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Our Staff: Christina
Dog Handler
I have experience in feeding, medicating, training, and watching dogs in big or small groups. I also foster dogs.
I have two cats and two dogs. My two dogs are pit bulls named Buddha and Smokey. They are 10 and 11 years old, and I grew up with them both. I have an American Curl cat and my other cat is a tuxedo.
My favorite breeds would probably be Great Danes, German shepherds, pit bulls, huskies, Labs, and border collies.
I love reading, going on walks, and hiking. I have been doing yoga for five years now, and I love the full experience of being a Yogi. I also love watching documentaries. In my free time, I usually go on walks with my dogs.
I am going back school in 2024 and will be majoring in business. My goal is to buy acres of land and build multiple properties to bring dogs in from all around the world. I want to open a business that helps home dogs who have been abandoned and neglected, while not using euthanasia. I want to find these dogs homes and families because dogs deserve endless amounts of chances to be truly loved and I definitely will make that happen.
I do a lot of research now to be more prepared for the goals that I do have.
I Graduated from Harold L. Richards High School in 2021.
I once ziplined across 50-100 alligators.