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Does your dog need training but you don't have the time? Our turnkey dog training can be very effective to help resolve your challenges.

With our turnkey training option, we come to your home three times per week while you are away, and work one-on-one with your dog on behaviors that you want to focus on. These mostly focus on walking your dog outdoors. We then meet with you once per week (for example, over the weekend) to discuss your dog's progress and teach you how to implement our methods.

This can be ideal if, for example, you want to address challenging behaviors, especially concerning dog walking, such as leash reactivity, riding the elevator, greeting strangers, pulling, walking near the el tracks or other loud noises, resource guarding, and much more.

How Turnkey Training Helped Saber Adjust to the City (1:44)

Why Does it Work So Well?

Turnkey training can be the most effective and rapid format for changing your dog's behaviors, for several reasons:
  • We use proven techniques, using positive reinforcement only, to get your dog to respond very favorably, right away
  • Sometimes the people in your dog's life may be inadvertently contributing towards its behavior, including you, your significant other, dog walkers, kids, or roommates. By having your dog work only with the trainer and nobody else, we can eliminate external factors and achieve results that you may not have thought possible
  • We have the time to put in lots of repetitions in a very focused way, in different environments such as on elevators, near el tracks, down busy sidewalks, and in stores. Many people do not have the time, energy, or focus to do so

This does not mean that we're simply going to train your dog and you don't have to do anything - you will still need to put in work, and be consistent with our methods, in order to be successful. However, a lot of dogs just need lots of repetition to learn our expectations as humans. Our job is to put in these repetitions with your dog and give you a strong foundation.


The price for turnkey training is $1,500 for twelve 45-minute sessions, plus parking reimbursement if you live in an area that doesn't have abundant free parking.

This price includes:
  • Three sessions per week with your dog at your home. You do not need to be present. Our trainer will keep your key and set up a schedule with you. From our experience, this level of repetition will deliver the most effective results
  • One hour-long session with you each week to discuss what your dog is learning and what you need to do going forward

I've taken my puppy to a number of different training and enrichment activities at Tucker Pup's and have been thoroughly impressed with the staff's passion, professionalism and enthusiasm. My dog always gets excited when we pass the training site and wants to go in to say hi to whoever he recognizes at the desk!

Puppy Socials: For those with young puppies, this is a great chance to work on some basic training, confidence building and of course socialization! I looked forward to taking my puppy to meet other pups his age and let them romp around - the social supervisors fill the room with lots of toys and props that enrich the playtime and they are very responsible monitoring the play to make sure no one gets overwhelmed or hurt.

Puppy Manners: Susy was our trainer and she did a great job training our rowdy bunch of puppies. All Tucker Pup's training classes start with a "human only" orientation class to set expectations, discuss what will be needed / covered in class and some other helpful information and tips for training puppies, properly rewarding them, etc. After that orientation, we met once a week for an hour-long class that always started with some social time, and then went into pattern games and training. There is also an online portal with training videos so if you missed class or forgot what you need to work on... the videos are a great reference.

Turnkey Training: I realized that Cassian (my Great Dane) was nervous walking and had some issues jumping / getting overly stimulated while walking, so I worked with Susy over a few weeks to address these concerns and walking with him has become noticeably more pleasant for the both of us! It was so nice to leave Cassian in Susy's hands for his training while I was at work and then come back and notice little behavior modifications / corrections thanks to their sessions. :)

I can't recommend Susy enough as a trainer - she worked with my pup for Puppy Manners and Turnkey Training, and I've been very pleased with his progress to date!

- Lauren Kaye

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