Why Tucker Pup's Training Classes?

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There are many reasons why Tucker Pup's is the clear choice for training classes:
  • Small class size - lots of personal attention
  • Experienced, professional trainers with strong credentials
  • Positive reinforcement only - no shock collars, choke chains, coercion, raised voices, or other negative methods
  • Classes are fun and highly interactive
  • Spacious classrooms. In a store like Petco, classes are in the middle of the store, and the area is very small
  • Variety of times and days of the week to choose from
  • Warm, professional atmosphere with a total commitment to customer service
  • Proven track record of training thousands of dogs just like yours. For most dogs, our method can work over its lifetime, if implemented properly
  • TrainTrack™, our proprietary online tool enabling you to watch videos of the exercises you have learned, log your progress, and track what needs the most work.
  • Many types of classes, enabling you to continue building important skills
  • Our trainers offer private lessons if you need help with behaviors not covered in class