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Our Staff: Lattifa
Dog Handler
I have earned my Vet Assistant degree
I have five years of experience working with dogs. I've worked kennel and technician jobs at different dog daycare companies. I walked dogs and provided pet sitting in the past years.
I have a few favorite breeds. I love Shiba Inus, Pomskies, pit bulls, Great Danes, and any kind of poodle mix.
My most favorite activities are crafts, including drawing, paper crafts, building cartoon characters out of beads, which are called "bead sprites". I like to try to look up different dog breeds everyday so I can improve my skills with different breeds. I also play video games and watch a lot of anime.
My future career goals are to care for and help as many animals as possible. I have a lot of experience in the animal field and I want to continue to learn more in the future.
I am a poet. I try to write down a poem when ever it comes to my head everyday.
I graduated from Penn Foster College with my Vet Assistant Degree.
A couple of years back I had to help my cat give birth. A few of her kittens had gotten stuck and i had to put on some gloves and help her push out her kittens. It was a very messy situation but it was an amazing experience.