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Advanced Manners is the final step in our Manners series. The course builds on the previous level of obedience, but we now focus on 'field work,' where your dog is taught to work at a distance with hand signals. The distractions are more difficult, most of the class is done off-leash, and your dog will follow your commands through hand gestures only. Wouldn't you love it if your dog listened to you all the time, whether he could see you or not, whether you have a treat or not, if your back is turned, and even if there is no leash attached?

The course includes:
  • Training skills:  The course continues to build on loose leash walking, finishing, and more. It adds a variety of new skills off-leash, and at a distance
  • Access to TrainTrack™:

    • Videos of the exercises taught in class. This helps you remember all of the tips once you get home.
    • Written descriptions of the the exercises taught in class
    • The homework for each session
    • Ability to log your exercises and keep track of what you need to work on next

Advanced Manners Graduation Day (1:40)

David is an amazing teacher! We enjoyed getting our pup to the next level of training in the Advanced Manners class, and doing things I didn’t think he would be able to do.

We wish there was another training course we could take.

- Alexis Burstein Andrews

Number of classes: 6

Time duration: 1 hour per class

Prerequisites: Intermediate Manners at Tucker Pup's or similar training business. If you have gone somewhere else for training, you should speak with our trainer about what you have learned elsewhere and what is covered here

Ages: No age restrictions

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