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Our Staff: Zac
Assistant Manager
Pet CPR and First Aid.
Independent canine obedience trainer.
I have worked at numerous doggy day cares and kennels in the past 8 years with positions ranging from handler to manager. I have worked as an independent canine obedience trainer in the Gold Coast neighborhood for the last 7 years.
My dog's name is Maggie. She is an American Pitbull Terrier and Vizsla mix. She is 9 years old. Her favorite pastime is getting her beauty rest and watching the birds fly by.
Japanese Chin and Belgian Malinois.
Reading, mechanical work and wall climbing.
I am currently pursuing a Vet Tech certification. The ideal tagline would be "Vet Tech by day, dog trainer by night".
Someday learning to cook something other than tacos.
Lane Tech College Prep, class of 2001.
I am a hot sauce aficionado. I eat whole habanero peppers. For fun.