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Marnie Harris, KPA CTP - Dog Trainer at Tucker Pup's
Marnie Harris, KPA CTP
Dog Trainer

My Role at Tucker Pup's

I teach private lessons, behavioral programs, and Dropoff Training at Tucker Pup's. I specialize in helping dogs with highly challenging behaviors.

Training Background

I have been training dogs since 2009.

I owned a dog training, boarding, daycare and grooming facility in Colorado for 11 years. I provided one-on-one behavioral therapy for dogs who were reactive, emotional, or aggressive. I also taught group classes, private lessons, online training, workshops, seminars, agility, nose work, and therapy dog certifications.

I have also helped operate several rescues, with a primary focus on dog behavior. This includes serving as the Executive Director of Chicago Canine Rescue, as well as the Canine Manager of Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Pennsylvania.

In addition, I have been a consultant for numerous rescues and shelters across the country, helping resolve their most challenging cases, plus training their staff and volunteers.

I also raised and trained service dogs for autistic children for four years, and taught classes for volunteers, fosters, staff, apprentice trainers, and 4H classes.

I have also rehabilitated dogs in my home that couldn't be adopted out and would have otherwise been euthanized.


I am certified as a KPA-CTP by Karen Pryor Academy, one of the leading dog training academies in the country.

Karen Pryor Academy


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Leeds, in England.

My Pets

I currently have five dogs, two cats, and a Spanish mustang named Zeus.

Success Story

Resolving Emmett and Maggie's Reactivity and Anxiety (4:39)


Marnie is the absolute best trainer and dog enthusiast I have ever met! The way she explains dog psychology so we can address the root cause of the behavioral issues is outstanding, and very easy to understand. She has incredible patience, not only with the dogs, but the humans too! The techniques that Marnie has suggested have been a lifesaver to improve my dog's leash reactivity, fear-based barking, and possessiveness. I also appreciate that she'll try various approaches based on how a dog learns and reacts to training. Marnie is the best!!!

- Jayme Stathos-VanderBloomen

We adopted our dog, Maple and started noticing a lot of behavioral issues with her. She resource guarded her food, cage, and apartment against other dogs. She also was very reactive on walks, especially around squirrels. My husband and I felt truly hopeless and were more stressed than we have ever been in our lives. I found Marnie's behavioral modification program at Tucker Pup's. She only trained with positive reinforcement techniques. In one month of training, we have noticed a complete change in Maple's behavior, especially in her resource guarding towards dogs. Maple is able to have other dogs in our apartment and near her cage. Maple is truly healing because of Marnie. She has provided us with all the tools and resources to continue working with our dog. I cannot express our happiness and gratitude with Marnie. We are at a place in life that I wouldn't have ever thought we would ever be thanks to her.

- Andrea Hynek

Jessie and Marnie were incredible!!! We have a 6.5 year old schnoodle and a nearly 3 year old cockapoo that both had some pretty some severe guarding and reactionary behaviors and they are both like new dogs! Previously, our schnoodle was constantly guarding me from anything and everything that entered our home, which we could no longer ignore since we have a baby on the way. Jessie and Marnie were able to put his mind at ease through pattern games and behavior adjustments, and I don't think he has ever been calmer or happier. Then for our cockapoo, he had some pretty severe resource guarding issues when it came to pretty much any small object. Again, Jessie and Marnie were able to identify the root cause of his anxiety and behavior and adjust it for him to no longer feel the need lash out aggressively at us or our other dog over these objects. I truly cannot thank and recommend them enough for their help - it is like we have two new happy dogs!!! Also, it helped that our dogs were absolutely IN LOVE with both of them because they are so kind to the dogs through the whole process.

- Annie Kelty
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