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Tucker Pup's proudly offers people-only, 90-minute seminars at locations such as high-rises, condo buildings, employers, auditoriums, parks, or our facility.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:
  • Why Train your Dog?
  • How You're Rewarding the Wrong Behavior
  • How Your Environment is Affecting Your Dog
  • Responsible Dog Handling
  • Dog Park Etiquette
  • Day in the Life of a Shelter Dog
  • Why is my Dog Reactive?
  • Thinking About Getting a New Dog?
  • Why Your Dog Walker Should be Consistent with Your Training
  • Picking the Right Breed for You
  • Fun Activities to do With Your Dog
  • Keeping Your Dog Healthy
  • Canine Body Language
  • Introducing Your Dog to the City
  • Starting Your Puppy on the Right Foot
  • So You Just Got a Rescue Dog
  • Dog Ownership Laws in Illinois
  • Chicago's Rescue Situation

Is there a topic you're interested in, that may not be listed here? Let us know!

Depending on the topic and availability, seminars are given by one or more of our trainers, the owner of the business, and other people who might be an expert on a particular topic.

Want to schedule a seminar? Call us at 312-829-8787 and ask for Jay.
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