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Our Staff: Allison
Dog Trainer
I have my KPA CPT certification through The Karen Pryor Academy.
Before becoming a dog trainer, I spent the 27 years working as a Marine Mammal trainer with dolphins and sea lions. After that, I spent time working as a zookeeper training species such as polar bears, tigers, lynx, coyote and parrots
I currently have a Pit bull/Labrador mix named Raven Noodle, who I adopted from PAWS; Although unplanned, we foster failed and she became a part of the family!
I have taken a wide variety of training classes with my dogs over the years.
I love mixed breeds, as you get a wide assortment of personality traits and looks. I tend to be partial to large dogs, and my favorites are pit bulls, German shepherds and snow dogs such as Malamutes and Akitas.
Walking on our beautiful lakefront or hiking in one of our many parks. I really just love to enjoy all the many things to do in our vibrant city.
I am excited about increasing the welfare of the animals we call family by helping parents create strong and positive relationships through training with their dogs. One area I am passionate about is rescue and working through the unique challenges that these dogs have, especially with behavior modification to aid in separation anxiety, fear-based behavior and aggression.
I enjoy going to markets and festivals but I am also a big movie fan of all genres
Drake University with a degree in Psychology.
I have lived and worked in the North, South, East and West of the US. and even lived internationally three times.