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Grooming Add-Ons

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Most Popular Add-Ons

Shed Control Treatment

With our Shed Control Treatment, we remove a lot of hair that will normally end up in your home, in your car, or on your clothes. We use a thorough process that removes a significant amount of loose hair, then strengthens the remaining hair to help it not become loose or damaged in the future. This is an extensive procedure that is like detailing your car, but for your dog. It is worth every penny.

Please note that while we can greatly reduce shedding, we may not be able to stop 100% of it, as it might be due to environmental, genetic, or health factors. We recommend coming back every 6 weeks to help keep shedding under control.

Price:  50% of the bath price, with a maximum of $40.

Healthy Skin and Coat Treatment

Dog Dandruff Chicago
The Healthy Skin and Coat Treatment is great for dogs with a dull coat, mild flaking, or seasonal allergies. We use special shampoo and a multi-step process that puts the moisture and nutrients back into your dog's skin, causing a lustrous shine. This can be important to treat dry skin in the winter, allergies in the Spring, and even to protect from the sun in the summer.

Please note that this option is not necessarily a replacement for veterinary-recommended shampoo that treats specific skin conditions such as a hot spot.

Price:  $15 additional to the haircut or bath.

Fresh Breath Treatment

Dog Bad Breath Chicago
Did you know that 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease within the first three years? This can cause bad breath, gum disease, and other health issues.

Our Fresh Breath Treatment is designed to help defend against plaque and tartar while freshening your dog's breath. The best part is that there is no brushing of your dog's teeth, which they normally don't tolerate well.

Please note that this treatment helps prevent future buildup, but doesn't necessarily remove plaque and tartar that has already built up. This would still need to be scraped off by your vet. Once that happens, regular Fresh Breath Treatment should help keep your dog's teeth whiter and cleaner going forward.

Price:  $15

Nail Filing

Dog Nail Filing Chicago
Baths and haircuts automatically include nail trimming. With our nail filing upgrade, we use a rotary tool to take the nails shorter, smoother, and rounder than typical nail trimming. It is important to keep your dog's nails short, so the vein inside doesn't extend to the outer edge.

Price:  $10 if already getting a bath or haircut. $25 if a standalone service.

Blueberry Facial

Blueberry Facial Chicago
Give your dog a luxurious facial massage that smells fabulous for many days afterwards.

Price:  $10 upgrade to the cost of a bath or haircut.

Other Add-Ons

Anal Gland Expression (External)

If your dog is scooting or otherwise bothered by its rear area, anal gland expression may be necessary. The groomer will release the anal gland during the bath.

Please note that the groomer expresses the external area, which works for most dogs. Anything more invasive would need to be performed by your vet.

Price:  $10 additional to the cost of bath or haircut.


Dog Brushout Chicago
We can brush out your dog, which can be especially helpful for breeds with double coats.

Price:  Included in the price if getting a bath or haircut. $10 - $25 if getting a brushout as a standalone service.


Matted Dog Chicago
If your dog is matted, the groomer cannot easily brush through its fur. We can use special tools to try to loosen the mats. We have a 20-minute limit, as dematting can be uncomfortable for dogs since it is pulling on their hair and skin.

Price:  $25 for 20 minutes.

Ear Cleaning

Dog Ear Cleaning Chicago
We can clean your dog's ears in order to help remove dirt, debris, and a yeast smell that may exist. We clean the outer part of the ear, not deep down into the ear canal.

Price:  No additional charge if your dog is already receiving a bath or haircut. $10 as a standalone service.

Nail Trimming

Dog Nail Clipping Chicago
We can trim your dog's nails as a standalone service. This is important for keeping them from curling, and for keeping the inner vein from reaching the edge of the nail.

Nail trimming is different from nail filing. Nail trimming uses clippers to cut your dog's nails. Some dogs don't like this, the nails could be sharp afterwards, and there is a risk that if the internal vein is near the tip, the nail could possibly bleed when clipped. This is difficult to predict with black nails. Conversely, nail filing uses a rotary tool to shorten and round off the nails so they are not sharp, and there is a reduced chance of any bleeding. Many dogs tolerate filing better than trimming, but every dog is different.

Price:  Included in the price if getting a bath or haircut. $20 as a standalone service.

Paw Cleanup

Dog Paw Pad Cleanup
We can clean up the hair in between your dog's paw pads, and on the top of its paws.

Price:  No additional charge if your dog is receiving a haircut. $10 - $25 if a standalone service or with a bath ($10 if removing the hair between the pads, or $25 if cleaning up both the top and bottom of the paw). Price is for all four paws.

Reset Trim

Shave Dog Chicago
If your dog's hair is too matted and cannot be brushed or trimmed, we may need to perform a Reset Trim. This takes your dog's hair very short (sometimes down to a quarter inch) and enables you to start over, so it is much more manageable. Reset Trims can still look great on your dog, and your dog will feel better since its skin is not being pulled by the matted hair. Reset Trims can also uncover skin conditions such as lesions or hot spots.

Price:  $20 - $30 additional to the cost of the groom, if it is due to matting. If there are no mats and you just want a low-maintenance coat, there is no additional cost and you wouldn't select this option - you would just give that instruction at checkin.

Sanitary Trim

This service includes simply cleaning and trimming your dog's sanitary area. A bath is required, which helps eliminate any odor and causes the hair to stand up better for purposes of trimming.

Price:  $5 - $10 depending on the breed and size

Visor, Feet, Sanitary Trim

Dog Visor Trim Chicago
We can clean up the visor above your dog's eyes, its feet, and sanitary area. This is an add-for a bath, which is required. Please note that this option does not include a full haircut of the face or body.

If your dog is getting a haircut, these services are already included so you don't need to choose this option.

Price:  $15 - $25 additional to the cost of the bath. Typically $15 for puppies with minor work, $25 for older dogs and those requiring more work.
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