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Need to board your dog for a week or more? If you need for your dog to stay for an extended period of time, we can do things to help both of you be as happy as possible.
  • In-and-out privileges. We welcome you, a friend, or even a walker to come over and take your dog for any period of time that you like. This means your dog could go for daily walks, to the park, or even the dog beach. This can be very helpful if, for example, you are staying in town at a hotel on business travel.
  • Extra nap time. We don't want your dog to become overly tired and snappy, so we can give extra nap time, over and above its normal amount.
  • Solo play time. We can give your dog a customized play schedule, to help it get plenty of rest while still enjoying being with the other dogs. For example, you could do two days in play, then one day as a "solo play," where your dog is in its suite throughout the day but goes outside with a handler four times a day for personal play time.

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