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Our Staff: Edith
Dog Handler
I have been happily working in doggy daycares for two and a half years now!
I have a six year old white female Pomeranian named Reyla. She is a rescue from No Dogs Left Behind. She love pets and belly rubs. People think she's a stuffed animal! She rarely barks and acts more like a cat than a dog, haha.
I love pomeranians, Chihuahuas, dobermans, cane corsos, pit bulls, shiba inus, poodles, dalmations, and wire fox terriers.
I love sewing, hanging out with my dog, trying new foods and drawing some digital art!
I would love to be a professional dog groomer!
I would also love to make a career with my art!
I have a high school diploma.
I have eaten a big scorpion before.