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Tucker Pup's is the official dog training partner of The Anti-Cruelty Society, the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in Chicago. We provide all of their training classes at their facility in River North, in addition to private lesson, turnkey training and more for their adopters.

We also provide training at our location, plus Companion Animal Hospital in River North.

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Click each link to view more information and the price for each type of service.

  • Online Courses - Go through our curriculum on your own schedule, at your own pace
  • Group Classes - choose a course, then click the "Prices and Upcoming Dates" section
    • Manners Classes - Teach your dog core skills, listening, and self-control
    • Specialty Classes - Work on challenging behaviors, such as leash reactivity, that are not normally covered in manners classes
  • Private Lessons - We work with you at your home, on walks, or at the park
  • Turnkey Training - We train your dog at your home, while you're at work
  • Puppy Socials - An hour of fun and training exercises designed to help your puppy learn to socialize in a safe environment
  • Prep School - Drop your dog off each day for several weeks, and we will instill an entire curriculum
  • Stay and Train - We train your dog while staying with us for boarding or daycare
  • Therapy Dog Training - We prepare your dog to be able to visit hospitals and other facilities
  • Certification Testing - Earn various types of important training certifications

You can also find each of these pages by going to our Training Overview page.

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