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Our Staff: Jordan
Dog Trainer
I have gained a wide range of dog handling and general pet care experience by working in the pet industry since 2013. My passion for working with animals began when I volunteered at The Anti-Cruelty during undergrad. After that, I was a receptionist at Tucker Pup's, worked as a dog walker and pet sitter, plus was a daycare attendant and client care coordinator within a fast-paced veterinary clinic in Chicago.
I have a 7-year-old cat named Anakin that I adopted from Anti-Cruelty Society while I volunteered there. I also have an American Staffordshire named Ooyoo, that I am raising from puppihood. He came from a litter of a pit bull / Staffordshire that was rescued from the south side of Chicago.
Any bully breed, Siberian Huskies, and pomeraniansI
When I have the time, I love playing video games, sewing (or anything crafty!), catching up on TV shows, snuggling my pets, or dog walking!
I am apprenticing in order to become a dog trainer at Tucker Pup's, so I can help harness the human-animal bond. There are many areas of dog training I'm interested in such as puppy socialization, basic and advanced dog obedience, leash reactivity, and training therapy and service dogs.
Whenever I have the free time, I enjoy binge-watching a TV show or self-teaching a new hobby such as painting or learing a new language. Taking a million photos of my pets sleeping is always fun too!
I most recently earned a Master's in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago. Prior to that, I earned my BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois in Chicago. I also graduated from Prairie State Community College with an Associate of Science Degree.
Spider Man is and will always be my favorite super hero!