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Separation Anxiety Program

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Tucker Pup's offers a comprehensive training program to help your dog overcome separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder that afflicts millions of dogs across the world. Many people feel like they cannot leave their dog at home to go to work, travel, or even to the store. It has been made worse by Covid, since many people have been attached at the hip with their dog, and are now going back to work, leaving their dog home alone for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for separation anxiety. You cannot just do some simple exercises or give your dog some medication and hope it goes away. It's a process that requires training, potential medication, adjustments to your daily habits, time, patience, and empathy. Some dogs take longer than others, and success depends on many factors, which we will review with you.

By going through our program, we believe your dog will have the best chance at overcoming this panic disorder and improving your quality of life together.