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Tucker Pup's offers certification testing in Chicago, both at our facility and at The Anti-Cruelty Society. If you have taken any kind of training with us, we strongly urge you to have your dog tested. Even if you haven't gone through training here, you can still take the test, in order to see how well your dog performs.

Benefits of Canine Certifications

Training certification is beneficial in many ways:
  • Great to show a prospective landlord or condo association, letting them know your dog is well-mannered and at a low risk of causing issues that they may be concerned about
  • Can lower your homeowners insurance - ask your provider
  • Can be helpful if needing to book a hotel reservation that includes your dog
  • Helps you assess how your dog is doing, and what areas need further improvement
  • It's a great capstone to training you may have taken, giving you important goals to strive towards across a variety of important skills
  • Prerequisite for therapy or service dog work
  • It's fun to reach new heights and show off your dog's skills to the world!

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