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 Tricks Overview

Want to have a great time with your dog? Learn some tricks, and start earning some certifications?

In this course, you will learn ten tricks that are sure to impress your friends, plus help your dog build training and listening skills.

Tricks we will cover:
  • Shake / high five
  • Spin
  • Crawl
  • Get your item (leash, toy, etc.)
  • Speak
  • Maintain a treat on the nose or head
  • Kiss
  • Fetch
  • Roll over
  • Beg / sit pretty

After you have mastered these tricks, you can take the Novice Tricks certification test at Tucker Pup's. There is a separate fee for this. Click here to learn more about our tricks certification program and upcoming testing dates.

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Sample Behaviors Taught in Novice Tricks Class (1:00)

My partner and I just concluded the 6-week Puppy Manners with Rachel for our almost 5-month mini goldendoodle (Penny). Some of the new dog owners reading this may feel the same way we did six weeks ago - is Tucker Pup's training worth the premium price compared to a Petsmart/Petco? Without a doubt. Over the course of 6 weeks, Rachel did an exceptional job teaching the dogs (and more importantly, the owners) various skills and training exercises that have made our puppy experience at home so much more enjoyable and manageable. (Note: the exercises are meant to be practiced twice daily, for 15 minutes; you will only get out of the class what you put in). Rachel was particularly good at paying close attention to our puppy, while managing the needs of all the other dogs. I believe that every other owner in the class felt the same way. The facilities are always clean, and as soon as you step into the lobby and are greeted by friendly and professional staff, you realize that signing up for this class was well worth it. We'll be back for Intermediate!

- Minji Kang

Number of classes: 6

Time duration: 1 hour per class

Prerequisites: None

Ages: No age restriction

Requirements: Click here

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