Concerns About Dog Boarding

Concerns About Dog Boarding?

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Some people are nervous about boarding their dog when they travel, and instead keep their dog at home. They fear the worst.

Let us put your mind at ease. We believe you should give your dog a vacation when you travel, and the experience we offer is far better than having your dog sit on the couch all day.

If you don't believe us, we encourage you to watch some of these videos.

Boarding is not ideal for some dogs, and if this is the case for your dog, we will let you know. We want to make sure that every dog has the best experience possible.

Here are our responses to the most common fears we hear:

  • My dog doesn't do well in a crate / has never been in a crate / will be in a cage the whole time

    Our boarding suites are much larger than dog crates. The dogs here are in play throughout the day, and when they go into their boarding suite, they are very tired and most of them don't mind at all, even if they don't go into a crate at home. They really just want to go to sleep at that point. If a dog seems too stressed to be in a boarding suite, our staff would tell you, but this is very rare. People are often surprised to find that their dog wasn't bothered by it and is happy to come back the next time.

  • My dog will get sick

    It is rare that dog gets sick here from contagious conditions, as the dogs must be current on all vaccinations and we immediately remove dogs from play who show any signs of illness. Stress-related symptoms are the most common issues that a dog would face, but they are not common. Dogs who continue to board with us often lose their stress after a one or two visits. If a dog does catch a contagious illness, it is covered in our Health Warranty Program for up to $250 in veterinary bills.

  • My dog will be too stressed

    Some dogs are stressed at first, but most of them get over it once they get used to the environment. They start playing and having a good time, and owners are constantly surprised that their dog doesn't want to leave when they check out. If a dog continues to seem overly stressed, our staff would call you. We consistently hear from customers that their dog has come out of its shell and is more at ease in general once they have started boarding here.

  • My dog will get injured

    Injuries here are very rare. We do not allow aggressive dogs in play, and our staff monitor them throughout the day. If an injury occurs, it is typically something like minor scratches due to play. Any injury that requires veterinary care is covered for up to $250 with our Health Warranty Program.

  • I'm not sure how my dog will be with other dogs

    If your dog cannot interact positively with other dogs, this would require a 'Solo Play' reservation. Please note that we are not accepting new solo play reservations at this time. If your dog has a group play reservation and something happens causing him to not be in play anymore, that may be OK for that stay. We would call you to discuss. In this instance, our staff take them out four times per day, where they play and run, and still come home very happy and healthy. Having said that, we typically find that a dog may be protective around its owner but is fine in group play, especially once it has had time to adjust to the environment.

  • My dog wants to be with people

    Not every dog likes to be playing with others. That is no problem. They can still benefit greatly from watching from the sidelines, and our staff are very good at interacting with each dog. Your dog will get plenty of people attention. If they have separation anxiety, most of them get over that very quickly, and boarding actually helps them be less anxious after they check out.

  • My dog will get dirty

    We keep our facility clean, but dogs can get a little dirty because they are playing with other dogs, rolling on the floor, and splashing in the pools. We offer exit baths and believe that the experience your dog will gain is worth the cost of the bath. Plus, your dog will smell cleaner and feel softer than you can imagine, so many people love getting the bath even if their dog wasn't dirty. Having said all of that, many dogs don't get an exit bath, and we don't find that they are going home "dirty."

  • My dog's hair will get matted

    Some dogs have finer hair than others, that can get matted when wet. We offer daily brushout to keep your dog's hair from becoming too matted, and again, we think you'll find that the experience is worth the loads of fun they will have in the pools.

  • My dog just wants to sleep all day

    Dogs love the action that we provide, and we think they would choose romping around for their vacation. On the other hand, we understand that some are more comfortable sleeping, and that is no problem. Your dog can watch from the sidelines, will be able to sleep at naptime each day, and you could request extra nap-time during the day. We also offer the solo play option, where your dog is taken out separately from the other dogs four times per day.

  • It costs too much money

    We believe that you'll find that the experience you give your dog is worth every penny. This will become evident to you when you see how happy and tired your dog is when you get home.

  • Any other concerns not mentioned?

    If you have any other concerns not mentioned here, please give us a call. There's nothing we haven't heard before, and we will help you decide if boarding is right for you and your dog.

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