things that are useful in our day-to-day activities with the dogs. The class is a fun, no-pressure environment and one where you can be as diligent with the training as you want to be - I would highly recommend this to anyone with a new dog.

- Evonne Stavrakos
We took Newman, our golden doodle puppy, to the Polite Puppy training course taught by Debbie and her extremely well-behaved boxer, Nigel. The class helped with Newman's behavior but more importantly it taught us how to communicate with him in a way that he can understand what is good and what is not acceptable. We are getting ready to enroll him in his next training class and would recommend Debbie and Tucker Pup's to anyone who may need such services.

-Eric Kessel and Shana Vitek
My dog Bugsy and I completed both the Polite Puppy and the Good Manners 1 and 2 classes with Debbie. Recently, I was asked by my mom to take her Chocolate Lab, Brutus, to a training class at a popular franchise, whose identity I will not disclose. She had a few errands to run, so I agreed to help her out. Once Brutus and I arrived and his "training" began, I WAS SHOCKED!!! Hands down, no comparison!! They were aggressive in their teaching techniques and Brutus was clearly not responding. Mid-way through the class, I found myself using techniques that Debbie taught Bugsy and me, and we were getting better results! For example, in teaching the "heel," they instructed the owners to aggressively pull both the leash and the dog into the desired position. They later brought out a dog, who was wearing a shock collar, to demonstrate. Unlike Nigel (Debbie's dog, whom she uses to demonstrate) this dog appeared frightened, disheveled, and anxious! I was appalled!! I consider myself VERY lucky!! Thank you all for all that you have done!!

- Agatha Mankiewicz
I loved the puppy class so much and saw such immediate results, I now have Hudson in the Good Manners I class. Debbie is a fabulous trainer (fun too). Everything we discuss and practice makes complete sense and I would have never known this on my very own. The class sizes are just right where Debbie can be hands-on. Spring is here and summer is coming, which means lots of people and dogs are out. I am proud I will have a very well-behaved dog at my side for our walks and outings. I highly recommend Tucker Pup's for everything!!

- Kim Cryder
Debbie is an exceptional trainer! My exuberant terrier Tenryu and I are happy graduates of Debbie and Tucker Pup's Good Manners 1 and 2 training classes. Prior to Debbie and Tucker Pup's, we took 2 classes on positive reinforcement from 2 different training facilities, and although we graduated, Tenryu and I didn't learn a thing, leaving me convinced that positive reinforcement methods do not work. At last, we were fortunate enough to take Debbie's classes; she is a positive reinforcement master. Her in-depth understanding of dog behavior, superb instruction and pure love for dogs made every class a treat for both of us. We wagged out of class with Great Manners and continue to enjoy practicing everyday.

- Kyoko Ikemoto
We enjoyed the class and got some very good things out of it. We're still working with our puppy every day and he has picked up some things quickly, while we're still working on others.

Debbie was a very good teacher, professional and made the class enjoyable.

I'm sure we'll consider future classes for our dog.

- Phil Kenny
I just wanted to let you know how well the obedience class went. This was Jake's second go around in organized training sessions, and as you could see, the first group (given by a different trainer and pet-care center) didn't go so well. Debbie is a phenomenal trainer, extremely knowledgeable, and had all the answers. She made it very entertaining and seemed to have everyone's attention 100% of the time. Jake and I continue to train and see improvements on a daily basis. Thanks again.

- Ryan Nelson
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