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Our Staff: Maggie
Dog Handler
I have worked as a dog walker/sitter, and have fostered dogs of all ages and breeds!
I have two cats right now, a tabby named Charlie, and a black cat named Scratcher. Once I can move into a dog-friendly apartment, I will start fostering dogs again.
My all-time favorite breeds are schnauzers, poodles, Irish wolf hounds, bullmastiffs, and all of the spaniels (but especially Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).
Indoors I like to read, cook, do origami, and binge watch history documentaries. Outdoors I love to kayak, go camping, and go to water parks with my nieces.
To own an animal rescue on a farm so I can rescue all kinds of animals.
I love photography, and paint by numbers. I also strive to be the coolest aunt that I can be, which includes my dog nieces and nephews.
I am working towards a Bachelor's Degree in business. The last school I attended was Rasmussen University.
I know a little bit of German, Italian, Spanish, and French.