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Our Staff: Nathaniel
I worked at a large doggy daycare/boarding facility in southern Florida, where I was a receptionist, dog handler, and dog runner.
I have a blue and tan French Bulldog named Zara, who has lots of energy and attitude. She is extremely social and loves to play at the dog park, fetch, tug of war, treats, and naps.
The are so many breeds, but some top favorites are French Bulldogs, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, and German Shepherds.
For activities, I enjoy taking Zara to the beach, shopping, horseback riding, movies, trying new restaurants, travel, and playing sports like tennis and volleyball.
Learning all I can in the dog daycare/grooming industry and possibly open my own doggy spa/daycare with a wine bar/beer garden.
Horses, swimming, gymnastics, hiking, decorating, yoga, and wine tastings.
I can do back-flips.