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Dog Manners and Obedience Training Classes


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Tucker Pup's offers many puppy and adult dog obedience training classes in Chicago to help your dog excel at self-control, listening, and a full set of skills.

Sage Graduated From Puppy and Intermediate Manners (2:05)

Choose the course that interests you to see it's upcoming schedule, price, and other other details:

  • Puppy Manners Dog Training Classes ChicagoPuppy MannersCrucial training skills and playtime for puppies under 6 months
  • Adult Manners Dog Training Classes ChicagoAdult MannersImportant life skills and playtime for dogs 6 months and older
  • Adult Manners - Small Breeds Only Dog Training Classes ChicagoAdult Manners - Small Breeds OnlyImportant life skills and playtime for dogs 6 months and older
  • Intermediate Manners Dog Training Classes ChicagoIntermediate MannersContinuation of Puppy or Adult Manners, or for dogs who have taken basic training with us or a reputable trainer
  • Advanced Manners Dog Training Classes ChicagoAdvanced MannersThe final step in our Manners series. Your dog will work at a distance, off-leash, and with hand signals only
  • Looking for leash reactivity and confidence-building classes? Click here.
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